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It's a story of two rival (mike and ray) who fought for a lady(Tessa) and for leadership. It contains power and love struggle. This is an intertwined love story between two family and the Royal family. Life was at stake and life's was being safe. Ray was determined to show that he has upper hand than Mike in everything and also Mike is not willing to back down. It would be a long journey of conflict.
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  Growing up was interesting and superb for me, I had everything I could ever think of, because my parent are well off. My name is Tessa, am the second born of my family..

Mr and Mrs Johnson

, I had an older brother who was in the United States. But unfortunately things turns upside down, my dad partner betrayed him and took over my dad company

JJ Group of company

. Now am been withdrawn from my current school to another school because of our change of shelter.

  Mike p.o.v

  Dad !! I just came back from U.S, and you are telling me to school the next day, won't I rest a bit. At least let me select the school I would be going myself. Wtf!!

  Dad you are always telling me what to do always, did you even bother to find out about what I want or needed, I wont go to that school, period!!

  Mr Thompson p.o.v

  Woman!! I don't have to tell you to talk to your so called son, because by the time I start to drain both of you in this house you'll learn how to follow my wish. Even his elder sister is not adamant, but instead follow my wish even while in overseas. Mike!! I did a lot of dirty things just to be where I am today

C.E.O Of D Top group of companies

, Now you want to crush it down with your selfish act.

  In a private room.. here we have Mike and his mom

Mrs Thompson


  Mrs Thompson p.o.v

  Sweetie,you know your dad wants the best for you.Just pls do what he wants.Go to the school, show him that you worth more than he thinks of you

  Mike p.o.v

  I understand mom, but just for you, o will do anything. Don't worry I will go to the school. Pls mom, I want to rest.

  Remember to forward the school address to the driver rr!!

  Oops I think I should take my bike.

  Tessa p.o.v

  Ohhhh this uniform is not even that attractive on me. Anyway it doesn't mean, am always the hottest girl in anywhere. I hope this new school gives me comfort, unlike my former school. Let me go rest and prepare for tomorrow.

  A well structured building with an attractive designs making the building fascinating. Here comes the school, the talk of the Town, the best school in Baho Town.

  ........ The Pearls Academy......