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My One Night With You

My One Night With You

Author:Sweety Cruz


Matthew Anderson and Ashley Carter first meet-up unexpectedly, it was just a mere incident for some people but it is the beginning of the beautiful relationship. Ashley Carter was invited by her roommate Lily Andrews to attend the annual Festival celebration in their province, a week before the school year starts. Ashley has been working almost her entire life since her adopted father died then just about two years ago her adopted mother also passed away after a year of enduring the pain and suffering from breast cancer. The night before her adopted mother died, she found out that she was an adopted child. Matthew came from a rich family. Annually their family returns to their province to attend the Festival Celebration, usually with his dad. His dad sponsored the needs for the celebration being held. But this year, he went to the province alone because his Dad has an emergency in their company. On the night of the festival celebration, Ashley and Matthew met when Ashley and Lily rushed inside Matthew’s house. Because of the sudden heavy rain, the two friends entered a mysterious house. On the same night, they shared the whole night together in bed. On that night, Ashley surrendered her previous gem to the man that he didn’t even know the name. After that night, Ashley and Matthew didn’t expect that they would meet again. Unfortunately, they went to the same University. They're next meet up is a little awkward but became the start of their ‘cat and mouse’ relationship. Their relationship runs into some difficulties but eventually becomes husband and wife. But after three years of being married their relationship messed up again. Although Matthew is still hoping that one day Ashley will be back in his arms, the love and sweetness of Stephanie touched his heart and has decided to forget the past and create a new life with Stephanie. But can you resist the dictates of destiny? From the unexpected encounter that introduced their hearts then, another unexpected encounter will also make them realize how much they still love each other.
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It was late at night, the wind was cold due to the heavy rain, and along this street, Ashley Carter was slowly walking in the middle of the street, shoulders dropped while pulling the heavy red luggage.

She could not stop crying.

Crying full of pain, fear, sadness, and regret, the pure love she gave and devoted to the only man who has been part of her life.

And as her tears flowed, the memories of how and where it all started also flowed back…


Ashley had just arrived from processing her University Entrance Admission when Lily Andrews approached her.

"Ashley, come with me, let's go home to Q province, it's a festival this Sunday."

"Lily, you know I have a job, I can’t?" she refused.

“Come on, you need to at least relax once in a while. All you do is work and work.” Lily insisted.

Ashley thought for a while, yes Lily was right, all her life she did nothing but work. Ashley was only sixteen years old when she started working as a maid and servant in the market so they could have something to eat with her recognized mother.

You heard it right, recognized mother because Ashley thought it was her real mother, Ashley only found out that she was adopted two years ago before her adopted mother died of breast cancer. Her adopted mother confessed that Ashley’s biological mother was her adopted mother's youngest sister who got pregnant early at the age of fourteen and after her biological mother gave birth, she left their house and since then has never returned. Ashley’s Auntie Lanie became her mother and Auntie Lanie’s husband, Uncle Tony, became her father, since they had no child, they decided to adopt Ashley.

Unfortunately, Ashley was only ten years old when her Uncle Tony died in a car accident and since then her Auntie Lanie and her life have been difficult. Especially since her Auntie Lanie was diagnosed with third-stage breast cancer. Having been devastated by the illness, her Auntie Lanie was unable to earn a living, and to help with their daily needs, Ashley worked as a market helper and servant.

Ashley continued to work in the market for food and education. When Ashley finished high school, she was lucky to get a job at a café shop near the University belt.

And luckily Ashley’s company allowed them to continue their studies while working with them.

When Ashley found out this thing, Ashley immediately went through the documents and requirements to enroll. Ashley chose the University closest to their café shop for her convenience if she needs to go back to work.

And one week from now their classes will start and Ashley’s roommate Lily seems to be right, Ashley also needs to relax because her beautiful face is now very haggard because of overwork.

"Alright, but I have to ask permission from our manager first if she agrees, I'll go," Ashley said happily to Lily and her smile immediately traced with joy.

Luckily, Ashley’s manager agreed, good news, right? Honestly, because Ashley is naturally hardworking and had never been absent since working in the café shop that’s why Ashley’s manager quickly agreed to her three-day vacation.

When Ashley and Lily arrived in Q province, Lily's parents and siblings greeted them happily. Some of Lily’s neighbors and relatives were also there. All are excited and curious to see their visitor.

Ashley was so grateful for their warm welcome and kindness. Some of them immediately gave Ashley and Lily something to eat from what they had prepared for the fiesta and some of them invited Ashley and Lily to come to their houses for a little party.

In the evening, after dinner, Ashley and Lily went to the plaza to watch the Festival show. The plaza is also a bit far from Lily's house, they walked for about 15 minutes, the plaza is about four roads far from Lily’s house.

When Ashley and Lily arrived, the dance contest already started and the singing contest immediately followed. It was ten o'clock in the evening when the beauty contest began. One by one, the beauty contestants came out to show off their evening gowns when the heavy rain suddenly fell.

The audience froze in shock and ran in different directions to find shelter.

Ashley and Lily saw an open gate and they immediately ran into the yard, but Ashley and Lily stopped when they saw a big man standing at the doorstep of the house.

Ashley and Lily suddenly shivered with cold and fear so they turned around and were about to run out of the gate when the man suddenly spoke.

"Get inside, you're soaking in rain," it's a cold voice.

Ashley and Lily stopped and slowly faced the man. Suddenly the man turned on the light on the patio, Ashley and Lily were surprised by the handsome face that startled them.

The man looks like on the same age as Ashley and Lily but the man is taller than the average height of his male peers.

Even though Ashley and Lily hesitated at first, they still got inside. Who would refuse to be with such a handsome creature? Ashley is not fond of handsome men but his charisma and appearance are unique.

“Hey Ashley, it's late! What else are you standing there?” and Lily pulled her in so Ashley hesitantly followed.

"Good evening!" Lily and Ashley greeted the man as they approached him.

He just nodded, did not even smile.

"Please get inside," Ashley was tickled when he heard his masculine voice.

“Thank you! I'm sorry for bothering you,” said Lily trembling in cold.

The man noticed this and immediately got a towel for them. He returned with two white towels and two white bathrobes.

Ashley protested in her mind waring just this bathrobe but of course, she could do nothing but accept whatever he offered to them instead of getting sick and they are already shivering in cold.

"Here you can change your clothes with this," he handed over the towel without looking at them.

‘Is he ashamed of us or is he annoyed because we bothered him?’ Ashley asked meaningfully in her mind.

She smiled and thanked him. Lily, on the other hand, immediately looks for the bathroom to change her clothes.

And she laughs at the man as he still turns his back on them while giving instructions on where the bathroom is.

‘Is this how the countrymen are ashamed?’ Ashley asked herself.

When Lily came out of the bathroom she immediately went in there and she was shocked when she saw herself in front of the mirror. The thinness of the blouse she was wearing sees through her body and brassier.

She suddenly covered her face with two hands in embarrassment. She realized that it may be the reason why the man didn’t face them directly. ‘Oh my, it’s really embarrassing. How am I going to deal with him now?’ Ashley said angrily to herself.

‘Relax Ashley, you can do that, you will never see him again when you return to M City.’ She said to herself.

She immediately took off her clothes, but still wore her undies even though it was wet, and then carefully put on the bathrobe, she tightened the strap to make sure it would not come off.

When she came out of the bathroom, she was suddenly felt hungry when she smells the food. Different dishes were served at the dining table. Lily and the man were already sitting there, they had not eaten yet it looked like they are waiting for her.

"Ashley, come quickly, let's eat," Lily invited her and seemed excited to taste the delicious food in front of her.

She looked at the man who was just bent over and looking at the food. Thinking that he might be hungry now, she quickly pulled out the chair and sat down.

“Thank you! You even bother to prepare food,” embarrassed she said, facing the man who was still not looking at them.

"It's okay, it's good that you came so someone can eat the food we prepared." He responds, this time he finally looked to them.

"Why did you prepared many foods when you have no guests?" Lily asked curiously.

"This is what we are used to, yearly many guests came here but this time no one came because they heard that Daddy is not here."

‘Oh, I see.’ His Dad might be a prominent person in this place, Ashley can’t help but wonder.

They really enjoyed the food; the taste of the food can identify that an expert chef cooked it. Well, obviously that they are rich just looking at the size of this mansion and even the furniture is all expensive.

"Do you want to sleep or do you want us to have a drink?"

Ashley was surprised by his sudden question. The idea of sleeping here never reached her mind and now he even offered a drink. Anyway, there’s no wrong with his offer, so why make it a big issue.

"All right, let's have a drink!" Lily replied cheerfully.

"How about you, are you okay with it?" the man asked Ashley.

Ashley nodded in agreement.

He immediately took three glasses and a bucket of ice cubes and put them on the center table then he left again and approached the bar station and took a bottle of red wine.

This would be the first time that Ashley can taste and drink this wine. Lily and she usually just drink beer since these are more affordable for them.

Surprisingly, while drinking they had fun chatting with each other. They almost talked about all things under the sun except their personal matters, they didn’t even ask each other’s names.

Of course, he knew their names because Lily and Ashley kept calling each other in their names. Although they don’t know the name of the man, they don't even bother to find out. The important thing was they enjoyed drinking and talking with each other.

They almost ran out of empty bottles when Lily bid goodbye to sleep. Ashley and the man were the only ones left to drink. Long silence happened between them when they are left alone. No one dares to talk and suddenly felt strange with each other. Ashley fixes her eyes at the glass of wine.

Ashley thought that this man might not interested in her. This thought even gave her an awkward feeling and was about to say goodbye but the man didn’t agree.

"Excuse me, is it okay if I leave you here?" she asked shyly, looking at the man’s finger that currently making circles on the lips of the glass wine.

"No, just stay here, I still want to be with you."

Ashley was surprised when she heard it. It didn’t seem like the man wants her company.

"It looks like you don't want to talk to me." Ashley couldn't help but say.

"You are right, I don't want to talk to you because this is what I want -" the man suddenly grabbed her neck and brought her face close to his, and slowly kissed her on the lips.

Ashley’s eyes widened in surprise; she didn’t anticipate his action. But when she felt his warm lips, the lids of her eyes suddenly became heavy and she just closed her eyes. Her sudden surprise immediately replaces with a strange feeling and she starts enjoying his kisses.

She also inhaled the fragrant breath of the man mixed with the smell of alcohol which added to the electricity she felt all over her body, it may also be the effect of the alcohol she drank.

He seemed to be an expert kisser, being handsome must have given him many girlfriends.

Ashley also began to respond to his kiss; she was very carried away by the strange emotions and feelings caused by his kiss.

Ashley’s body stiffened when she felt his right hand caressing her body while the other hand was still wrapped in her neck. This was all new to her and didn’t even know how to react so just let this man do what he wanted.

In just a few minutes, the kisses end up to more daring actions that eventually made their bodies become one.

Ashley looked at the man beside her, she couldn’t believe that these things happened as fast as in a blink of an eye. Her most precious gem was now taken away by this stranger man that she didn’t even know the name of.

She felt the warm tears rolled in her face. After the overwhelming ecstasy that she felt earlier now, she scolded and blamed herself for being careless.

She stared at the man’s face again. ‘This man is really handsome at least I gave my first night to an adorable man.’ After saying this she stood up quietly and went to the next room where Lily was sleeping. She hurriedly wakes up Lily and pulled her away from this house without giving any explanation.


Matthew drank too much last night; he woke up at noon and had a severe headache. He remembered his ‘unwanted visitors’ and hurriedly out of the room. He immediately looked for the two but the servant, Rosie, said they had left earlier because they had to return to M City for their job.

‘So, she’s working. Where is it?’ Matthew asked.

"What did you say, Sir?" Rosie asked, thought he was talking to her when she heard him speak.

"Nothing." Matthew shook his head and went back to his room to sleep again.

When Matthew was lying on the bed he could not sleep because he remembered what happen between him and Ashley last night.

He smirked, ‘first-timer.’ He knew it was Ashley’s first. But he enjoyed her innocence and the pleasure of feeling and ego that he was the first to take her. He felt a strange heat in his body after thinking of it.

Matthew is a certified gigolo, he had many girlfriends, well not too many, just about five but if you will count those girls who are assuming that he was their boyfriend, maybe twenty.

But seriously, he only counts five because those are the girls that he really courted and last their relationship for a few months. And although, he had intimate moments with these girls they did not end up in a so-called ‘sex.’

He was also surprised at himself last night, he didn’t expect to do those things to a girl that he just met. He was so captivated by the beautiful curve of her body. Well, not only her sexy body but also on her naturally beautiful face. Matthew closed his eyes while remembering the sweet and passionate kiss they shared last night. He hopes it will happen again.

‘Well, I will just charge it to experience, since we can't meet again, the M City is so big to cross our path again.’ Matthew said these words to pacify himself.

When Matthew could not sleep again, he just got up and took a bath to relieve the body heat he was feeling. After getting dressed, he went downstairs first and went to the dining room for breakfast, although, it is lunchtime now. After eating, he gets ready to leave for M City.

While driving home, his intimate moment last night with Ashley was still playing on his head. ‘Ashley… Ashley… I didn’t even get your contact number.’ Matthew was full of regret but ‘There is no use to cry over the spilled milk. So, I will just forget about you.’ Matthew convinced himself and focused his eyes on the road.