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Blinded by Love, the roller coaster love story

Blinded by Love, the roller coaster love story

Author:Drea Chan


Sarah waited for love and when she finally gave it a chance, it seems she chose the wrong person to give her heart to. It was trampled on and thrown in her face. The whole experience has been a roller coaster situation. She was in love with an illusion . However she did not give up on love . She gave Love a chance but experienced a similar story . She thought that was it until she met Maison .
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  *phone ringing, Hello? " Hi Michael, it's Sarah". His heart started beating so fast he felt like it was about to jump from his chest. He hung to every word being spoken by the sweetest sounding voice he has ever heard. Even after three years, this voice makes him mushy and weak in the knees. Before Sarah could finish talking she heard Michael voice exclaimed, could you please be my girlfriend? Sarah was caught off guard however she had liked him for years but was a bit shy about it. Sarah had never been with anyone . Over the years she has fallen for him so she was elated. She paused for a while to let it marinate, to make sure she was hearing right. She then said with a trembling voice and tears in her eyes, "oh yes Micheal I'll mar then she caught herself and changed it to, " yes Michael a thousand times yes, i'd love to be your girlfriend". They both hang up smiling and chuckling. Sarah even began crazy dancing. She was so happy because she has been in love with Michael a while now but was too scared to act on it. Growing up the relationships she had seen were nothing to aspire to. She was so afraid to take a chance. However this butter fly in the chest, weak in the knees, cant get him off her mind feelings made her want to leap, throw caution to the wind, just fall without trying to stop it.

  It was three years ago when Sarah and Michael met at a wedding. It was winter and the small town of Chesterville was extremely cold. Sarah was so happy for her friends Matthew and Amelia. They have been together since first grade of high school. They have always been a sweet couple and everyone always knew they would get married. While there, thoughts running through her head, a smile on her face as she enjoyed watching the couple dance. Michael walked over and said "why is such a lovely girl like you here all alone daydreaming?" "Who says am alone, please leave me be, you are blocking my view" Sarah replied and then *rolls her eyes. "Sorry I was just trying to be nice, no need for the attitude, would you please dance with me or are you waiting on someone?" *Smiling " I can't dance " Sarah said. By this time she was blushing uncontrollable and Michael reach out his hand and she took it. They started dancing but Sarah was so caught up in her thoughts they tripped several times. She was wondering where this arrogant, talkative, slim, dark brown guy came from. He did look a bit familiar. "So you dance really well" Michael's voice dragged Sarah from her thoughts she even felt a little startled, he then said penny for your tnoughts. She was still acting out of it and he apologized for startling her and then ask her what she was thinking about. She asked him " have we met before, you seem familiar". Michael laughed and said yes , a year ago at the church camp reunion.She was introduced to him by her friend's boy friend matthew. At the time Sarah had just finished high school and was getting ready to go to university. Michael was the one she collided with and got drinks all over her. She was so embarrassed she stormed out early. At the memory she pulled from his grip trying to escape but instead hit into the waiter who had a tray filled with glasses of drink and it felt like deja vous. She felt the tears coming so she left as quickly as possible forgetting her purse. Michael ran after her but she was nowhere to be found, it's like she vanished. A day later Sarah's phone ran, it was an unknown number, she answered only to hear Michael's voice on the other end. She started to panic, not knowing what to do or say. Michael was there saying hello about a minute and just as he was about to hang up he heard her voice came in on the phone " hello, who is this?". He said "it's Michael, the guy from the wedding, I got your # from Matthew". " I have your purse and I would like to take you for a drink" " on me this time " he chuckled. This made Sarah a bit annoyed or irritated and she shouted "no, just tell me where I can pick up my purse please" " I think I have had enough drinks to last me a lifetime". How about dinner then, Michael asked. Sarah's mouth ran leaving her mind and before she could stop herself she heard herself say " I am available tomorrow". She wasn't sure she liked Michael, but how bad could getting to know him be.

  It was 7:00pm December 12 2017 when Michael picked her up for their dinner date. They chatted for a while got to know each other. She found out he is an architect and he found out she was in her first year of journalism and media. Their likes and dislikes were discussed. Sarah had now made a decision about her feelings. She likes him but her studies is her focus now so they could only be friends.

  Over time they spent a lot of time on the phone, talking, laughing, cheering each other up when they are sad, being there for each other. It's the third time now he is asking her to be more than just his friend, be his girlfriend and she was ready. There has been another guy trying to work his way in her heart and that has motivated confidence in how she feels , 3 years later. He is going to be her first boyfriend, her first everything, the thought alone made he blushed. She could not wait to see him again. Her head was running wild with thoughts. She was head over heels, all in, taking that chance.