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Damned but mine

Damned but mine

Author:Emmy Claire


"How can I let go of someone, whose just a mere touch of the hand could be so hot?" Nick West, a 17 year old popular football player in Chicago had to leave his life behind when his father was granted a job in New York City. Like every other kid, he wasn't too happy and thought everything was so messed up but what could he do, he had to oblige. Life in NYC wasn't what he expected. He thought being in a new place and in a new school was going to be hard to settle in but when the football team approached him on his first day, it kinda made everything easier for him. Being in the school wasn't so bad but everything change when he was assigned to tutor someone... Melanie Anderson. It was really hard and frustrating for him because of her annoying attitude but then he began to see there was more to this girl. Was it her painful past, her dreadful memory of her... Well you gotta read to find out. "She was damned... She was mine." "She was an attitude... She was mine. " "She was broken... She was mine." "I think I might be going crazy for she's mine." #Happy reading
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  First of all..Hi:

Thank you for stumbling across my story Damned but mine- I sincerely hope you like it:

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