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Super Solider with His Beauties

Super Solider with His Beauties


The famous Soldier King returned to the city and became the assistant and driver of the beauty's chairman. For various reasons, he joined the beauty circle and became the object of all men's envy and jealousy. As a flower protector, he could get some pocket money to solve some troubles for the beautiful women. Tang Xiaoyao said, "I am the best friend of the goddess. Don't pay attention to my goddess, or I will beat you." The world's fame was well-known.
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  "Beauty, can you stop holding me so tightly? This is the airport, in public. How bad the impact is!"

  At the entrance of Ninghai Airport, Tang Xiaoyao stood in front of a latest BMW, and was tightly held by a coquettish woman in her early twenties. The coquettish woman did not care about those strange eyes around her at all!

  "Handsome, your thoughts are really conservative! What era is it now? It's no big deal to hug each other. What's more, do rich children like you, who drive rich cars, care about the influence?"

  In fact, one could see that the coquettish woman was not holding Tang Xiaoyao, but the luxurious car driven by Tang Xiaoyao. In today's material society, most women wanted to marry into a rich and powerful family, even unscrupulous, without a bottom line!

  Tang Xiaoyao said that the impact was not good, but he was happy in his heart! Tang Xiaoyao had done a lot of things like this in the past month. He drove all kinds of luxury cars, and no one knew how many women he had cheated!

  "Beauty, my brother is from the listed company. There are acquaintances everywhere. If the people of our company see him, maybe he will say something bad behind my brother. I think we can make an appointment tonight and discuss life and dreams."

  "No! I've seen too many childes like you, so I don't recognize you. Our meeting today is fate. I must hold this kind of fate in my hands. Oh, by the way, handsome man, did you trick me by introducing me to work in your Grand Dream Company just now?"

  "Haha, what kind of person is my brother? Since I have promised you, I will definitely do it. Moreover, my brother is a senior executive of the Grand Dream Company. It's just a matter of a word to get someone in."

  "Then tell me, what on earth do you do in the Grand Dream Company? What position do you hold?"

  "No problem. But I have always been very low-key and never boast about my position and income outside. Well, beauty, you should gently kiss me first. Today, I will make an exception to tell you."

  The coquettish woman said in a "disgusting" voice, but the next moment, she left a red lip print on Tang Xiaoyao's face.

  "I'm done. Tell me, what do you do in the Grand Dream Company? Is it the group manager or the head of the department?"

  It was just a position. Under the circumstances that no one knew about it, Tang Xiaoyao could say whatever he wanted. Anyway, with the help of the luxury car gang behind him, no one would suspect him at all.

  However, just as Tang Xiaoyao was about to put on a title of leader, a woman in a fiery red dress came out of the airport.

  This was an absolute stunner. Her long black hair reached her waist and her face without makeup. She looked like a character drawn by a painting master. She was exquisite and flawless! In addition, this fiery red dress made her look even hotter in the hot summer!

  The burning woman glanced around and finally fixed her eyes on Tang Xiaoyao's side. Then she stepped forward and walked directly to Tang Xiaoyao.

  Tang Xiaoyao's observation ability was very strong. It was an ability that had been trained on the edge of life and death for many years. Anyone who glanced at him would find it immediately and remember it.

  From the moment he arrived at the airport and met the coquettish woman who was waiting for him in the car till now, everyone who looked at Tang Xiaoyao, including men, women, old and young, and the number of people, was clearly remembered by Tang Xiaoyao. Now, of course, he had found the hot woman coming toward him.

  "Beauty, let go of me first. The person I'm going to pick up is here. Let's contact each other at night."

  Tang Xiaoyao immediately pushed the coquettish woman gently away from his arms. At the same time, the burning woman had already come to Tang Xiaoyao.

  "Are you the driver who was sent by the company to pick me up?"

  Liu Hongye, the daughter of the chairman of the Grand Dream Company, was the current president of the Grand Dream Company. She was also one of the four beauties in Ninghai City. She was only 25 years old, but she made great achievements in the business circle and was absolutely a genius in business.

  Tang Xiaoyao had never seen Liu Hongye before, because Tang Xiaoyao joined the Grand Dream Company a month ago, and he was just a driver. But Liu Hongye went abroad to talk about a business two months ago.

  This time, Tang Xiaoyao received a call from the higher-ups to pick up the beautiful president at the airport. It was absolutely a beautiful job. If it was not because other drivers of the company had something to do, it would not be Tang Xiaoyao's turn!

  "Hello, president. It's Secretary Li who asked me to pick you up."

  Tang Xiaoyao kept looking at Liu Hongye with his eyes. She was a typical S-shaped figure, with a curve in front and a curve in the back. She was 1.8 meters tall. Any man who saw her heart would speed up automatically. No wonder she could be the market queen of Ninghai!

  "The company's money is for you to be a driver. It's not for you to drive the company's car out to swindle."

  The first feeling among people was very important, and it could even decide the future development. Obviously, Tang Xiaoyao's first impression of Liu Hongye was too bad, which made the beautiful president very uncomfortable to see Tang Xiaoyao.

  She was the president, and she was just a little driver. If she didn't explain quickly, she might lose her job!

  "I'm wronged! President, Secretary Li asked me to pick you up two hours in advance. It's really boring for me to stay outside, so I found some hobbies to do. I didn't expect you to see it!"

  Liu Hongye had seen many people like Tang Xiaoyao. It was also because of this that she could tell at a glance that Tang Xiaoyao and the coquettish woman were not lovers!

  But it was the first time for Liu Hongye to see someone hook up with a woman and talk about her in such a dignified way!

  "Don't talk nonsense. Open the door right away."

  Liu Hongye had made up her mind to get rid of Tang Xiaoyao as soon as she went back. Such a person was not qualified to be an employee of the Grand Dream Company.

  "Yes, yes, yes. I'll open the door right away. President, please get in the car. Don't touch your head!"

  After Liu Hongye got on the car, the coquettish woman's face was already extremely ugly. She stopped Tang Xiaoyao, who was about to drive, and said angrily, "So you are just a driver! You, you dare to lie to me!"

  "I said, beauty, I didn't lie to you. Who says that the one riding the white horse must be a prince, or maybe a monk. Haha, but it doesn't matter. As long as you like it, we can make an appointment tonight."

  "You, you're a big liar. I'll fight you to the death..."

  Now that his identity had been recognized, Tang Xiaoyao would not be so stupid as to be entangled with the coquettish woman. He slipped into the car.

  As soon as the car left the airport, because Liu Hongye was sitting in the passenger seat, Tang Xiaoyao looked at Liu Hongye from time to time, and kept swallowing saliva.

  "What are you looking at? Believe it or not, I'll dig out your eyeballs."

  Liu Hongye was not that kind of cold beauty. On the contrary, her character was as hot as her skirt, and she immediately went mad when she did not agree!

  Tang Xiaoyao had always liked to appreciate beautiful women. This was natural. No matter what threat he faced, he could not suppress Tang Xiaoyao's desire to appreciate beautiful women.

  "President, I've long heard that you're one of the four beauties in Ninghai City. Today, I'm fortunate enough to meet you, president. I can't describe my excitement with words. Please forgive me, president. Please don't argue with me!"

  Ordinary people, especially the employees of the Grand Dream Company, did not dare to talk to Liu Hongye like this. But Tang Xiaoyao was not afraid at all. Instead, he flirted with her, which made Liu Hongye really want to kick him out.

  "I really don't know what those guys in the personnel department are doing. How could they recruit a chauffeur like you?"

  "President, the leaders of the personnel department are all people with sharp eyes and heroic eyes. Otherwise, how could they recruit me, such a handsome man with good driving skills, and also a driving guide who can make people happy?"

  "Don't talk so much nonsense. Drive faster if you have good driving skills. I'll give you half an hour to rush to the city hospital. If you don't arrive within the time limit, you don't have to go to work tomorrow."

  "Ah! Half an hour, to the city hospital? President, it's at least an hour's journey from here to the city hospital. It's still not a traffic jam. Your task is too difficult!"

  "Didn't you say that your driving skills are good? Then don't give me any excuse. In addition, when you arrive at the hospital, if anyone dares to block my way, no matter what method you use, push those people away. If you can't do it, you won't be able to go to work tomorrow."

  My fork!

  "This president is too overbearing. He opened up two difficulties in an instant. If I can't do it, I'll roll out tomorrow!"

  "President, I'm just a little driver, not a bodyguard. Secretary Li just asked me to pick you up, but he didn't say that I brought you to fight! Besides, look at my small body. I'm weak and can't beat anyone. Why don't we go back to the company and go to your office. I'll help you massage or something. My technology is absolutely professional!"

  "If you dare to talk nonsense with me again, I'll kick you out now."

  "President, you can't do this! This is the airport expressway, and I haven't married. If something bad happens to us, our family has only one descendant for several generations. How can I explain it to our ancestors?"

  Liu Hongye really wanted to slap Tang Xiaoyao to death. She had just said that he could refute a lot!

  Tang Xiaoyao was also a smart person. Seeing that Liu Hongye was about to lose her temper, he immediately said, "President, don't be angry. I will speed up and try to rush to the hospital within the time you have set."

  After that, Tang Xiaoyao stepped on the gas pedal, and the speed of the car was instantly increased several times.

  In less than half an hour, Tang Xiaoyao stopped the car in a hurry and parked it at the gate of Ninghai Hospital. He smiled and said, "President, I'm not disappointed. I'll be here in 20 minutes. Believe it or not, I should keep my job!"

  Liu Hongye ignored Tang Xiaoyao lazily. She got out of the car immediately, and Tang Xiaoyao followed her.

  But as soon as he got out of the car, the scene in front of him completely shocked Tang Xiaoyao!

  "My god! President, am I wrong? Why are there so many luxury cars here?"