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Mr. Carson, A  Charming Man

Mr. Carson, A Charming Man



  Cora did not expected Robert marrying with her was to make her a surrogate, however the shameless mistress was her sister, Daisy……
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A typhoon was approaching New Orleans. It was raining heavily and the wind blew madly. A lightning broke the dark night.

"Robert, open the door. I won't divorce you. I won't give up Eric. Open the door. Open the door.” Cora kept flapping the door. She was very thin but obstinate.

Cora’s tears kept falling. She did not understand why she would cry. When she gave birth to Eric, she was bleeding heavily and was in poor health, almost dead. She had stayed in hospital to get recovered for half a year. Robert was away for a business trip and did not accompany her, but she never blamed him. But,She had no clue why they ended into this situation. She was expecting Robert’s visit in hospital but he had never come. What she had waited was just a divorce agreement. And the child was even taken away by the Grantham’s.

Getting divorced?

She did not understand why it was this situation.

The Grantham’s servants pitied Cora and said: "My Lady, go back to your home first. Young Master won't see you. Lady Daisy is back."

Cora trembled, and a chill spread through her limbs to her heart.

Daisy was back.

She was her half—sister.

She was Robert's first love, the person he was always loving.

She was back!

"Robert, open the door, Give my Eric back to me. I want nothing but my child." Cora's heart was broked, and she felt very despaired.

She knew that when Daisy came back, she would lose Robert forever.

But she still had her kid who belonged to her and he would never leave her!


Cora from afar saw the door of the Grantham’s was opened. A person holding an umbrella was walking towards her step by step. Her eyes glowed with hope.

It must be Robert!

She knew Robert must have some affection for her because she had been with him for four years after all.

"Cora, huh, after four years, you really haven't learnt anything at all. It really made me feel pity for you." Daisy was approaching her and saw Cora was confounded, she laughed at Cora.

It turned out to be Daisy.Cora’s hope slowly vanished.

"Give me back my child." Cora wiped the rains on her own face because Cora didn’t want Daisy see her vulnerable side.

Daisy chuckled and said disdainfully, "Okay, I can give the child back to you, but you have to kneel down and beg me. Otherwise, you won’t see the child again in the rest of your life."

"How dare you."

"What? You don't want to? Okay, then you can continue to wait here. But now that you've been with Robert for four years, you should already know him well. If I told him, I don't mind there is one more child of him and other women in the house. Guess whether he will return the child to you? My good sister! "Daisy said arrogantly.

Cora's clenched her fist so tightly that she felt the pain in herpalm. She slowly calmed down.

The child was the most important thing for her!

She couldn't lose her children. Daisy always disliked her. Daisy surely won’t treat her children well.

She had fallen into Daisy’s traps for countless times. She was not Daisy's opponent and would never been. Her child was so young that he did not even know how to protect himself. How would Daisy treat her child?

When she thought of this, Cora’s heart broke into pieces.

She was willing to give everything for the sake of her child.

"Okay.” Cora controlled her tears and bit her lip. With determination, Cora kneeled down in front of Daisy, gritting her teeth, and said: "I beg you, please give my child back to me!"

At this moment, all of her dignity and self—conficence had been overwhelmed by Daisy.

Seeing this, Daisy felt extremely happy. Under the umbrella, Daisy looked at Cora and smiled evilly and said, "Now you just like a dog."

It seemed like she was tired of this game. Daisy added, "Okay, then I'll tell you the truth. Your child was already dead six months ago."

"Impossible." Cora shouted with astounding eyes.

"Well!" Daisy continued, "Tell you a secret, I, actually, have been back for a year. Didn't Robert tell you this?"

"Cora, I'll tell you the reason why I went abroad four years ago. It was because my child was sick. I was taking care of him. Robert found that my kid had a congenital hidden heart disease a year ago and he needed to do heart transplant operation. That’s why Robert promised to marry you and let you give birth to that little bastard. "

Daisy laughed proudly: "Do you know why you gave birth to him prematurely? That's because my child can't wait any longer, so I let your child be born three months earlier. Six months ago, my child had accepted the heart transplant operation and it was very successful. Today is the day he came back from hospital. When you came, we were celebrating his recovery. Honestly, we should really thank you. Without your child, my child can’t be alive this year. My child is the treasure that I cherish. Your child was just a container of my baby boy’s new heart. He is not even human"

Cora clenched her chest with her hand . She was so painful that her heart was corroded by sulfuric acid.

"Impossible. I saw him yesterday. He's alright, you lied to me." Cora said and bit her lip tightly, her lip bleeding.

Daisy was lying to her. This was just her means of overhelwming her.

How could it be?

Although Robert did not love her, he would not treat her like this!

Impossible!” Cora was miserable.

"Well, you idiot, you're still as naive as four years ago. Is that one you saw really your child?" Daisy said with a laugh, “To make you believe that, we borrowed a child from other delivery room. We gave the child's parents a sum of money for using this child for half a year. Yesterday is the deadline, so the couple took the child back!”

Cora was stunned. She thought that child did not look neither like her nor Robert only because he was too little.

It was unexpected.


So this was the truth!

The thunder broke the sky loudly.

Cora felt her throat was tickling and the blood spitting out. She felt faint and fell down.

She hated all of them!

She hated the whole world!