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The totem

The totem



Zazel was a normal man in his mid twenties, he leads a boring life. Repetitive life for each day.. Till he met this mysterious old man who at first looked like he wanted to begged for money with his torn up clothes and foul stench.. He actually wanted to sell his possession to survive another week or so.. Zazel helped him out and bought a mysterious totem. What he didn't know was that buying that totem changed his live forever
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  "what is already past 9 am im so gonna be late for work again!" Zazel scolded himself for waking up late. He has the tendency to sleep in. Always rushing to work. Its like a repetitive routine for him. As he hurried himself to prepare for work, skipping breakfast as per usual. He ran out of his apartment to get to his motorbike in the parking lot. Just as he was coming out of his building.. He was stopped by an old man. Zazel stopped wanting to avoid colliding with the old man. At first sight Zazel could see that the old man was wearing torn up clothes and the stench coming from the old man, one can only smell the stench when in a dirty toilet. Probably a beggar asking for spare change. Zazel thought to himself that he was running late and has no time for all of this. So he politely said " Excuse me but im running late for work, so i would really like to past?". But the old man was persistent he blocked zazel way even when he tried to maneuver his way past the old man. Annoyed with the old man persistence Zazel asked " what do you want?". The old man replied " Im not asking for money nor am i begging for it, all i want is to sell u my prize possession". Zazel thought to himself that he couldn't afford to waste anymore time on this old man. So he asked " what is it and how much is it" as soon as he asked that question the old man pulled out from the pockets of his torn up jacket, a palm-size totem. And the old man started telling the value and history of the totem. Zazel was getting more frustrated cause the explanation of the totem has taken too much time. And this time Zazel