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My Jealous Cool Husband

My Jealous Cool Husband


When she was drunk at her sister's wedding party, Xia Bingrong accidentally went to the wrong room and "slept" the Third Young Master of the Mu family. Mu Yue Sen, a noble, elegant and sophisticated heir of the wealth family, was very simple. "Did you think you would suffer a loss last night? Or did I suffer a loss?" He looked at her with an intimidating look. "Of course, you would suffer a loss!" Xia Bing's face flushed and she replied against his will. She fled from the crime immediately and thought that she would have to spend a night with him. How could she keep smiling at him? He thought that she had always wanted to get along with him!
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  Late at night in England.

  After the noise of the wedding banquet, the exquisite castle slowly fell asleep.

  The moonlight gently fell from the high dome, covering the old and magnificent castle with a layer of beautiful gauze curtain.

  In the long corridor, Xia Bing was dragging the ice blue dress and walking obliquely. Her delicate body would hit the wall from time to time, and her forehead had been knocked several times.

  His head was getting dizzier and dizzier.

  He couldn't even tell the direction.

  Didn't they say that the cocktail couldn't get drunk? Why did she become like this after drinking only two cups of wine?

  She felt that she had walked for a long time, but it seemed that she had stayed where she was for a long time.

  Leaning against the wall, she groped until she reached a door. She leaned against the door like a gecko, knocking on it drunkly. "I'm back, Ah Yin. Open the door, open the door..."

  After shouting for a long time, Xia Bingrong didn't answer. She had to try to open the door by herself.

  She twisted the door lightly and opened it. She walked in in the darkness, staggered to the bedside, and fell down before she could stand firm.

  At the moment of falling, with a bang, she hit a heat source.


  Xia Bing mumbled, lying on the warm meat pad, and patted the man under her with her little hands.

  In the darkness, the unbearable hostility came out of the nose and was extremely clear in silence.

  The next second, her head was pushed away.


  Xia Bing was drunk and mumbled again. She didn't care about being pushed down. She adjusted her sleeping posture, turned sideways and hugged "Big Bai" next to her.

  At home, she had the same size.

  Big Bai, who was tightly held, closed his star-like eyes in the darkness and frowned deeper and deeper.

  He was also drunk, so he didn't have the strength to deal with the hands and feet of the little thing at the moment, and wrapped it around him like vines.

  He turned his body over and turned his back to her, thinking that he could get rid of her and let her sleep quietly. However, this soft little thing immediately stuck to his back like a dog's skin.

  He moved to the side, and the little monster also followed him, as if it was afraid that he would run away. Then the little monster wrapped its arms around his waist.

  Ning Xueyan put down her little hand that was holding his waist and threw it aside. She touched his waist in less than three seconds, and finally put her legs on him without hesitation.

  She was so persistent that she kept harassing him. Not only did she do everything to him, but she also touched the dangerous forbidden area.


  He couldn't stand it anymore. He turned over and pressed her under his body...

  In the darkness, his breath was getting more and more intense.



  Xia Bing's thick, curly eyelashes fluttered.

  A wave of hot breath blew on her face. Under the sun, a layer of thin fluff was swinging on her clear and white face, which was shining with the unique luster of a young girl.

  She rolled her eyes and uncomfortably slowly opened her sleepy eyes.

  She dreamed that she had been pressed under a mountain and could not move.

  The room was full of sunlight, shining into her eyes.

  The image in his pupils gradually became clear. It was a good-looking face, straight nose bridge, thin lips, two thick black sword-shaped eyebrows on the high eyebrow bone, deep eye sockets, delicate outline, and clean and handsome beyond dust.

  She was stunned in an instant.

  "Is he... a man?"


  "Ah—" After a moment of reaction from the shell, a stream of horror rushed up to her brain, which scared her and made her scream. She rolled up the quilt and scrambled out of the room in desperation.

  Standing in the corridor, she couldn't help gasping.

  Her mind was in a mess. The more anxious she was to recall, the more she kept calling out her broken brain.

  Especially when she looked at the room number and found that it was not her room, she was almost crazy.

  After the wedding banquet last night, all the relatives and friends of the man and the wife stayed in the castle. She helped her sister to send a wedding gift. There was still a room for celebration. After entering the room, she was also poured with several glasses of cocktail. After coming out, she knew nothing.

  "What happened?"

  The door of the next room opened.

  The two people who came out were Mu Jianting and Xia Yunzhu, who were going to get married last night.

  Seeing Xia Binghui standing in the middle of the corridor, who was wrapped in a sheet of sheets, they were extremely surprised.

  Xia Yunzhu, who was wearing a nightgown, walked quickly to her sister. "Bingyi, why are you standing here in such a way?"

  "I..." Xia Bing didn't know what to say.

  Especially when she saw her brother-in-law behind her, it was even more difficult for her to say anything.

  A pair of slender, white and tender hands grabbed the sheets in front of her chest, and her face burned like a ripe tomato.

  Mu Jinting looked into the open door and said, "Bingqing, tell my brother-in-law, what's in this room?"

  Xia Bing moved her lips and said in a low voice, "There's... a man!"

  "What!" Xia Yun broke into a scream.

  "Don't worry, I'll go in and take a look—" Mu Jinting walked toward the room.

  As soon as he took two steps forward, a tall figure appeared at the door.

  The man's eyebrows were tightly knitted, and his whole body was sending out cold air. He was like a moving iceberg, and the temperature was instantly frozen by him.

  The collar of his shirt was wide open, and his black hair was in a mess. He rubbed his temple, and the lines of his jaw were tight.

  "Yue Sen!"

  When Xia Yunzhu and Mu Jianting saw the person who appeared, their brains went crazy.

  Mu Yue Sen's gaze fell directly on Xia Bingyu, and he looked her up and down coldly. "Are you the little thing who made me unable to sleep last night?"

  His voice was cold, like the silent chill in the twelfth month of the lunar month.

  Xia Bing held the sheets and couldn't make a sound as if she was stuffed with cotton.

  This man's momentum was so powerful!

  When she saw his eyes, she couldn't even move at all.

  "Yue Sen, this is my sister. Why are you—" Xia Yunxi said cautiously.

  Before she finished asking, Mu Yue Sen interrupted her coldly, "This is my room!"

  Xia Yunxi suddenly became silent.

  What he meant was that it was ice-cold herself that came to him.

  Xia Bing lowered her head shamefully and bit her lip.

  Mu Jinting came out to mediate the dispute. "Yue Sen blocked a lot of wine for me last night. He was drunk like the mud. How could anything happen in this state?"

  Mu Yuetong looked at Mu Jianting expressionlessly and said coldly, "That's not necessarily true. Maybe I touched it!"