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Mr. Mystery Doctor

Mr. Mystery Doctor


After being a doctor in the Middle East for three years, Freddrick Han was called back by a letter from his master. But when he returned to his hometown, he found his traditional medical skills were unaccepted by others. Freddrick had to earn a living, so he worked as a security guard for a beautiful female CEO. He also came across several different kinds of beauties. As a doctor who caught the patients in need, he offered his help. They inevitably fell for him, even though he cured their diseases by... During his way of lives saving, his magic medical skills astonished the world. But his real strength remained a mystery to others. And no one knew his true identity...
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The Middle East had always been one of the richest places in the world, and at the same time, it was also the most dangerous war zone on earth. Battles ravaged the area every single day.


One after another, bombers glided over the citizen's heads, launching attacks on the earth and causing havoc on the ground. The tremendous impact and continuous waves of assault destroyed houses mercilessly one after the other.

At this time, in a dilapidated house which was partially blown up, there were still some people who did not flee from this dangerous area.

"Doctor! It's too dangerous here. Let's leave right now!" A nurse said loudly.

Her eyes were fixed on a young man in front of her. She was filled with admiration for him, but she also felt a deep sense of urgency, due to the current situation.

To her, this young man was as mighty as the savior of the world, but the circumstances were too dangerous at this time. The house might collapse at any time.


Another bomb fell to the ground less than ten meters away from the house. The terrifying impact caused a lot of dust to fly up in the sky, and all the surrounding people could not help but cough violently.

However, the young man remained calm and focused. The golden needle in his hand was used to treat the patient who was covered in blood. This patient was lying on the wooden boards in front of him.

His name was Freddrick Han, and he was a mysterious doctor from China. He was in the war zone that part of the organization called "Doctors Without Borders".

"No!" Freddrick's expression was resolute. Regardless of the constant explosions outside that had incinerated half of the room, he was still completely focused on the task at hand.

"Doctor, we have to leave now. The house is about to collapse!" The nurse frowned. Most parts of the house were consumed by the fire. Sawdust, little pieces of wood, pebbles and gravels started to fall from the ceiling.

"I promised her father that I would save her," Freddrick said in a deep tone. He didn't stop at all. Instead, his movements were getting faster. He was precise with his use of the golden needle. He managed to stop the constant bleeding. Then, he patched up the exposed wounds swiftly with his needle.


There was another massive explosion, and the whole house was shaking violently.

"Doctor. Let's go. I beg you!" The nurse's eyes were full of tears. She kept advising Freddrick to leave. It would not be a surprise if this house collapsed in the next second.

Hearing this, Freddrick remained unperturbed. He gazed at the patient's wound and his expression became even more stern and focused.

"Hurry up! It will be too late! Let's go." The doctor outside the door, who was responsible for supervising the pharmaceutical drugs and medicine, rushed in. He dragged the nurse out forcefully.


As the nurse escaped from the house, the house collapsed with a loud sound. This explosion was accompanied by a large amount of smoke and dust, which rose up into the sky, enveloping the entire atmosphere.


The nurse shouted in a wretched manner. She had a deep sense of respect for Freddrick. He had saved her life two years ago, and she owed him her life. Due to this fact, she had resolved to be diligent in her medical studies. She came here to become a nurse on the battlefield, just to accompany him.

Everyone looked sad and mournful. He was a great doctor. Within three years, he had saved thousands of lives. His medical skills were superb and almost miraculous. Even his colleagues, who were also on the battlefield, admired him deeply.

Prior to Freddrick's arrival, the doctors who practiced western medicine did not recognize the usefulness of Chinese medicine. It was only a mysterious and abstruse branch of knowledge. They depended on western medicine to cure diseases and save lives. However, Freddrick's mystical medical volumes caused them to concede that Chinese medicine was indeed powerful and a force to be reckoned with.

Just as everyone was observing a moment of silence, they noticed a figure emerging from the thick smoke and stepping out of the ruins.


Everyone was thrilled. Shockingly, Freddrick was still alive!

Also, he was holding the patient he was treating in his arms!

"Oh my God. This is simply a miracle!"


The nurse cried with joy, and the others were also moved by this scene. In such a treacherous situation, he still made the effort to save a life. He was even more benevolent and mightier than an angel!

"Her bleeding has stopped. Take her to a safe place!"

In a field hospital affiliated with Doctors Without Borders, Freddrick was holding a yellowish letter in his hand. He looked a little absent-minded.

There were only a few words on the letter. It was an address and a name.

However, Freddrick was aware of the hidden meaning of this letter. This was the style of his Master. His Master was a man of few words. He always cherished his words, as if they were pieces of gold.

Three years ago, his Master had instructed him to journey here to train his skills. It was now time to return.

"It's time to say goodbye." Freddrick's expression was a little reluctant, but China was his true home.

"Doctor, are you leaving?" In the small office, all the doctors and nurses from the hospital were present. Everyone was reluctant to see him depart from this place.

Three years might not be too long, but for them, the time spent every day was memorable and unforgettable. They had rescued people from the brink of death and treated injured patients in a war zone.

"Haha, why are all of you so sad? I'm not going to die."

Freddrick laughed. To be honest, in the past three years, he had built deep relationships with these selfless doctors from other countries. They were great people who prioritized the lives of others and they made it their goal to save as many patients as possible.

Moreover, the doctors here were the cream of the crop. They had vast experiences in emergency situations. They were different from the medical professors who discussed theories and hypotheses in their ivory towers. During these few years, he had also benefited a lot from working alongside these excellent doctors. When he was about to leave, he also felt a great sense of reluctance.

"Freddrick, this will always be your home. You can always return at any time." The old head of the hospital seemed full of regret. As the only doctor from China in the team, he really conjured many miracles for himself and this hospital.

"We'll meet again, if destiny permits!" Freddrick waved to everyone and he strode out of the place where he had spent three years of his life. He did not look back as he walked forward.

"Doctor... Wherever you go, I, Lilith, will follow you to the ends of the earth!" Freddrick didn't know that after his departure, the beautiful blonde nurse also left the hospital in a decisive manner...