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Werewolves loves

Werewolves loves



Cheyenne is a young girl that comes for a pack that she feels that she doesn’t belong and leaves to find a place to call her home, On Cheyenne 18th birthday she meets her her wolf called Luna she was two years late shifting with none at home she was scared and doesn’t understand what is happening to her
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  Hi my name is Cheyenne Jones and I have a twin brother name Cain Jones we are both werewolves. On are 16 birthday we should of shifted in to are wolf but I never did.

  We were standing in front of the whole pack. Cain had shifted into the most beautiful wolf that I have ever seen large black wolf with grey moon on his back. Cain nudged me and start to moan and then howl at the moon. I looked at my dad to see if he know way I had not shifted and look of disappointment on his face said it all and that moment I wanted the world to open up so I could disappear.

  I took of to the pack house and hide in my bedroom for the rest of the night and cried my eyes out and this voice in my head kept telling that everything was going to be alright but how could it be when I had no wolf and being the alpha daughter it is the worst shame I could ever feel. So I cry myself to sleep that night and woke up to Cain bang on my door asking if he could come in and talk to me because he could feel how upset I was and he was scared that I would do some think to hurt my self .

  I got up and opened the door to him and Cain kept telling me how sorry that he was and how he wished that it was him that had no wolf. I told him not to be a idiot because this was meant to be me and my life to be wolf less but Cain should be happy because his wolf was beautiful and I asked want his wolf name was. He told me his name is Thor and that he know I have a wolf but she is shy and doesn’t what to come out yet and that I need to believe him but how can I believe that I have a wolf when everyone shifted on their 16th birthday but I will find a way to live with my life, move forward and live my life to the fullest that is the promised I make myself from this day on.

  Six months has passed since that day I should of shifted and my dad


the alpha has not talked or seen me since that night and has told my mum


the Luna of the pack to tell me that I am not his daughter anymore, I will start to work at the pack house and I will being moving in to the pack house full time as I am not allowed in the alpha house because I am freak and no one related to him is wolf less so the pack well not tell anyone that I was his daughter. If any visiting pack ask about me I am to tell them that I am no one that I was abounded by my family and the pack took me in as I was left in the forest to die.

  So my life is not that bad but it could be better no one talks to me and my brother is the only friend I have in this world but I am glad that I have him and his wolf so I am not a loner in the pack.

  I am looking forward to are 17th birthday so I can leave the pack to make my own way in the world but my mum keeps telling that I am a late bloomer and wolf will come soon and that my alpha loves me and doesn’t know what to do because this has never happened in the history of werewolves. She says that she is trying to find answers to way this has happened to me but I have told my mum that I hear a voice in my head and she says that her name is Luna and I have to wait till I meet my mate and bond to him before I meet her. Mum has tried to talk to dad about it but he doesn’t believe want she has told him. He ends up losing control and stays outside the pack house howling at me last time I went outside to see him I was bite twice by him and spent a week in the hospital. Cain now sits in my bedroom when he is like this so I will not go out to him because Cain knows how much I miss my dad and the closest we used to have so when dad is outside in wolf form I go to him but it the same every time he attacks me and I end up in hospital. Cain told me that I will stay in my bedroom tonight and he will talk to dad for me so when he went I outside I was sat by the window listening to Cain and dad talking about me. Cain is asking him to leave me alone and not to take out on me and the moon goddess have planned for me that I was meant for great things and he is going to regret it in the future, he hopes that I will never forgive him when he finds out the truth about me and my wolf. Also told that my mate and him are put this earth to protect me and to keep me safe but my dad has ago at him and leaves. So I spend that night crying and talking to Luna who is happy to tell me that I will be fine and get over what my dad has do to me ..........