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His Only Love

His Only Love


On the other side, as for the other side of the road, it was impossible for them to get along well with each other.
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  The heavy thunder, accompanied by dazzling lightning, hung over Hua Cheng's head.

  In the prison of Huacheng, endless darkness was surging toward the woman in the corner.

  Song Ci, dressed in a prison uniform, curled up on the ground, and his body was no longer shivering.

  She clenched her fist into a fist and pressed it against her waist. A familiar feeling of pain swept over her, and her pale face was covered with sweat.

  This was the sequelae that she left after she donated kidney to Lu Huai Ke a year ago, but this time it seemed to be more intense than ever before.

  Perhaps it was because of the pain, a prisoner told the prison guard that the heavy iron gate was pushed open.

  "Song Qian, what's wrong with you?"

  "It seems that she has an addiction to poison. Hurry and send her away!"

  Song Qian did not hear what they said. He only felt in a daze that there were two people carrying her to somewhere unknown. When he woke up, his back was attached to the cold bed board, and her limbs were firmly tied to the bed board.

  A dazzling light came into her eyes. She thought she had been dragged to the Black House for drug rehabilitation, but when she looked up, she saw two strange men walking toward her with knives in their hands. Their faces were cracked.

  "What do you want to do?"

  "I didn't take drugs, I didn't!"

  She wanted to step back, but she couldn't move because of the pressure.

  "Whether it's true or not, it's not up to us. Anyway, you won't live long after you kill Huo Muyang." A man picked up a low-quality scalpel and cut off her prison uniform. He spat and said, "Mrs. Lu said that she wanted your other kidney. It's just the right time to change it for Master Lu!"

  Song Qian's blood was all over his body. Feeling the scalpel sticking to her stomach, he screamed desperately, "No! Lu Huai Ke has deceived one of my kidney. What else does he want?"


  The slap was heavy and hard on her face. Blood flowed from the corner of her mouth, and she gasped weakly.

  "It was you who took the initiative to sign the corpse donation. Song Qi, you're dead. It's not counted!" The man cut her skinny waist heavily and ordered his assistant beside him, "Cover her mouth and don't make any noise!"

  Suddenly, a strong smell of blood filled the whole little black house, and scarlet blood flowed down along the bed plate...

  Song Qian's mouth was severely covered. In the absence of anesthetics, she clearly felt that knife after knife was digging her kidney. She was so painful that she almost suffocated. Her face was covered with sweat and tears. She closed her eyes desperately.

  Suddenly, there was a neat and neat sound of leather shoes outside the door, followed by a deep voice familiar to the man.

  "I'm not dead yet. Song Qian didn't commit murder on purpose. I'll take her home now!"

  Song Qian's breath suddenly tightened. He opened his eyes wide and looked at the door urgently. He was in a trance.

  It was Huo Muyang's voice!

  He was still alive!

  She hadn't heard the voice of Huo Muyang for a long time. It had been three years!

  She was instigated by Song Yanran to take drugs and assassinate Huo Muyang, but he became a vegetable. After being kicked into prison by the Song family, she had never seen Huo Muyang again.

  At this moment, she felt as if her whole body was not as painful as her heart was twitching. She felt as if someone had dragged her out of the machine and threw her into the meat machine.

  "It hurts so much!"

  "Master Huo, Song Qian couldn't help but commit suicide because of taking drugs."

  "... Mu Yu, don't be too sad. I'll be by your side in the future."

  A soft voice sounded in her ear. It was Song Yanran's!

  Song Qian suddenly clenched his teeth and struggled with all his strength. She didn't want to die because she didn't see Huo Muyang bring her home. She wanted to say "I'm sorry" to him personally.

  The bone- Erosion pain swept through his whole body. Song Qian realized that it was getting vague, but he was muttering the name "Huo Muyang"!

  She hadn't heard Huo Muyang say in person that he loved her.

  She really didn't want to die!

  She wanted to go home with Huo Muyang!

  There were tears of regret in her eyes...