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The Enigmatic Miss Ivanov

The Enigmatic Miss Ivanov



Julya Ivanov is a famous actress by day, a mage by night. Ajax Glass is her bodyguard by day, yet her familiar by night. He is her protector, yet ultimately her underling. And although the tables may turn during the day, they both know who is truly in power. Will Ajax have to learn to surrender himself to Miss Ivanov? Or will she let him take over as their relationship deepens?
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  “Ajax. Ajax Glass.” He said, calmly. Ivanov took him up and down. This one’s not as nervous. She thought, and her ruby-red lips curved into a small smirk as she continued flipping through her new colleague’s files.

  “Are you aware of what being a familiar means, Mr. Glass? She asked, the words coming slower the longer she spoke - as if she were unsure. He looked up and met her eyes for one glance.

  “Your servant.” He guessed, and her eyebrows shot up as her eyes widened.

  “My servant?” She repeats, tone littered with chuckles as she scoffs. “How flattering of you to say that, Mr. Glass.”

  He looks back down, and she takes a seat atop her table, pulling her leg up to throw it over the other.

  “We can go over the finer details later, let’s just keep this simple. You’re going to be my bodyguard during the day, and my familiar during the night. That way we don’t part ways, and I’ll know I can trust you if it goes well.” Ivanov expounded, and Ajax nodded silently.

  “Unfortunately,” Ivanov sighed, “I can’t put off explaining… other things.”

  She lazily lifted up the pages, “This is your first time as a familiar, I presume?”


  “Hm.” Miss Ivanov didn’t say much after that, probably pondering for a bit what she was going to say next.

  “I’m sure you’ve already heard this all before but - a bond between a familiar and their mage is a very sacred one. It runs deeper than any other.” She glanced over at him for a moment, just to check if he was still paying attention.

  “Though it’s not the most accurate, you are, in a way, correct about you being my servant.” She hopped off the table, and now stood in front of Ajax.

  “I will be your master, Mr. Glass. Are you sure you’re okay with that?” She whispered, much more serious than she was before. He nodded again, this time able to look her in the eye.

  “I am.”

  She smiled again.


  “Think of this as a benefit for your first day.” Miss Ivanov said gleefully, as their car drew closer to their destination and finally came to a stop. Ajax looked around blankly, as he followed her out and towards the entrance.

  They found a table and took a seat, receiving a number glances from the others eating there as well.

  “So, Ajax Glass...” She swivelled the water around in her glass idly, “We’re going to be working with each other for a long time. Tell me about yourself.”

  He took a second to think, staring up at the ceiling to collect his thoughts. Being here made him feel quite nervous, he’d never been to a place like this, so fancy and intricate - and not to mention everything looking like it would break if he touched it. Miss Ivanov seemed to frequent joints like this quite often, though, even if it was her first time eating here, she seemed casual about it - like she had eaten here every single day for the past two months.

  “Well.” His fingers fidgeted under the table, as she patiently waited for his answer. “I’m from out of town - the countryside - so I’m not very used to the city yet.”

  “Mm...” Ivanov hummed. “Don’t worry, it’s not all that bad. I’m sure you’ll get used to it soon enough.”

  “Thank you, I hope so too.”

  It was quiet for a bit, the silence staying for a few moments before Ivanov spoke up again.

  “Have you found a place for yourself already?”

  “I have, yes.”

  Miss Ivanov’s eyes narrowed. “Not much of a talker, are you?”

  Ajax finally put his hands on the table, finally holding the menu in his hand - which he had left untouched ever since they got here. And Ivanov saw him smile for the first time.

  “I just didn’t want to interrupt you."

  She turned away, first looking to the side, then down at her own menu, trying to hide her own smile as she lifted it up to cover her face.

  “The countryside, hm? I wouldn’t be able to live out there, especially on my own.” She chuckled.

  At this point, almost everyone in the restaurant had glanced at them together. Ivanov felt her cheeks warm as she blushed slightly, seeing her with a man like this; her being dressed in her best red dress and him being fitted in a dashing suit - everyone would no doubt think they were on a date. She shook away those thoughts, not wanting to let the possible stir in the public’s say affect her.

  “Have you ever been there?” Ajax asked in reply, and Ivanov shook her head.

  “I can’t say I have... I just know I wouldn’t be able to live there - drop my life and just go off the grid just like that. It's not for me.” He didn’t say anything after that, and she looked over at him. He was occupied, looking through the menu with interest. It really does seem like they were on a date. She pouted, but, oddly enough, she didn’t really seem to mind that.


  “Now, this might hurt a bit. So just try to grit the pain.” Ivanov’s voice comforted Ajax as he braced himself. He knew about this - “branding”, they called it. It was when a mage would leave their mark on their familiar.

  Miss Ivanov stated to him how every mage had their own way of doing it, some a kiss; others simply a touch - but Ivanov liked doing things differently, she always had her mark burned onto her familiar’s skin.

  A kiss would’ve been better. Ajax thought to himself, as he took a deep breath. The deeper the mark, the deeper the bond. He understood that - he knew what he was signing himself up for.

  “Ready?” Ivanov called out again.

  “Ready as I’ll ever be.” Ajax retorted.

  An intense sting emerged from his chest, causing him to yell out in pain as it continued. The place where his heart would be started glowing slightly; the light coming from the brand. It glowed brightest when the pain escalated to probably its worst, reaching its peak right before finishing once and for all. Ajax panted heavily, letting all the pressure from his body go. He stared down at his chest, and saw, now seamlessly engraved onto his skin, the brand - Miss Ivanov’s mark.

  He was sat down when they performed the ordeal, but now he was practically sinking into the chair, quite exhausted from just that alone. He saw an identical mark, etched onto Miss Ivanov’s skin as well - not on her chest like his, but on her palm. The redness of the mark matched nicely with her long nails that bore the same shade. She hung her hand loosely at her side, as she was preoccupied on her phone, taking a call almost immediately afterwards.

  She doesn’t seem to be affected at all, did it not burn onto her? Ajax wondered, clutching the area where the mark had burned onto, it still hurting even after a few seconds of rest.

  “Don’t get tired now, Glass.” Ivanov chimed, hanging up and tucking her phone into her pocket. She grabbed her coat as Ajax watched the sun set behind her, dyeing the entire room a tinted orange as she spoke again. “Go get yourself ready. We have a job already."