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To avoid being bully and saving her loved ones, Farwa accepted his love. But Haechan didn't stop at her "yes". Taehyung, her fiancee is looking eveywhere for her. Haechan is obsessed with her and won't let her go, giving her pain everyday. "I have to escape" Farwa said with teary eyes.
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  “Today is such a nice day”, Farwa said while looking at sky. “Yes it is”, Taehyung, said while

  looking at her with eyes full of love. We were walking towards university while talking to each


  “I hope everything goes well, I’m kind of nervous,” Taehyung said with a worried face. I looked

  at his handsome face, his bangs were slightly covering his eyes, and he looked beautiful as if he

  came out straight from a manga.

  “Don’t worry Taehyung, I’m with you”, I said, taking his hand in mine, “everything will be

  fine”, as I said this, his lips curved to form a smile and he said with his eyes fixed one me.

  “Farwa”, and then he paused; I got confused and looked at his face “Is there something wrong?’ I

  asked with a concerned look, Taehyung sighed and said “No it’s just, I-I wanted to say what

  would I do without you”. I smiled at him and said, “You got me worrying about nothing, let’s

  run because only 5 minutes left till our first class”. We both ran towards university, Thanks to

  running we arrived 2 min earlier.

  “See you in Cafeteria later, I’ll text you,” I said while catching my breath, we both are in

  different departments.

  “See you then” Taehyung said while breathing heavily. I looked at him, because of sweating, his

  bangs were wet and he looked sexy. I couldn’t stop staring at him, he is just perfect.

  While I was admiring his face, he raised his eyebrow while looking at me in confusion, “nothing

  I’ll go first”, I ran from there and slightly hit myself “what was I even thinking”.

  After two classes of 3 hours, I got free, so I texted Taehyung to meet me at the café. While

  walking down the hallway, I bumped to someone, and all of my books and his books fell on floor

  “I’m so sorry”, I said while picking up books. “You seem new here”, he said with cold and scary look on his face. “Yes, I am new here”, I said

  while handing him his books. “What should I do with you?” he said while checking me out.

  “What do you mean? Look I said I’m sorry and I didn’t do it on purpose,” I said to him while

  looking in his eyes. “I know it wasn’t on purpose, but problem is that I don’t accept sorry”, he

  said while moving closer to me. “I’ll go easy on you as you’re new here. Be my errand girl for

  now”, he said closing the gap between us, I took a step back and said “I said sorry, I won’t do

  anything else”, I forcefully handed him his books and tried to walk past him.

  As I was about to get past him, he grabbed my wrist, forcefully pulled me backward, and then

  released my hand, in order to make me fall but luckily someone caught me. “Stop it”, that person

  said, I looked at that person and took this as an opportunity to run towards café.

  As I entered café, I saw Taehyung sitting alone at a table. I approached him and said, “Why are

  you sitting alone”. He looked up at me ‘oh, you came. I was waiting for you, come and sit I have

  someone to introduce you to”.

  “Who is it?” I said while looking at café menu. “He’ll be here any minute, he went to

  washroom”, Taehyung said looking at café entrance. “He is here”.

  I looked at café entrance and saw the person, who saved me from that bully. He approached us

  and said, “I’m back” looking at me. “You-you are that”, I cut him off “Who is he Taehyung?” I

  said avoiding him.

  “He is Jungkook, my friend from school, luckily we are in same department,” Taehyung said

  motioning Jungkook to sit next to him. “Who is she Taehyung”, Jungkook said eyeing me.

  “She is the girl I told you about, her name is Farwa,” Taehyung said with a smile on his face.

  “I’ll go and order food” Taehyung said and left, leaving Jungkook and me. We sat in awkward

  silence then I said, “Don’t tell Taehyung anything”. “Why” Jungkook said raising his eyebrow

  and looking at me. “He’ll be worried about me all the time that’s why”.

  “Okay, I won’t tell him but you should be careful” he said with worried face, “I’ll” I said. We

  were talking when Taehyung arrived, he was getting more and more handsome day by day, I

  can’t stop looking at his perfect face, “Is there something on my face?” Taehyung said looking at

  me. I blushed and said “no it’s nothing, let’s eat”.

  “Who is that girl?” Haechan said looking at Taeyong, his most trusted member,

  “Find out about her, I want her”