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Exclusive Tenderness for You

Exclusive Tenderness for You


In order to save the family business, she accepted a shameful substitute pregnancy. A paper contract for pregnancy, a seven-day-and- seven-night favor... In October, when she returned from her pregnancy, her father died miserably. Her fiancé and his step-sister worked together to drive her out of the Mu family. Three years later, she came back again. In order to take back the villa left by her father, she had to provoke the man who was high up in the air, but she was close to the corner by him. The man stared at her with burning eyes and asked, "Are you seducing me?" She shivered and said, "Mr. Fu, I didn't mean to offend you..." The man's black eyes were full of playfulness. "Should I "collunate" back?" The next second, the man 'collided' back with all his strength... "We agreed to be a fake marriage, but why did he force me step by step and go deeper and deeper?" She blushed, but he didn't care. He raised his eyebrows and stared at her with interest— "You already have a child. Why are you still so reserved?" The cute little backpack next to her leg took her hand and blinked her big eyes, saying, "Mom, give me a little brother to play with!" Since then, every night after they got married, they began to be neither shy nor shy. They were exhausted... to create people.
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  "Mu Weilan, 21 years old, graduated from North City. She has no male or female experience, and is in good health..."

  The man sitting opposite closed his eyes after reading the information. He frowned slightly and asked, "Are you sure you want to be pregnant on behalf of me?"

  Mu Qilan held the hem of her skirt with both hands, and her slightly tender and beautiful face was anxious and panicked. "I'm sure that I need this money very much."

  "How much do you want?"

  She was stunned and pouted her lips and said in a low voice, "One... Ten million yuan."

  The man's eyebrows wrinkled deeper. "You have been pregnant for ten months when you gave birth to a baby. In order to keep it a secret, you are not allowed to leave here, and you are not allowed to contact anyone. Can you do it?"

  Mu Qilan clenched her knuckles, took a deep breath, and said with a trembling voice, "I, I can agree, but I have a condition."

  "Just say it," said Gu Shenwei.

  "After signing this agreement, I will transfer ten million yuan to the account I designated as soon as I get pregnant. I'm in a hurry to use it."

  Oh, she really met a girl who only cared about money.

  A trace of contempt flashed through the man's eyes. "Okay, no problem. Get ready. The gold man will come at 8 o'clock tonight. That man is not easy to serve. You'd better have a baby in a month. Otherwise, ten million yuan may be a waste."


  It was almost eight o'clock in the evening.

  Mu Weilan was washed and sent to a dark house in the villa. She reached out her hand and couldn't see her fingers.

  The room was so quiet that she could hear the sound of people walking on the wall.

  Didn't know how long it took, the door was suddenly opened. In the darkness, a man came in. It was so dark that even the man couldn't see his figure. She wanted to hold herself tight, but she was caught by a big hand and threw onto the big bed.

  "Ten million yuan. It's not a small amount of talk."

  The man's cold and mocking voice rang out in the quiet air, piercing Mu Weilan's heart with blood.

  She closed her eyes tightly, bit her lip and said in a trembling voice, "If you want to do it, do it quickly. Don't talk nonsense!"

  The man seemed to snort with disdain and went up to her...


  Mu Qilan bit her lip tightly, looked up, tears slipped down from the corners of her eyes, and slowly closed her eyes...

  As long as he survived tonight, Mu's company would be saved, and his father would no longer have to go to jail because he couldn't afford to pay debts...

  She endured the pain, climbed on the man's neck, kissed him with her soft red lips, and teased him with a young and attractive voice, "I want him to be ruthless..."

  The man leaned against her ear and said coldly, "Don't regret it."


  For the whole night, Mu Qilan almost died. Her whole body was aching like a broken shelf, and her fingers couldn't move at all.

  The sun outside the curtains shone through her eyes. The man last night had already left. The servant in the villa pushed the door open and came in. He said coldly in a formula, "Before you are pregnant, sir will come every night. If you are not pregnant one month later, pack up and leave."

  Mu Roulan clenched her fists. She was sure that she would be pregnant with the baby, and she would definitely.

  For seven whole nights, the life-and-death joy was like being in hell, and it was better to die than to live...

  A month later, she was confirmed to be pregnant.

  "Ten million yuan. Our Mr. Wang has already ordered someone to put it in that account. From now on, you can start to raise the fetus at ease!"

  Mu Qilan didn't know whether to cry or laugh, excitedly grabbed the servant's hand. "I want to call my father and ask him about safety. I want to ask him if he has received the ten million yuan. Please, help me, okay? I promise, I won't say anything! I promise... please..."

  Perhaps it was the middle-aged female servant who saw that she was really pitiful. She frowned and was a little moved. "What do you want to say? I can send him a text message for you. However, this is the only time!"


  Ten months later, Mu Weilan lay on the bed in the villa, sweating profusely.

  The harsh sound broke through the room, and the female doctor calmly stood aside to urge the delivery. "Just try harder, more harder, the baby's head will come out soon!"

  Mu Roulan clenched his teeth. In the last force, he finally gave birth to a baby.

  There was a loud baby's cry.

  The female doctor quickly put the baby into the compartment and said, "Take it away immediately."

  Lying on the bed, Mu Weilan was covered in blood, with tears and sweat on her little face. She said weakly, "Please let me have a look at the child..."

  But her request didn't help at all. The child was put in the compartment and was soon taken away.

  She didn't even know whether her child was a man or a woman...

  Outside the villa, there was a black luxury limited edition Maybach.

  The man in the car frowned when he saw the crumpled baby with blood in the compartment.

  "Director Fu, this child is like you."

  The man's voice was cold and low. "... How do you see it? Go to the hospital."


  On the delivery bed, Mu Xila stumbled up and looked out of the window. What was left for her was just a black car shadow.


  On the second day after giving birth to the baby, Mu Xila rushed back to the Mu family before she could take a rest.

  Mu Qilan stood outside the door and thought about several reasons for the disappearance of October. She took a deep breath and was about to raise her hand to ring the doorbell when she found that the door was unlocked.

  She gently pushed the door open and walked in. There was no one in the living room.

  It was strange. Was there no one at home? Even if Dad went to work, Aunt Shen and Wan Yi should be at home.

  When she was about to go upstairs, two familiar figures flashed through the corridor upstairs—

  The man pinched the woman's butt with his big hand. The woman clenched her fist and beat his chest. She said coquettishly, "You are so annoying. When will you marry me? Are you still thinking about that Mu Weilan? She disappeared for ten months without a word..."

  "How could I miss her? When I was with her, it was just because she was the daughter of the Mu family. Compared with you, she was too boring." The man lowered his head to cover the woman's ear and said vaguely, "Especially in bed, she is not as good as you."

  The woman leaned into the man's arms coquettishly and said, "Humph, you've hurt me so much that my legs are still sore."

  Downstairs, Mu Weilan's little face instantly faded, and her eyes stared at the man and woman who were secretly flirting upstairs with each other indignantly and coldly.

  The man who was speaking obscene words to her stepmother's daughter was none other than her boyfriend, Jian Zhe.

  She just disappeared for ten months. Her good boyfriend actually had an affair with her good sister Shen Wan!

  "What a jerk! What a b*tch!"