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Love of Life

Love of Life



A story about simple girl who is full of life and ambition and an arrogant neurosurgeon who met by destiny and became soul mate.. the love life of sheri and shona.. What will happen when an ambitious shona will meet the person she disliked the most when they were school mate.. Will they recognize eachother or the arrogance of sheri will end the story before even it started.
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  It was a cool and beautiful day when a cute teenage girl woke up early in the morning

  "Mom.. Mom.. Mommmm.."

  "What's the matter Shona? Why are you so noisy?"

  "Mom do you have looked at the clock?" Shona pointed towards the wall where a digital clock was hanging. It was 7:30 am..

  "Mom, I'll late again and this time my teacher won't believe my any excuse"

  "Don't worry I'll handle it, you go and ask your brother to finish his breakfast"

  In the school shona's mother handled the matter very well.. this was her first day of new session. Many new students were there. In the first class after assembly teacher came with a boy. The boy was very handsome but arrogant.

  Teacher asked him to sit with a boy on front. "Hey" the boy greeted him

  "..." sheri gave him a cold look turned around and took out his books.

  The boy was embarrassed.. this whole scene was watched by shona.. other girls of the class were looking at him like he was a Prince however shona was the girl of principles, for her looks and status were nothing but good manners and nature.

  Soon the class started and it was like time had wings because it was passing so soon..

  One day when shona was going to her class, sheri was coming down from the stairs and " ahh"

  Both run into each other.. "hey!! Are u blind" shouted shona.. Sheri put a cold face "are u blind? Can't you see that I was coming and you should have moved away"

  Hearing this Shona shouted "what do you think of yourself mister? Are you king? I have watched you always being arrogant and cold.. don't you have manners"

  Sheri: "Don't you dare talk to me like this"

  Shona: "I'm not afraid of you, go to hell"

  "You...." hey what's going on there? A teacher suddenly appeared..


  "Nothing we were just discussing about the annual day function" said sheri innocently

  "Oh, very well very well"

  Shona looked at sheri with disgust and left the place..

  The school was having annual day function and both sheri and shona participated in it.. there was dance competition between both of them. Both prepared for it..

  On the day of competition

  "Ah what a pity" sheri looked at shona who just arrived "what happened?" She asked..

  "Nothing, I'm just cursing my destiny... now that my status has become so low that I have rivals like you"

  "Are you afraid that you will lose" shona asked simply

  "I'm not afraid and I'm not one who will lose.. Sheri never loses"

  "We will see then" shona turned around and left.

  Watching her leaving he thought of some evil plan..

  The competition started it was sheri who performed first after the performance he received appreciation from everyone.. no wonder his dance was amazing.. there was break of ten minutes..

  Sheri run into makeup area of girls and secretly spoilt shona's shoes..

  Shona's turn..

  Dance started everyone in the hall was stunned. They haven't seen such a beauty and the talent she was showing.. suddenly "phhaaw"

  "What happened to the girl"

  She fell down, twisted her ankle... but actually her heel was broken everyone started laughing and taunting.. shona felt embarrassed and humiliated.. suddenly she saw someone watching her from back stage.. when she turned her head, it was sheri watching her with evil smile.. suddenly looking at her he felt something, a twitch in his heart..

  There were tears in her eyes, he had never seen her crying till this day.. he felt bad.. Shona got up and went to back stage.. face to face with sheri

  "Just for winning a competition?" Tears rolling down her cheeks "how.. how could you?" She looked at him with meaningful eyes and left. Sheri wanted to say something but it seemed like words were stuck in his throat.

  Next day was sunday, sheri was laying in his room when his mom came and asked about the matter "Son what's the matter? Why you are laying like this? Are you sick?"

  "Mom I'm ok"

  "Are you not happy that you won the competition"

  Listening to this his ears turned red he looked at his mom and said "Mom what if you win by cheating?"


  "Yesterday I was.. I wanted to win so I spoilt her heels.. she fall and lost"


  "How could you do this..? I'm so disappointed that I'm not a good mom"

  "No no please don't say this.. you.. you are the best mom"

  "Then what about my teachings son.. did I teach you to cheat just because you want to win"

  "I'm sorry mom.. I won't do this again.. I'm really sorry"

  "Since you have realized you mistake, I'll forgive you but.."


  "You have to apologize to the girl"

  "But mom, she is my enemy"

  "What did you say? Enemy... sheri you are just a high school student, how can you thing of your school mate as you enemy... you have to apologize to her.. make her your friend.. I'm sure she would be a pretty girl"


  "No but, look at her as your other friends"

  "Mom she is not like other.. she never listen to me.. she never do what I say.. she always talks back to me.. she is, she is just headache"

  "Means she is special..." sheri's mom said it in single line..

  "What do you mean"

  "Look she is different from others, right? Now you have to find that how she is different. In good way or in bad.. decide it for yourself"

  "Thanks mom"

  "Now get up and eat something"


  Sheri thought about Shona and smiled..