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Someone like you

Someone like you



It was a dream come true when Navya got hired for Yash publications.....but one thing she never understood was her boss Yash....Sometimes harsh sometimes sweet but mostly indifferent.... That's why it came as a shock when he proposed her albeit with a condition....
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  You are selected Ms.Das.There are few documents which you would need to share across will mail them to you.Once the formalities are done, you can join the office from next Monday....

  Navya quickly noted the list to be shared and cut the call.She could hardly contain her happiness,her dream of getting into the Yash Publications House has finally come true.

  She has to inform her family.She was about to ring her family when someone rang the door bell.

  Is this Ms.Das'house? asked the man who stood in front of her in a formal attire.

  Yes, what's the matter? asked Navya

  I hope you are Ms.Navya Das, when she gave a little affirmative nod, the guy continued extending his hand in a friendly gesture

  Hi this is Neil.I am from Yash publishing house