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The Queen Wants Me Back

The Queen Wants Me Back


When the strong master returned to the city, he was arrogant and handsome all the way, showing his sharpness. The cool and beautiful president couldn't stand being conquered! Friendship reminder: pure men and women, don't enter!
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  In Qin City's train station.

  Wearing sunglasses and a cold face, Su Jin walked out of the gate with a parcel in his hand.

  Su Jin was wearing black leather gloves with bare fingers, bulging chest muscles, and a perfect figure proportion. From time to time, Su Jin attracted many people's attention.

  Before he was released from prison, the old man had told him that if he was alive, he would be Qin City's man, and if he died, he would be Qin City's ghost. His father died in Qin City, and when his family was broken, he died in Qin City!

  As long as he fell, he would climb up!

  In his memory, Su Jin had not been back for a long time. He only vaguely remembered that more than a decade ago, there were not so many high-rise buildings in Qin City at that time, and there were not so many advanced firearms.

  It could be said that Qin City was no longer what it used to be!

  "Where's the old guy's relative?" Su Jin glanced at the crowd, squatted down, took out a red plum cigarette, and lit it.

  When he left the old man's side, he was told by the old man that he would come to Qin City for development. The old man would not cheat him! After all, he had stayed in prison with him for five years! Five years was neither too long nor too short, but he learned all kinds of skills from the old man.

  It was the third cigarette. Su Jin frowned, picked up the parcel, and wanted to leave this place. He thought, "Old guy, it's not difficult for me to survive in Qin City."

  At this moment, from the corner of his eyes, a beige Maserati slowly stopped in front of him. Su Jin held a cigarette butt. The poor old guy could only sell his life in the deep mountains and towns. Anyway, he could not come to pick him up. With one hand in his trouser pocket, he turned around and left.

  "Please wait!"

  The crisp voice made people feel like a spring breeze. Su Jin frowned slightly, but he did not look back. According to the gangster's statement, this was called a band sect.

  The girl seemed to be in poor health. After a short while, her face turned red and she breathed heavily. She walked up to Su Jin and asked, "Are you my brother Su Jin?"

  "I'm Su Jin, who are you?" Su Jin looked at the beautiful woman in front of him with some doubts. She was young, about 20 years old, with big bright eyes and a body of about 1.65 meters. She was wearing a short-sleeved white knee-high skirt, which absolutely met the standard of white, rich and beautiful.

  The girl immediately became excited. Pointing at her own face, she said, "I'm Yunxi, Xia Yuxi, Brother Su Jin, you don't know me anymore?"

  Su Jin's eyes lit up. He patted his head, pointed at her and said in surprise, "Oh my god! I know her. How can I not know her? I remember when I was a child, she took off your pants, and you even slapped me."

  "That's my sister." Xia Yunxi was so shy that her face turned red. She lowered her head and pinched her skirt, thinking that Su Jin was too naughty.

  "I really can't tell between you and your sister." Su Jin was stunned. He realized that Xia Yunxi did have a twin sister, but the last time he saw them was ten years ago. It was normal that he couldn't see them.

  "Brother Su Jin, my father knew that you were released today. He said that you had no place to go alone and asked you to see him." Xia Yunxi raised her head and said with a smile.

  "Okay, it's good to meet him." Su Jin hesitated for a moment and got on the car at Xia Yunxi's invitation. After all, the two families had a deep relationship, so he was too embarrassed to refuse.

  Xia Yunxi's house was called "Royal Garden". Dozens of 38-storey buildings in the park belonged to her family. Although the influence of the Xia family had been declining in recent years, it was still one of the best families in Qin City. Xia Honghai's experience of starting a family with nothing was a legend in the local area.

  Looking at the familiar scene, Su Jin sighed with emotion. He had been here when he was a child, but as his mother remarried, he had been living a rebellious life. In his words, he had been stabbed in the back by someone! He remembered very clearly that he did not come here because he once made up his mind to buy such a high-rise building with his own ability in the future. Unfortunately, things were free and in the end, he was also caught in a prison disaster.

  Xia Yunxi took Su Jin to a villa where the family area was located. Su Jin, who had just entered the living room, obviously felt that the atmosphere was a little strange. Xia Honghai sat on a chair above. Next to him stood a girl with a cold and unhappy face. She was Yun Xi's sister, Xia Yuyan.

  "Nephew Xian, congratulations on your release!" Xia Honghai stood up and laughed when he saw Su Jin.

  "Nice to meet you, uncle." Su Jin nodded slightly.


  A beautiful girl next to Xia Honghai snorted softly.

  Looking at the girl who looked exactly like Xia Yunxi, Su Jin was a little puzzled. Although the two sisters looked about the same, their characters were very different. He still liked such a sunny and cheerful beauty like Xia Yunxi.

  "Bastard! Humph!" Xia Honghai slapped the table next to him, and his face turned cold. In order to persuade Xia Yuyan, he ground his mouth, because in addition to Su Jin, almost all the bodyguards and servants knew that he was going to treat his son-in-law today.

  Su Jin was also shocked, thinking that Xia Honghai's temper was really irritable.

  Seeing that they did not speak, Xia Honghai looked at Su Jin with his hands clasped behind his back and said in a deep voice, "I, Xia Honghai, have always been the first to believe in my word and keep my promise! At that time, Brother Su took me down from Wolf Mountain to protect my vigorous sacrifice! I promised him that if I had a daughter, I would have left a successor for his Su family! You choose two daughters, my nephew."

  "Can you not make a choice?" Su Jin said with a wry smile.

  "Yes!" Xia Honghai pulled out a dagger from his sleeve with a sullen face and dropped it in front of Su Jin. "Pick it up and stab me in the heart. I'll take Brother Su's life!"

  "I choose." Su Jin was a little speechless. He had no choice but to force him. He didn't expect that Xia Honghai would take this matter so seriously.

  The expressions of the two girls were a little wonderful. Xia Yunxi looked relaxed because she was confident that Su Jin would not choose her. On the contrary, Xia Yuru's face was ugly.

  Su Jin touched his nose, looked at the two sisters and said, "Well... who is willing to be my sister-in-law?"