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You Are My First Light

You Are My First Light


When the little Bao, Jun Ku, saw his mother for the first time, Nightgreen-Clad fell from the sky, floating like a fairy, like a fairy. The little Bao hooked his finger around her and said domineeringly, "Beauty, wait for me for ten years. I will marry you in ten years!" Jun Mo Ling narrowed her eyes and grabbed his collar, crushing him with her height. "She is the woman that your father likes. The little fellow is called Mommy." Junsu gave a cold snort and said, "Mommy is mine. Daddy is standing on the side!" Night Cooer thought, "Which hospital has run out to catch two lunatics?"
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  The room was decorated with warm and delicate decorations.

  The Night Cooer was sleeping very poorly on the luxurious bed covered with velvet.

  Once again, she dreamed of the scene of the collapse of the Ye family overnight.

  Her 18-year-old adulthood ceremony became the night of the collapse of the Ye family.

  Mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, aunt, brother...

  All her relatives were blown to pieces in front of her...

  "Dad, mom... don't... don't die..."

  "Don't leave Di'er behind..."


  Night Cooer cried out in a nightmare. She knelt on the ground desperately and looked at the scene that was like hell. She was so sad that she was going to die.


  Night Spear suddenly opened his eyes, which were filled with tears of fear and pain. It took him a long time to see clearly what was in front of him.

  She sat up and held the family fortune tightly in her arms, as if she was holding the last support.

  After a while, Night Cooer got out of bed with the whole family in her arms, barefooted on the floor and walked out.

  She was looking for Brother Jinghong.

  Shen Jinghong was the adopted son of the Ye family, and also the only relative she had now.

  In the long corridor, Night Cooer, like a wandering soul, walked quietly in the luxury castle.

  She came to the outside of Shen Jinghong's room and was about to push the door, but there was a voice coming from inside.

  The sound made people blush, which made Night Cooer's face full of disbelief.

  "Jinghong, you're great..."

  At this time, in Shen Jinghong's room, Ye Xue's slender legs were hooked around Shen Jinghong's strong waist, screaming and breathing under his body.

  Shen Jinghong was originally obsessed with lust, but when he heard the voice of Ye Xue, he instantly calmed down.

  How could it be Ye Xue?

  He remembered that he was clearly with Night Cooer. How could he become a night snow?

  "Jinghong, what's wrong with you?"

  Shen Jinghong suddenly stopped, which made Ye Xue dissatisfied with his question. She wanted to continue, but her enchanting body was twisting.

  However, Shen Jinghong directly left, took a bath towel from the side and wrapped it around his waist.

  "That's enough, Ye Xue!"

  Shen Jinghong's gentle and gentle face suppressed his anger. "You are a member of the Ye family after all. If the family is almost destroyed tonight, how can you be in the mood to do such a thing?"

  "Ha, ha, ha..." Ye Xue seemed to have heard something funny. She got up from the bed and leaned her naked body on Shen Jinghong. "Jinghong, there are only you and me now. Do you need to be so hypocritical?"

  "The death of the Ye family was planned and carried out by you personally. You killed all the people in the Ye family except for the Night Cooer through the human-made ceremony of Night Cooer..."

  "Now everything is as you wish, you have become the only master of the Ye Family..." Ye Xue giggled and looked at his handsome face obsessively. "However, you can't forget that you promised me to let me be your wife!"

  There was a flash of fierceness in Shen Jinghong's eyes. He leaned over to embrace Ye Xue and said gently, "How can I forget? I can take revenge. Xue'er, you are the greatest hero."

  "For you, I am willing to do anything!" Ye Xue was greedy for the gentleness in his fake face. Her red face rubbed lightly on his arm. "Jinghong, what are you going to do with Night Cooer? In my opinion, she is useless. It's better to send her to reunite with them."

  Ye Xue smiled like a flower, but her eyes were vicious.

  She had long wanted to kill her half-sister.

  Originally, she wanted all the people of the Night Cooer and the Ye family to go to hell with her, but Shen Jinghong kept her.

  Did he really fall in love with Night Cooer?

  She definitely wouldn't allow it to happen!

  Shen Jinghong was hers!

  "It's still useful for Night Cooer. Xue'er, you can't touch her without my permission."

  There was a hint of warning in Shen Jinghong's tone.

  Ye Xue could hear his intention of self-preservation. When she was about to speak, there was a sudden movement from outside. It seemed that someone had fallen to the ground.

  Shen Jinghong's face changed. He pushed Ye Xue away and strode to the door to open the door.

  Night Cooer fell to the ground awkwardly. The whole family was protected by her. She hated why she came here and heard these words that made her feel worse than death.

  She had relied on Shen Jinghong since she was a child, and she trusted him wholeheartedly and wholeheartedly!

  At the age of 18, he finally became her fiancé and let her reach her wish.

  After the Ye family was exterminated, the last nostalgia she had for this world was him!

  But now, her world had completely collapsed...

  "Xi'er..." Shen Jinghong looked at Night Cooer, who was full of horror and sadness, and was both shocked and angry.

  Why was she here? Did she hear everything about him and Ye Xue?

  The strange look in Night Cooer's eyes made his heart tingle slightly.

  "Li'er, get up first. It's cold on the ground." Shen Jinghong suppressed the panic in his heart and walked to her, trying to help her up.


  The loud slap missed Shen Jinghong's face.

  "Shen Jinghong, why!"

  This question had exhausted all her strength.

  Grandpa and grandma regarded him as their grandson, and their parents also regarded him as their second son. He was their relative!

  But he personally sent her family to hell!

  Shen Jinghong touched his cheek, which had five fingerprints on it, and his warm eyes were filled with coldness and fierceness.

  Night Cooer got up from the ground and ran out in a hurry with the blessing of the whole family in her arms.

  She wanted to get out of here!

  She wanted to leave this place where she could not breathe!

  Shen Jinghong caught up with her from behind and grabbed her arm.

  Night Cooer struggled desperately, grabbed her foot, and kicked her until she felt a sharp pain behind her neck. She fell down in a black and soft way.

  The family fortune in her hand fell to the floor. The glass was broken and splashed everywhere.

  Shen Jinghong hugged the Night Sprite in time. "Ye Xue, what are you doing?"

  Ye Xue wore a white shirt and held a bronze antique vase in her hand.

  "Jinghong, she knows that we did what happened to the Ye family. If she tells the truth, everything will be ruined! We can't keep her anymore, kill her!"

  "As long as she doesn't say it, no one will know. Ye Xue, I have warned you not to touch the Night Cooer. Forget about it this time. If it happens again, you will be waiting to bear my anger!"

  Shen Jinghong left this sentence and left with Night Cooer in his arms.

  Ye Xue's beautiful face became vicious, and her sharp nails stabbed hard into the palm of her hand. "Shen Jinghong, you should protect her!"

  "Night Cooer, she's dead!"