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Wrong Wife, Right love

Wrong Wife, Right love


That night, he shouted someone else's name and pressed her under his body. He asked for it overnight, and he didn't know if he was tired of it. In order to find her, he made a diamond-studded crystal shoe to hold a wedding ceremony in the servant's house. "Whoever wears this pair of shoes will be my woman!" She refused to be a substitute and escaped again and again. He grabbed her back again and again. "Kidan, I love you so much. I've always loved you!" "Your love only makes me sick!" She hated his arrogance and plunder. He frantically pressed her under his body, and did not know how to plunder. "Then you prepare to be disgusting for the rest of your life." "Push out a rather beautiful piece of fire writing, Love of the League of Strong Families: Hundreds of billions of Uncles of the Young Master"
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  At nine o'clock in the night banquet of Huangfu Manor.

  Huangfu Cheng had dominated the business world for 40 years, and he had made Huangfu Group the richest man in the world. Today was his 70th birthday, so the Huangfu Family had to do a lot of things. For a time, countless elites from the political circle came to celebrate his birthday.

  The whole Huangfu Manor was full of luxurious jewels, precious clothes, and temples. In the magnificent villa, the band was playing slowly. Among the celebrities, everyone was laughing in a low voice.

  Unlike the leisurely and graceful atmosphere in front of the stage, the servants behind the stage were already in a mess. Even the gardener, who was originally in charge of taking care of the flowers and plants, was also transferred to the backstage to help.

  "Yuanqian, go pick some lavender."

  The butler, Huangfu Lan, glanced coldly at the flowers in her hands and frowned with dissatisfaction. She then called out the original name.


  She left the kitchen and hurried to the field of flowers in the back hill. It was very dark, so she could barely find her way by relying on the light of the manor in the distance. She quickly picked up a large handful of lavender and wanted to rush back, but when she got up, she saw a vague figure about to fall into the lake.

  "Be careful." Yuan shallow exclaimed. She was so scared that she threw away the flower in her hand and quickly rushed up to grab the man's sleeve. The man's body shook violently because of her pull. Then, a body with a strong smell of alcohol and burning heat hugged the man tightly, and the strength seemed to break her whole body. "Mingzhu, Mingzhu..."

  "I, I'm not..." The smell of alcohol rushed to his nose, and his shallow body was nearly out of breath by the man's hug. His little hand desperately tried to push him. "Are you a guest attending the banquet? I'm a maid here, I..."

  "Ming Zhu..." The man seemed to have not heard her. His sexy and low voice was full of pain. "Why did you marry Huangfu You? You obviously like me..."

  The rude and wild kiss fell. The information in the man's words was so explosive that Chu Tiankuo forgot to struggle for a while.


  "Ming Zhu..."

  Gu Mingzhu!

  That was the name of the First Mistress of the Huangfu Family.

  The wedding ceremony last year was definitely the first in the whole country. The wedding banquet only ended after seven days and seven nights. At that time, Huangfu Manor was busier than today.

  Today, there was a man who was drunk near the manor and said that he had an affair with the Young Mistress.

  "It's... It's too powerful..."

  Unintentionally breaking through the secrets of the wealthy and powerful families and the men's increasingly fire made the original expression strange. She tried to calm down, trying to appease the drunkard in front of her. "Sir, sir, you are drunk. I will take you back... oh, let go, I... I am not..."

  Before she could finish her words, her lips were already on the man's lips...

  Regardless of her struggle, he held her in his arms and staggered into the flower field. Countless fine petals flew in the air, and the elegant scent of lavender came to his nose. Although it was beautiful, he only felt anger and fear from the bottom of his heart.

  She was kind enough to save him, but he actually...

  "Bastard! Get out of my way!"

  She swore that she wanted to break free, but the man grabbed her waist, turned over, and pressed her under his body. He smiled and whispered in her ear, "Mingzhu, look at you. How anxious you are. You want me so much..."

  "No... I'm not Gu Mingzhu... you... fucking... show me the inventory... die..."

  The beast-like man pressed down on his body, and his desire came close to her. His initial temper also came up. He pushed her away while cursing her.

  The man didn't seem to feel her resistance, or it could be said that the resistance only made him more excited.

  "Ming Zhu, I'm satisfied with you! Gu Mingzhu!"

  The man laughed in a low voice, picked up her chin and kissed her gently.

  The voice was low and charming, but to the bottom of it, it was like the screams of a devil. She struggled to escape, but the man smiled and put her hands on top of her head, his empty right hand, and lifted the hemline of her maid's dress...

  There was a sudden scream by the lake, with hidden pain and despair, as well as a trace of collapse and helplessness.