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Shadow Lover

Shadow Lover


"Give me your bank card." "Sure." "Give me all your property." "No problem." "Take a photo with me." "No way." As a talented photographer, Annabel had married Charles, a handsome army officer of the Drug Squad. Her only wish was to take a photo with her husband, but her husband insisted on refusing her. Without getting any explanation, Annabel didn't think her husband love her until the day when she was kidnapped by the drug dealers...
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  "One million, any more bid?"

  "One million first, one million second, last chance, sold. Congratulations to Mr. Gaylord." The host hit the final hammer excitedly.

  A handsome man in military uniform was sitting straightly. He was in his thirties. With his intense blue eyes, the prominent nose, and thin lips, he was regarded as the most handsome man in this country. His every movement reflected his well-trained military temperament. From his epaulet, people could know that he was Charles Gaylord, the youngest Army officer in this country, the heir of the Gaylord family, and every unmarried lady's dream lover.

  Annabel Carlton sat behind Charles, looking at her husband with all her eyes. She was small, thin, and pretty. Without any make-up on her face, her face was smooth, delicate, and fair-skinned.

  This lot was a diamond necklace, which was composed of 108 splendid and brilliantly sparkling diamonds. It was shiny like Milky Way, where crystal stars flowing on the dark sky. Each angle of every single diamond shined unique light and incomparable beauty.

  Seeing this, a subtle touched feeling grew in Annabel's heart. Marrying him for three years, he never sent her any gifts. People all said that she was lucky to marry Charles, a wealthy and handsome Army officer. Only she knew how life was going on when she lived with a tough and unromantic man.

  However, he bought her a valuable diamond necklace in this grand auction. Annabel's eyes suddenly went red and watery.

  Unexpectedly, good times didn't last long.

  As soon as the host finished this turn of the auction, he put on a greasy smile and began to flatter to Charles.

  "Wow, Mr. Gaylord, congratulations again for getting this lot. It was named the Marvelous Polar Starry. Would we have the honor to know, which beautiful lady is going to be the gorgeous shinning diamond in your heart?"

  Charles said in a fairly steady tone and gave a fond smile, "There is a special woman in my heart. I would like to take this opportunity to express my feeling to her. No matter how much it cost, she is the only one in my heart."

  After he finished his words, Annabel stood up slowly.

  Annabel was shy, so she lowered her head in case of people found she blushed her face.

  However, Charles turned to a beautiful lady who was sitting beside him. She was in a red evening dress and smiled brightly. It was Annabel's sister, Fiona Carlton.

  Seeing that Mr. Gaylord spent one million buying this necklace, Fiona was so delighted and waved her hands gracefully to the around invited guests.

  Annabel was dumbfounded and her ears were filled with harsh words:

  "Why does this woman stand up? Hah, does she think this necklace is for her?"

  "Hey, look at her. Dress casually in such a grand event. How could she compare to Fiona?"

  "Oh, Fiona, she was so beautiful! What a perfect couple they are!"

  The host instructed his assistant to place this diamond necklace in front of Mr. Gaylord. Charles took it up and gently wore it on Fiona's neck as if they were an affectionate couple.

  Seeing this scene of great sorrow, Annabel closed her eyes desperately. A drop of tear was falling along her pale cheek.

  Charles, her husband, bought a diamond necklace for her sister.

  Did he humiliate her on purpose?

  Because of hate, he deliberately put her in such an embarrassing position.

  Seeing the affectionate action between her sister and her husband, Annabel's heart was filled with bitterness. She forced herself to calm down, then left quietly to avoid attracting attention.


  In the Gaylord Mansion.

  Annabel soaked herself in a bath.

  Warm misty flowing in the washroom comforted her sore eyes.

  She was lying under the water, then her tears mixed with water. Nobody could discover she had cried.

  Fours years ago, Charles had always stood on her side no matter what happened. He never allowed others to hurt her. However, at this time, he did it himself. He became the one who hurt her.

  With the past memories flashed back, she gradually felt sleepy.

  When she was about to fall asleep, someone kicked the door with strong power.


  Someone violently dragged her out of the bathtub.

  "Hum, change a new trick next time. It doesn't work on me." There came the man's cold words.

  "Ahem... ahem..." Annabel coughed because of choking water.

  A trick? Did he think she planned to commit suicide?

  In a hurry, Annabel put on her messy T-shirt to cover her naked body. She was not used to standing naked in front of him. With her barefoot walking on the wet slippy tiles, she almost slipped on the ground.

  However, Charles just watched her fell down and had no intention of giving her a hand.

  Charles was her husband, the one who had the closest relationship with her in this world, but his action showed he was estranged from her.

  Charles narrowed his eyes and gazed at Annabel's action. "Are you trying to play hard-to-get? Hum, you went out of your way to marry me. In return, I will give you what you deserve to get."

  Before Annabel subconsciously stepped back, Charles' palm moved rudely from her cheek to her neck. Then, it came to her collarbone and went down roughly, making an exploration of her body.

  Annabel used all her strength against Charles, but it didn't work.

  "Charles, stop it." Annabel was in a panic.

  However, Charles didn't listen to her. He turned Annabel over and forced her to kneel down on the sofa in an embarrassing posture. Lifting her T-shirt up, Charles violently used his tough finger to touch Annabel's fair-skinned back, deliberately leaving red marks on her delicate skin.

  "No!" Annabel desperately covered her chest with her hands. She was trying to escape, but Charles grasped her long hair so tightly that she couldn't move at all.

  Charles vigorously carried Annabel to their bedroom. Then, he threw Annabel on the bed relentlessly. On the next second, he tore her T-shirt into pieces.

  "Ouch!" Hitting her arm against the angle of the bed, Annabel felt a sharp pain in her arm.

  Regardless of her painful wailing, Charles used two coarse curtain strings to fix her hands to the bedposts.

  Annabel was forced to lie on the bed with her legs splayed apart. Then, Charles reached out his tough and calloused palm to rub her private part hard.

  "Charles, please, don't do this to me..." Annabel kept sobbing and struggling.

  The curtain strings were extremely stretched taut. They were so tough that Annabel's wrists were bleeding. The sheet was soon smeared with blood.

  Charles showed no pity to her at all, then pulled his shirt over his head and quickly took off his pants.

  Annabel was begging him. She knew what would happen.

  This scene had been played repeatedly during these three years.

  "Have you ever dream of Shirley?" Charles suddenly opened his mouth.

  When it comes to Shirley, Annabel didn't know what to say. She was wide-eyed, with tears covered her pale face.

  "Shirley died because of you. Do you feel guilty?"

  "No!" Annabel cried as her whole body was trembling.

  "You deserve it!" Charles looked at Annabel, with great hate in his eyes.

  "Let go of me, Charles. I suffered enough..." Annabel's breath was rasping. She tried to sit up, regardless of the curtain strings biting deeply into the flesh. She failed again.

  He was Charles Gaylord. Once he made his decision, nobody could change his mind.

  Charles looked at the voluptuous body and felt the smooth of her skin. It was sweet and soft. The woman lying on his bed was like a piece of delicious cake so that he wanted to eat her up.

  The last piece of cloth on Annabel was stripped off.

  Charles slid his leg in between hers, pushing her feet further apart. Then, he put his erection pressed against her private part. With his masculine muscle covered Annabel's soft body, his breath was ragged.

  "This is what you want, isn't it?"

  "Ah!" Annabel felt a sharp pain in her private part. She felt Charles was inside her, moving speedily. With his strong arms held her hips up, Charles rasped as he got in and out her body.

  "Do you feel hurt? You don't even know what the real hurt is! When I lost Shirley, my world was destroyed. That is a real hurt!" Charles accelerated his movement as if he was extremely energetic.

  Annabel gritted her teeth, lied on the bed, dared not to move.

  She didn't dare to resist Charles. She was afraid of more punishment.

  What she could do was to pray Charles could finish it quickly.

  However, it seemed that Charles never got enough of her. He kept punishing her for a whole night. Annabel was dazed from his lovemaking.

  After a long time, it was almost dawn. There was light from the window. Annabel felt painful all over her body.

  "I suffered enough... really enough..." Annabel whispered weakly to herself.

  When she thought the horrible night was passed, Charles said to her with an evil smile.

  "Enough? No, it is only a start."