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Falling for Marcus Madden aka The Bad Boy

Falling for Marcus Madden aka The Bad Boy



Daniel is your average tomboy, with loving friends and caring parents. She's a person, which no boy would ever bother dating. He's, arrogant, cocky and narcissist. He's Marcus Madden, aka The Bad Boy. And did I mention he's a player. Will Daniel be able to change Marcus Madden's player ways, when she babysits the bad boy's little sister.
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  "You up for a game of soccer after school", my friend Omar asks me as I grab my math textbook from my locker. "Sorry, I have a babysitting job later today at 7", I reply as we head towards math class.

  "Ew, can people be more disgusting", I say loud enough for everyone to hear, as I spot Marcus, aka the bad boy, kissing Jazmine, aka the school slut. Not kissing more like eating each others faces like hungry mosquitos.

  "No as disgusting as your face", says Jazmine now looking at me. "Well, it can't be as disgusting as your personality", I say bumping shoulders with her as I walk past her.

  "What was that about", asks Omar, as clueless as ever, once we sit down in our chairs, waiting for the teacher to start class.

  "I just can't stand the exchanging of saliva in front of me", I simply reply. "Danny, just because you've never kissed anyone, doesn't mean it's disgusting", says Ashlyn my best friend, sitting beside me as the class starts. "You should kiss someone", she says wiggling her eyebrows. "Ew, no never", I say scrunching my nose in disgust. "Never say never", says Omar laughing, earning him a punch in the arm from me.

  As the teacher explained this weeks lesson, the door burst open revealing The Three Hots, or as I like to call them, The Three Morons.

  The Three Morons consisted of Marcus Madden, aka the leader of the trio, who could blow away any girl, except me, with his so called good looks. Girls also said he was a wolf in bed. Oh dear God please help these dumb girls.

  Andrew Dean, was talked about by many, for his adorable yet charming dimples. Even I was fan of dimples, but I would never date someone who has fucked almost every single girl in this school.

  Ramiro López was, as they say the dumb funny one. You could tell that he was the life at every party, by the way that he could crack jokes at unnecessary times. But he was a crackhead, no cap.

  As they sat down all eyes were on them. "Why we're y'all late", asks Ms. Crenshaw, in her southern cowboy accent. "Sorry Crenshaw we had some issues to attend to", says Marcus winking at Jazmine and then smirking at me. But his smirk has no effect on me whatsoever so I just rolled my eyes and turned around.

  "Well then, come up and answer the question on the board", she says handing him a marker. "Okay", he says getting up and walking to the board.

  As he stood there doing absolutely nothing the teacher asks, "Need help", no duh teacher can't you see he's stupid, I tell myself. "Okay, call on a friend to help you", she says looking sorry for him. Who wouldn't, he was 18 and couldn't answer a simple math question.

  " I'll call on my good friend.... Daniel", he says giving me another one of him infamous smirks. "Sorry you can only call on your friends", I say smirking back at him. As his smirk widens he says, "We are friends". "That's what YOU think", I reply rolling my eyes.

  "Okay let's settle down, Dan-", the teacher says before being inturpted by the bell signaling the end of classes.

  Before the teacher could start her, the bell dismiss you, I do, speech, we left. " Hey Danny, want to watch a movie after school with me and Jacob", asks Ashlyn catching up to me as I grab my stuff from my locker.

  "Sorry I have to babysit at 7 and plus I don't want to be a third wheel while you and Jacob make out", I say walking towards the front door with Ashlyn right behind me.

  "Hey babe", says Jacob swinging an arm around Ashlyn's. "Need a ride Danny", he says while nuzzling his head between Ashlyn's shoulder. "Yes, please and thank you", I say thanking him.

  "Thanks again for driving me", I say as I hop off Jacobs truck. "No problem, good luck with the children", he says briefly before speeding off, breaking at least 10 different driving rules.

  After eating and showering I quickly dried my hair and put on some denim shorts and a tank top. "Baby, I'm leaving to the babysitting job I'll be home later", I call out. "Stop calling me Baby, my name's Luis", my brother calls out from his room. " NEVER, and finish your homework", I chuckle. No response, whatever.

  As I walk towards the house a chilly breeze blows by making me shiver.

  As I knock on the door I can hear someone, which I suspect is the little girl I'm babysitting, screaming and giggling. "Hi, come on in, Daniel right", a lady which I assume is the mom, asks me. " Yes, I'm here to babysit Angelica", I say casually looking around.

  "Okay, well I'll come back around 9", she smiles. "Boys, Angie come say hi to the babysitter", she shouts then leaves. Boys?

  "Hey your the baby-", says Marcus. Wait MARCUS! He smirks, "Couldn't resist this", he says signaling to himself. Before I could respond a small girl comes down the stairs and looks between me and Marcus. "Are you Marcus's girlfriend, cause your way prettier than the blonde bimbo he brought last time. All she did was go to Marcus's room and go "AHH MARCUS FUC-",she said really fast moaning the last part before being stopped.

  "Angie I told you not to repeat what you hear from those girls", says a guy carrying her. My jaw dropped that was Sam freaking Madden aka the hottest guy alive, in front of me. With no freaking shirt on. If you thought Marcus was hot then you hadn't seen his brother's chocolate bar abs.

  "Your drooling sweetheart", says Marcus chuckling with Sam. "You wish I'm here to babysit Angelica, not a couple of morons", I say composing myself, so I wouldn't embarrass myself in front of two people who could destroy my reputation in seconds. "You can call me Angie", says Angelica. "Come on let's play Barbies with Marcus", she says pulling me up the stairs to her room.

  The stupid barbie game consisted of me marrying Marcus...in barbie form of course. "You may kiss the bride", says Angie I mean the priest. Marcus turns to me and smirks, "Pucker up partner".

  Before he could try anything stupid I slammed my barbie into his perfect barbie Ken face.

  "Ow, shit", he said holding his upper lip". "Oh, crap", I say moving closer to him, "I'm sorry". Before I knew what was happening I was slammed to the carpeted floor. "Payback", says Marcus from above me.

  "I'm home Marc...what are you doing", asks Mrs. Madden. As I pushed Marcus off me I hug Angie and run down the stairs while screaming bye.

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