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The King of Soldiers Returns

The King of Soldiers Returns


Xavier received a flirtatious message from a top beauty, Yulianna. Sure, he accepted that date. But he didn't realize it was just her ploy, using him to save her friend. Anyway, he bit. After that, coincidentally, he was hired by her family to be her personal bodyguard and stay with her 24/7. With his special clairvoyance, he became the most popular bodyguard of beauties. Sexy ladies, reserved doctors, hot policewomen, all regarded him as an incomparable hero! What he showed to everyone was that he strove only for money and beauty, but... People didn't know, he had a great hidden mission...
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Xavier Yang was so angry that he gnashed his teeth. He was thinking of the beautiful young woman who took a hundred million yuan and asked him to protect her for a month.

What a good deal! Well, although that was not a lot of money, the beautiful young woman agreed to give him a chance to do anything to her in bed for a whole month!

But who would have thought that the b*stard master would screw up this perfect deal with just a phone call? Xavier was even sent back to Greenland City. The master said that one of his old friends needed Xavier's help.

At this moment, Xavier was walking out of the train station of Greenland City. He took out his cell phone and wanted to check the phone number of the old friend that his master mentioned.


All of a sudden, Xavier received a message on WeChat.

"Hey, handsome lad, do you want to go on a date?"

A woman was sending flirtatious messages to Xavier. Her profile picture was depicting that of a pretty, sexy girl.

"Vulgar! It's too vulgar!"

Xavier despised the message so much. However, he tapped on the screen before he sent a word. "Sure."

Well, he could not do anything about it. There was no way he could refuse a person with such good taste!

"In this vast sea of people, she only asks me out for a date. What does that mean?"

This proved that he was handsome. The beautiful girl could even feel his unparalleled charm over the screen of the cell phone!


Another message came in.

"Come over to New Flora Street. I'll wait for you at the entrance of the cafe. Hurry up."

After seeing the message, Xavier immediately asked the passerby for the way. He was told that he was now right on New Flora Street. Not long after he walked, he saw a cafe nearby. A girl at the door, playing with her phone down.

The moment Xavier saw the girl, he was awestruck. He could not believe what he saw.

This beautiful girl seemed to be around 18 years old. She was youthful, pretty, and had a shapely figure. Her beautiful legs were clad in silky black stockings, and it was an alluring sight to behold.

However, Xavier was most amazed by her unusually lovely appearance. It was an understatement to declare that she was the most gorgeous girl in the entire city. Even those popular celebrities were no match for her in terms of their appearance.

"Such a beautiful woman actually wants to date me?"

Xavier was stunned for a moment before he walked over to her. He wanted to flirt with her regardless of whether she was the girl who texted him.

"Hey beauty, are you alone?"

Xavier struted to the girl's side and asked.

Startled, the girl turned around. After scrutinizing him from head to toe, she immediately waved her phone and asked, "Were you the one who talked to me just now?"


Xavier nodded. After confirming her identity, he was even more surprised. This girl's WeChat profile picture was already very beautiful, but he didn't expect that she was prettier than her profile picture!

This girl's name was Yulianna Lin. After glancing at Xavier for a while, she took out a car key and opened the door of a red BMW parked by the street before she got in. She seemed to be in a hurry.

"Get in the car. But first, you have to shake the dust off your clothes."

Yulianna sat in the driver's seat and looked at Xavier with contempt. Judging on Xavier's scruffy appearance, she guessed that Xavier was just another random construction worker.

"I am such an outstanding beauty. I can't believe that I've hooked up with such a terrible-looking man. Oh my goodness, I'm so pathetic..."

Yulianna's eyes were filled with tears. But when she thought of her real purpose, she clenched her teeth and forced herself to endure it!

Xavier, on the other hand, was staring at her in awe. "Could she be actually a rich girl?"

Sitting in the passenger seat, Xavier asked, "Where are you taking me to?"

After a moment of silence, Yulianna said, "To the hotel!"


Xavier's eyelids twitched. "What's wrong with the people nowadays? Why is this gorgeous, fairy-like girl so open-minded? Is she going to have sex with me although we've only met for a few seconds?"

Xavier could feel the turbulence in his quickened blood at this moment. He only wanted to say a word... Amazing!

Sitting by the side, Xavier found that the more he looked at Yulianna, the more beautiful she was!

Since Yulianna had already taken the initiative, he reckoned that he should not be reserved either. Thus, he sneakily reached out his hand and landed it on her beautiful thigh.

"Wow, it's so delicate and smooth. What an awesome thigh!"

His heart began to beat erratically as soon as his hand touched her thigh. It felt so good that he could rub it for a whole year without getting bored of it.


All of a sudden, Yulianna stopped the car. Xavier was greatly taken aback, and at the same time, he could sense a murderous gaze darting towards him.

"Take your filthy hand away!"

Yulianna roared, and her face was red with fury. There was a tinge of blush and shyness on her beautiful face. 

Xavier cleared his throat and whispered, "Little girl, we've already hooked up. You don't need to be so reserved." 

Yulianna gritted her teeth and thought, "I've always been reserved and pure. I am not going to be molested by your dirty hands!"

"Forget it! Anyway, I won't be in contact with this man after today. I won't have to see him again. He can misunderstand it in any way he intends to!"

"I... don't like foreplay. When we get there, you can do whatever you want!"

Yulianna made up an excuse and continued to drive anxiously toward the suburbs.

Since Yulianna had made her points clear, Xavier did not want to go against her will too. However, his heart could not help thumping wildly with expectation at the thought of what they could do later. It was going to be one of the best things that happened in his life if he could spend a wonderful time with such a gorgeous lady.

However, soon, Xavier's brows became knitted as he found that Yulianna didn't drive him to the hotel. Instead, they arrived at an abandoned factory that manufactured car accessories.


At this moment, Yulianna fished out her phone and gave someone a call. "I'm here. Where are you?"

"Miss Lin, please come into the car accessories factory. I hope you don't bring any police with you, or I will murder the hostage."

A man on the other side of the phone threatened coldly.

"Okay!" Yulianna gritted her teeth and quickly hung up the phone. She took a deep breath before she turned around to Xavier and said, "I'll have to attend to a few matters now. If I do not come out in ten minutes, you'd better get out of here quickly and call the police. Thank you!"

After finishing her words, Yulianna got out of the car and strode towards the direction of the factory.

Xavier was dumbstruck for a while before he looked at the factory curiously. Xavier could see through an object and such ability was called x-ray vision. At this moment, he was using his x-ray vision to see through the factory to check what was going on inside. His ability was also the reason why his b*stard master who was an army general was willing to accept him as a disciple.

Xavier found that in this car accessories factory, there was a man with a scar on his face and a girl who was tied up!

It turned out that this was a kidnap!

"Ah, I see. I finally understand what happens."

Xavier's lips curled into a wry smile. Yulianna must have received a threatening phone call to force her to come here alone. Petrified, Yulianna used hook-up as an excuse to bring him here with her. Should anything go wrong, he could be the one to alert the police.

"I was being used! I'll let it go since you're so beautiful. Well, I'll help you to the end then."

Xavier sighed and opened the car door before he trod toward the factory leisurely.

"Yulianna, I don't expect that you'd really dare to come here. Besides, you are quite punctual. You've reached here within fifteen minutes. In such a short amount of time, I bet you could not play any tricks."

Seeing Yulianna, Dread marched toward her with a sneer on his face.

"Let go of Samantha," Yulianna hissed angrily.

Dread had kidnapped her best friend, Samantha Zhao.

"Of course, I'll let go of her. But, in return, you have to do something for me. It's unfair to you, but you'll have to go through some grievances.."

Dread licked his lips while he came nearer to Yulianna, one step after another. "Yulianna, I plan to shoot an adult film, and I'd like to seek your cooperation in making this happen. Come here, let me strip you n*ked now so I could have a taste of your curvy figure."


Yulianna could sense Dread's malice in his eyes. Panicked, she could not help but take a few steps back as she looked at him fearfully.

"Yulianna, don't think about running away. Be obedient and follow my orders. Tsk tsk, you are really gorgeous. It must be fun to play with your body." Dread licked his lips again and said with a wicked smile, "What a wonderful task I got. Apart from getting money, I have a beautiful lady to sleep with."

"Did someone pay and ask you to do this? My family can give you double the amount of money if you agree to let us go. What do you think?" Yulianna frowned and asked.

"Well, money is indeed very important, and to be honest, I'm very tempted by your proposition. But I'm more intrigued by you, my gorgeous lady! I have to seize every opportunity that I can get in this very brief life of mine. I'm willing to die if I can sleep with a beauty like you at least once in my life. Money is nothing if compared to you!"

Dread smiled evilly and added, "Speaking of which, the task I'm assigned to is indeed too simple. It's just a piece of cake for me. I can easily accomplish it."

Dread was confident that he was going to complete this mission beautifully. He walked toward Yulianna and was about to touch her face with his palm.


At this moment, a needle was seen traveling its way toward him swiftly!

Dread's expression changed instantly, and he quickly retreated to dodge the needle.

"Hey young lady, didn't you promise to bring me to a hotel?"

A teasing voice rang out at the door.

Yulianna was dumbfounded. Then, she turned her head around and saw Xavier marching in.

"Hey, why are you here? Didn't I ask you to call the police?" Yulianna panicked.

"Call the police? Nay, it's too troublesome. The best way to deal with this kind of person is to teach him a lesson. Don't you agree?" Xavier said with a smile.

"Bullsh*t!" Yulianna gnashed her teeth and cursed secretly. She could not help but wonder if Xavier was a dumbhead. She thought, "Couldn't he see that the captor was obviously much stronger than him? How could he teach this captor a lesson? He is going to be beaten down after taking a few punches and kicks!"

"Teach me a lesson? Who are you, kid? How arrogant you are! When I got my first job, you were still playing with mud!" Dread snorted and exclaimed, "I am an assassin. If you know what's good for you, you'd better get out of here now!"