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Special Power

Special Power



He is born with a dangerous power called "PERISH" this power can destroy anything. All people fear him even his father and mother feared him becuase of his power the only one that loved him, is her sister. But one day it all will change, he will meet 9 girls that will change everything to him...
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  "Last Period"

  He is facing outside the window looking at other families and surrounding him are empty chairs, while everyone is cautious and keeping their distance around him while he is waiting for the time to bell.

  After a couple of minutes…


  I heard someone saying "Lets go and eat at the cafe." "Yeah sure, Do you know the new realeased Anime game?" someone asked. "Nope not yet…" someone answered.

  I tuned them down and continued walking.

  My name is Lex Silter, my age is 16, Level 8 I'm living with my sister.

  Life with no friends, life that everybody is afraid of you, life with pure loneliness.

  Whenever i walk down the hallway, the stairs, and even outside, everbody are keeping their distance away from me, because of my power.

  There is only one person that loved me and supported me, my sister, Liza Sitler.

  While I was heading home, I remebered a memory from the past…

  When I was born, my level is higher than my sister, I was level 3, they were so happy, but when they discover my power was "PERISH", this power is the 2nd most dangerous power in the world, they kept their distance away from me.

  My father went abroad, my mother stayed to protect my sister from me, but my sister is the only one that loved me like a little brother even though our mother is keeping us apart.

  I can still remeber at the age of 6, I was so eager to touch my mother's hand, at first my mother noticed my hand and scolded me, but in my second attempt, I touched her hand with care, but I didnt notice while I was holding her hand she was slowly disappearing, she was crying and screaming while disappearing little by little. And after a while, I was only left with her ashes.

  After 4 weeks the news about the death of my mother is still unknown to others. After the burial of my mother, my sister and my father was talking, unconsciously I listened to them, "Keep this a secret to everyone, never tell a single soul that your brother killed your mother. Liza we will abandon your little brother here, and you will go to the state with me." my father said.

  "No I will not leave my little brother! He just touched mom out of curiosity! He is just a kid dad, he doesn't know what it feels to touch his mother and father's hand." my sister responded.

  I felt bad, I lost my mother, my father is leaving once again and now my only family are fighting, and it's all my fault.

  They argued and argued and after an hour my father decided to leave us, my sister saw me listening to the conversation, my sister cried and cried while saying "I'm Sorry… I'm Sorry" to me.

  I almost bumped someone that led me back to reality.

  Lex felt like someone is staring at him and was following him.

  "Hmmm this is strange, why is someone following me?"

  Lex is trying to catch the person who is following him by circling around the street.

  After an hour of circling around the street, Lex was tired, and so is his follower, Lex looked back and saw the girl.

  "Beautiful Red hair, sapphire colored eyes, beautiful posture, and pure white skin."

  Who the hell is this girl?!

  Someone's POV

  "Hey you! Speak! If you don't speak, then I will tell you something, don't follow me, I'm a dangerous guy, if you keep following me you might end up dead. Okay kid? So long..." he shouted at me.

  Suddenly he left me astounded.

  "Hmm this boy is powerful, I can feel his aura. He is level 8. At first I didnt notice his level, I thought his level was 5 but I further looked at his aura, his level is high. This boy is tricky and powerful I wonder what kind of power does he have."

  Lex's POV

  "I'm home…" I shouted to inform my sister.

  "Why are you late? You should be an hour advance, but this time you are about an hour late. What happend?!" Liza asked with a worried face.

  "Someone was following me and we circled around the street and we ended up exhausted." I answered her, I knew she was worried.

  "Who is it, what's her name." she asked curiously.

  "I dont know her name, but she is a girl." I answered her tiredly.

  "Hmmm……never mind, lets eat." she shoved the topic off and went in the kitchen.

  I was heading near our table when, "Ahhhhh Vegtables…..Nooooooooo!!"