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Best Actress, My Sweet Wife

Best Actress, My Sweet Wife


Qiao A, the 18th-line actor, had a good face and a good figure. However, because she refused to follow the hidden rules, she was in a difficult situation in the entertainment circle. When she was about to leave the company with her parents, she accidentally sneaked into the big shot, the president of Stars Entertainment, South City. Moreover, he won the favor of the president's little baby and pestered her to be his mommy. In order to meet the child's request, Director Si began to help his future wife to clean up all kinds of scum, and live the life of his beloved wife who supported her to become a boss...
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  In Liu City, Ye.

  Qiaoe was carrying a white handbag and stepping on ten centimeters of fine heels. Between the tight red skirt and the fine heels, two long snow-white legs were shaking people's hearts.

  Standing at the gate of Wanhao Hotel, she raised her slightly drunk little face and frowned slightly. The bright light of the hotel's outer wall reflected in her watery eyes, reflecting bright stars like pearls.

  A girl in hotel uniform rushed to her and pulled her to a corner.

  "Xiao'ai, did you drink?" Chen Yao smelled the smell of alcohol on her body.

  "Drink a little... dare!" After saying that, he belched.

  "This is the elevator card on the top floor. Mr. Si has checked in. Good luck to you!" Chen Yao put the card in her hand, turned around and ran away.

  Qiaoai clenched the elevator card in his hand and couldn't help but sigh. It was her 25th birthday in less than one month, which was also the deadline for her to make an appointment with her parents to go back to her hometown.

  As an actress of the 18th line, she hadn't received a notice for nearly a month, and there was no new play. Her agent Sister Li hadn't contacted her for more than half a month, which made her want to fend for herself.

  Finally, at this last minute, she made up her mind to accept the unspoken rules!

  Of course, they were going to be lurked. Then, they would be the most prestigious people in the city!

  It was the president of the S Corporation—Sinan City!

  As long as he took the car of Stars Entertainment under his name and became famous, it would be just around the corner!

  Ding—the elevator reached the top floor and the elevator door opened.

  The corridor was covered with thick dark carpet, and the lights on the top of the head were giving off soft light. The whole floor was quiet.

  There was only one presidential suite on this floor, which was easy to find.

  Qiaoe stood in front of the door of the presidential suite, biting his lower lip and ringing the doorbell...

  But the door had not been opened for a long time, and the waiting time made her more nervous. Her pair of limpid eyes had been blinking because of uneasiness. Her long eyelashes fluttered like butterflies flapping wings, and her arrogant chest rose and fell up and down with her breath. She thought that she did not have enough wine. Should she go back and drink more?

  "I'd better forget it!"

  Just as she came up with this idea, the door suddenly opened with a click.

  A man appeared behind the door, and the cold steam blew on his face. His tall figure blocked the light behind him, and the shadow suddenly covered her body.

  His whole body was wet, and his black hair was still dripping. The water drops fell down along the man's handsome face...

  The white shirt that had several buttons torn off was tightly attached to his body because of the wet water, outlining his smooth muscle texture, and his long and straight legs wrapped in wet black suit pants...

  Qiaoai was stunned by this scene, and she heard her saliva.

  It turned out that not only women could be attractive, but also men could attract people's attention!

  Si Nancheng pulled his collar impatiently. He took a cold bath for more than ten minutes, but the heat in his body couldn't be dispelled. Especially after seeing the woman in front of him, his body cried even louder!

  If he knew who drugged him, he would definitely kill him!

  There was a moment of stalemate in time.

  Just as Qiao Aiguo was about to escape with fear, the man suddenly reached out and grabbed her wrist, pulling her into the house without saying anything!

  Qiaoai cried out in a low voice. He was pulled violently by him, and he was going to tripped several times.

  Only a dim landing lamp was lit in the room, and the sound of water splashing in the bathroom next to them rang out. No one knew whether they were tired or not.

  For a while, she was pushed down on the luxury European-style bed by him, and then a hot body followed...


  The next day.

  Qiaoai was very sleepy, but he didn't sleep well.

  She had a hot and humid feeling on her face, and her chest was also pressed by a heavy object, which was almost suffocating.

  Finally, she could not bear the harassment anymore. She opened her heavy eyelids.

  A big tongue swayed in front of her eyes, which scared her so much that she screamed out loud, but in return, she heard a few cheerful barks of dogs.

  When she took a closer look, she found that there was an ugly dog licking her face.

  "Mommy." Seeing her wake up, the boy raised his head and stared at her with his big eyes, which were as big as black grapes.

  She struggled to get up, only to find that her body was terribly sore, as if her whole body had been torn down and rebuilt. When she moved, the pain in her body affected the nerves of her whole body.

  Qiaoai took a deep breath, stretched out his hand to hold the little boy, and sat up slowly with his sore body. Who would tell her what was going on?

  Didn't she hide in the most important person in Willow City yesterday? Why did a cute little boy and an ugly French assault dog come to her when she woke up?

  Qiaoai reached out and grabbed her messy long hair. He frowned and looked at the beautiful and delicate boy in front of him.

  "Mommy~" The little boy pouted and kissed her on the face.

  "I'm not your mommy. Where am I?"

  "You were brought back by daddy. You're Mimi's mommy."

  "Your dad won't be... in South City, will he?" Isn't South City the diamond king, Old Wu? When did you get married? And you have a baby?

  Seeing that the child nodded, Qiaoai's face became even more ugly.

  When she was crazy, the door next to her opened.

  Si Nancheng came in wearing a white bathrobe, holding the baby's clothes in his hand.

  "Daddy!" When the child saw Sinan City, he shouted happily. He wanted to rush to him, but turned to look at Qiaoai. After hesitating for a while, he didn't let go, but hugged her neck tightly.

  The dog had run happily towards the South City of Si City, and it was screaming around his feet.

  Sinan City went to the bedside, and his eyes fell on the woman who blushed and did not dare to look at him. He slightly pursed his thin lips. When the child kissed her again, he finally opened his mouth and said, "Fifteen minutes, I'll give you a quarter of an hour to clean up yourself!"

  His indifferent tone made it hard for Qiaoai to think that the two of them had done something intimate last night. Was she successful last night or had she failed?

  She gently pushed the child away and wanted to get out of bed from the other side.

  However, the child did not let her go. In the end, South City reached out to hold the child.

  Only then did Qiaoai get away. When her feet landed on the ground, her legs almost went soft and she knelt down! She didn't know how many times that hateful man from last night wanted her. Several times she woke up from a coma and saw him doing piston exercises on her body!

  Had this man never seen a woman in his eight lives?

  When they got out of the bathroom, there was no trace of South City outside. Only two maids were waiting, and a row of new clothes was hung neatly on the moving hanger.

  "Miss Qiao, this is the new dress. I hope you like it," a beautiful maid said.

  Qiao Ai was still worried that there was no clothes to change. Now, she quickly went over and saw that it was a new dress that Xiang'er had just waited for. There was a long white dress that she had been planting for a long time, but she had no money to buy it. She decisively took a dress to change.

  She was beautiful, sexy and fresh. She was a very malleable person, but she had never been able to make a name for herself because she refused to accept the industrial rules.