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Blood of Wolves

Blood of Wolves

Author:A boy from elsewhere


A group of teenagers and aiming to keep a secret about they're kind, Half-Wolf and Half-Human...But deep inside they want to unlock their full potential as "Lycanmorphes". Each of them are different from other wolves, Each has extraordinary abilities and extraordinary appearance when transforming to actual wolves, They can transform anytime they want to. As if the "Full Moon" has nothing to do for their transformation.
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  In the middle of the night, A howl from two wolves started occurring from all around, "Shit, damn it, Mom!!" Jamie Shouted and sobbing while having a bad dream."Jamie?! It's okay noone will hurt you, I'm here" Jamie's Mother humbly saids. First day of school, "Jamie, Are you going to be alright?" Jamie's Mother worrying, "I'm gonna do great mom! Yeahh!" while Jamie raises her arm up high, "That's my girl!!" Jamie's Dad proudly said.