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The Lost Red

The Lost Red

Author:Lady Cappucino


Leila Ravenna Silva, an infamous female assassin, has lived her whole life embraced by darkness. Killed by an explosion that was orchestrated by the man who pretended to be her sister's boyfriend, she learned to despise God for taking everything from her. But as she wanders into an endless abyss, memories of all her past lives came crashing down upon her, and one who happens to be similar to the strange dreams that tormented her every night since she was young. Driven by rage, she swore a blasphemous oath and had opened her eyes once again to find herself in the body of the heroine's older sister. Who happens to be same Lieselotte of her past life.
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  "Get up, you filth."

  Leila opened her tired, swollen eyes and groaned. The stabbing pain from the multiple lashes on her back, accompanied by the cuts and bruises caused by beatings, screamed at the smallest movements.

  She forced her body to move. Turning to her side to face the handsome appearance of a familiar man whose face had contorted in disgust.

  "Oh, it's you." She answered nonchalantly, the corners of her lips tugged upward. "What brings the most honorable Crown Prince to my humble home?"

  Leila gestured at her filthy, rotting cell and smiled sarcastically. When he didn't answer, she tilted her head slightly, "Oh my, did you get lost?"

  "I see not even two weeks of punishment was enough to cleanse your wicked soul." The disgusted look on his face turned into a scowl, "As much as I want to execute you as immediately as possible, there are many who wouldn't allow me to. Now get up, the king has asked for your presence."

  Leila let out a bitter laugh, "Your wish is my command."

  She gritted her teeth as to not give the Crown Prince the satisfaction of hearing her screams and pushed herself up despite the excruciating pain.

  While she fixed her messy appearance and feign an act of dusting her tattered clothing, the Crown Prince flashed her an odd look before opening her cell.

  As Leila took one step, she immediately swallowed a cry of pain that was about to escape from her lips. She inwardly cursed the guard who suddenly pushed her which caused her to sprain her ankle and walked out of the cell wearing a cool, collected face.

  As she slightly limped through several hallways of the castle that lead towards the Great Hall, the Crown Prince, who walked behind her, stole glances at the wounds on her back and clenched his jaw. "Why did you do it?"

  Leila froze for a second then resumed her walk, "Would you believe me if I told you the truth?"

  "If it calls for it, I will."

  A laugh burst out of her mouth, "Don't say things you don't actually mean. You may be frequently using that mask of yours you think was flawless, but you always suck at lying."

  Though she was in front of him, Leila could feel him staring daggers at her, she smiled. "I had to. For everyone's sake, including yours."

  "What?" Leila sighed at the confusion in his voice. They now stopped in front of a large white door embellished with gold intricate patterns. The knights who stood at the sides bowed to the Crown Prince and immediately moved to open the large door. "What do you mean?"

  Leila squeezed her eyes shut as the door slowly opened before her, "If I had not done what I did..."

  She turned to face him, a sad smile blooming in her face, "the kingdom... and everyone would've burned and die."