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Fall In Love With An Evil CEO

Fall In Love With An Evil CEO


At her coming-of-age ceremony, Carlotta was tied in the gift box and was sent to a hotel suite. When the box was opened, an irresistibly attractive man was in her sight. Aidan, the most mysterious and wealthy man in the world, accepted Carlotta as a gift and slept with her. With a butterfly-shaped tattoo on her chest, she was pure and fresh, leaving him a deep impression. Five years later, Aidan saw a portrait of a woman with a butterfly-shaped tattoo on her chest. Without hesitation, he bought it at a top price. According to the portrait, he found Carlotta. However, Carlotta couldn't remember him. "Who are you, sir?" "Spend one night with me, and you will recall who I am."
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The only 7-star hotel in C City, with towering buildings straight into the sky, was extremely luxurious. It was the private accommodation of the world's celebrities and distinguished people.

To stand in the presidential suite that was on the topmost level was able to overlook the landscape of the whole prosperous city. For one to own this room was equivalent to being on the top rank of the world and to be in control of the entire business empire.

The bright moonlight, like water, poured through the huge french windows into a dark luxurious room.

"So hot!"

Suddenly, there came the soft moan of a woman. Her voice was as charming as a blooming rose at midnight.


The woman was a little breathless, and her voice sounded more and more painful.

"It's so dark!"

"Where is this? Where the hell am I!"

"Why are both my legs tied?" Fear was spreading in her heart...

In the spacious and luxurious bathroom, the smooth-running water slid down a man's well-distinguished chest and into his seductive Apollo's Belt under the warm yellow light. And his thin lips were red because of the hot wet water.

His black hair and chiseled features, all these perfect parts on this man's body were like a poppy with venomous poison and yet it made people deeply intoxicated.

He was the owner of this room and the big shot of the business world.

As the sound of the water stopped, the man, Aidan Emerson, simply wrapped himself in a white bath towel, letting his strong chest exposed in the air, showing an aura of dominance and intimidation.

There was not a single light except for the moonlight in the room.

Well, because of this, the room was like a wonderland enveloped by a dreamlike atmosphere.

As soon as Aidan walked to the bedside, a large rectangular box came to his sight. It was a pink box knotted by a ribbon in a butterfly shape, on which there was a delicate rose.

"A surprise gift?" Aidan murmured these words with great interest.

With one hand, he picked up the rose from the ribbon and put it on the tip of his nose and smelled. It exuded a faint fragrance. His other hand had already untied the red ribbon.

When the lid opened, a beautiful figure appeared in Aidan's eyes. Even though he had seen countless beautiful women in this world, he was still taken aback by her beauty.

Her body was gently wrapped around by a white gauze. Her spotless little face looked as soft as water under the moonlight, and so was her smooth skin and beautiful figure.

"Who...who are you?" When the box was opened, the woman, Carlotta Grant, could finally take a breath of fresh air and gasped.

Her voice was so tender that it made one want to commit a crime.

Hearing this, the corners of Aidan's mouth curled into a dangerous smile, as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world.

"Woman, you've brought yourself over, and yet you're playing hard-to-get." His voice was cold and devilish.

Looking at the dangerous look in his black eyes, Carlotta struggled to support herself to stand up and to leave, but she was so weak that she was completely strengthless.

Her legs were almost paralyzed. She struggled a few times, but she couldn't even get out of the box.

All along, Aidan stood by with a glass of wine and took a few sips occasionally. His majestic figure was like a noble and arrogant king, staring at her with a smile on his face as if he was watching a good show.

Finally, Carlotta gave up struggling and looked at the man with her beautiful eyes, whose face could not be seen clearly in the dimmed light.

"I don't know why I'm here. Please let me go..." She started pleading.

"I'll be more than grateful."

Silence, endless silence...

It was like a century's worth of time. Aidan raised his head and took a sip of wine. He lifted her smooth chin as he leaned over dangerously and approached her.

Then, he gushed the red wine in his mouth into Carlotta's mouth...