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Got so Lucky in Love

Got so Lucky in Love



Its really hard to find the right person in the world with full of twist and turns. Some puts a huge effort in searching for the one, but who would have antipate, that it would just poops up and hit in the road of no return. The moment one less expects it to appear and there’s no point of thinking, instead dive into the wave and let it sail you accross the ocean. The wide vast horizon of Love, can either make one’s life a meaningful or dreadful one. Enjoying the sail or regretting that you even did take the course.
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  Just like other days.

  It’s gloomy and the cold wind blows.

  All the people here are like work- , eat-, sleep- and repeat type of people. It’s actually summer, but today is raining. That’s why many opted just to stay at home because of the Bed weather. Schyller is just scanning her Timeline Feed in Facebook and Instagram while lying in her Bed. Usually on a Sunday, she goes out with her friends and hangin’ out in Cafe’s. She’s waiting for her bestfriend Bella to be off from work and they’ll gonna eat lunch together. Schyller hat 2 days off