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Loving you always

Loving you always



Sallie Quinn held her daughter's little hand , Irina Quinn and a suit case in the other hand.She was in front of the gates of a huge house.Amanda Roughas came out of the house with a smierk on her face........ . "I want custody of Irina"Liam said coldly. "Mummy and daddy will we go back home together"Irina said innocently
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  Sallie Quinn held her daughter's little hand Irina Quinn and a suit case in the other hand she was at the front of the gate for the house.Amanda Roughas came out of the mansion with a smierk on the tip of her lips"Sallie,why are you still in front of my fiance's house" she said flashing the diamond ring in front of her face. "He might be your fiance,but he is my Husband,yes Liam Quinn is my husband" Sallie said full of hate towards Amanda.

  Just then a man around his middle twenties came out in a grey suit and a messy hair and a tooth pick coming out from the tip of his'mouth"Sallie what are you still doing here"Liam said coldly.

  "Em,why can't I come in my house and why is my suitcase out"Sallie said confused.

  "Isn't it clear our marriage is over and you are out of my house"Liam said coldly."What we have been married since birth"Sallie said over whelmed.

  "Now Grandma and Grandpa are no longer alive I am so done with this marriage" Liam said coldy."What about Irina Quinn" Sallie said releasing tears.

  "What about her she is staying with me and Amanda"Liam said taking his daughter out of the grip of Sallie. "No,No,No never"Sallie said crying.

  "I will and thank you for this precious princess, I will not forget it' Liam said holding the Three year old Irina.

  'Give me my baby girl , you can not take her I will tell mother"Sallie said helpless. "Sure tell my to be mother in law"Amanda could not help but add."Daddy who is this woman" Irina said innocently pointing at Amanda.

  "Your new mommy"Liam said meekly.

  "No, I want mummy and daddy"Irina said about to cry.

  "I will be your mother now"Amanda said taking Irina from Liam and walking towards the house.

  "No leave my baby"Sallie said about to run after Amanda."Amanda take Irina inside"Liam said holding Sallie back."Liam please"Sallie could only beg.

  "Get out now "Liam said coldly letting go of her hand.

  "No not with out Irina"Sallie said helpless.

  Liam left Sallie and heard in the house. Sallie cryed for like thirty minutes before standing up and hearding to no we're.Her father had died ,her mother cut all ties with her when she refused to cheat on Liam .She was walking aimlessly on the road when a car with full speed dashed.