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The Legend Alchemist

The Legend Alchemist



  He reincarnated as a teenager with a memory of almost 10,000 years, mojo, elixir, esoterica, he had everything. He did not want any more regret in this life. Elegant princess, mysterious witch, holy goddess, all came in his life…
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Eden opened his eyes in a confused way. He wanted to see who was so bold and dared to shout in front of him. But he saw a pretty face of anger.

The woman's face in front of him was white like a sheep fat jade. Her eyebrows were bent, her eyes were dark, and her nose was sharp. Her red lips were a little bit, her teeth were crystal clear, and her hair shined like satin.


Looking at this face hidden in the depths of his memory, Eden was frozen and then screamed subconsciously.


Marian glared at him and snorted. "I let you watch the fire and don't go out. Do you see what good things have you done?"


Eden swept around and saw the alchemy furnace that had been extinguished in front of him and a row of medicine racks on the side...

The familiar picture, the familiar person, awakened the memory that existed in his mind for a long time and was almost forgotten by him.

Suddenly, he had a thought in his mind. “Did I go back more than 13000 years ago when I was 16?”

He remembered that he and his parents lived in the Anderson Family at that time. His father was the guard of the Anderson Family. His mother followed some women to do some needlework. And because he was intelligent, he became an assistant in making medicine.

The girl in front of his eyes was the goddess in his mind at that time. She was Marian, the youngest daughter of Orlando Anderson.

However, at that time, Eden was very inferior and had no courage to express his confession. After all, his status was low, and Marian was a lady of a big family. The identity of them was a world apart.

A year later, Anderson Family could not stand in Augusta. During the evacuation process, they were attacked by the enemy. Almost the whole family was destroyed. His parents died in the process. He was thrown into his river by his father. He saw with his own eyes the death of familiar people in front of him.

After escaping this robbery, Eden's talent in alchemy slowly made him shine. All kinds of experiences, all kinds of adventures… And finally, he became the most peak of the mainland!

"Do you know how much I lost because of your negligence?"

Marian’s anger has not disappeared. The angry voice awakened Eden, who was caught in memories.

Usually, she was very caring for this smart little boy. But because Jones’medicine shop opposite Anderson’s medicine shop recently introduced a more effective drug solution, the Anderson family has fallen into a very unfavorable position. Almost all the drugs were unsalable. So, she became annoyed and angry because Eden was wasting a pot of herbs.

Eden resisted the urge to hold her tightly. He opened the alchemy furnace and looked at the dregs at the bottom of the furnace. Then he picked up a small piece and smelled it on the tip of his nose.

"It should be refining the liquid..."

Although Anderson Family was a family of refining drugs, no one could refine the real medicine. They could only refine some of the most basic medicines in the mainland.

And who had the real ability to refine the medicinal herbs was respected as alchemist...

However, there were not many alchemists of that level in Augusta. Moreover, the senior alchemists were all worshipped in the big families.

"This stove is worth seven silver coins. It could have produced ten bottles of miracle liquid. If we sell it, we can earn ten silver coins. Do you know that ten silver coins are almost the income of my pharmacy in one day? Now that Jones Family is deceiving too much, our liquid medicine can't be sold quickly..." Looking at the scorched dregs at the bottom of the furnace, Marian felt distressed and cried.

Jones Family!

Eden's eyelids flashed a touch of sharp light.

The Anderson Family was forced by the Jones Family to go nowhere. This caused the tragedy.

"Wait, don't dump it."

When Marian was about to dump the dregs, Eden stopped her. He said mysteriously, "Miss Marian, these things are all money, it is a waste to dump them."

These scorched dregs were useless in Marian's view. However, in Eden's view, it was still the raw material of alchemy. Although it was of poor quality, it could still be made into ordinary medicine.

Refining the pharmaceutical liquid was the most basic and simplest of alchemy. As long as you were familiar with the medicinal properties of the herb, you could extract the medicinal properties of the herb with an open flame.

Although these herbs have been burnt and most of the drug has been lost, there was still a small part left in these dregs. If these dregs were refined as medicinal pills, it would affect the quality of the pills. But if it was only refined the medicinal properties among them, and made them into liquid medicine, for Eden, it was easy.

Then, Eden scraped down the layer of charred dregs. After thinking about it, he picked out a few different herbs from the medicine rack next to him and put a slight weight in his hand. These dregs were thrown into the Alchemy furnace together.

"How can you add other herbs?"

Marian wanted to stop him from doing this, but it was late. And she suddenly glared at Eden.

It should be known that the fixed—effect liquid was made up of fixed herbs. If other herbs were added, it would cause extremely serious consequences. The lightest effect was that the effect of the medicine would be weak. If it was serious, it would cause the conflict between the medicinal properties, which would lead to the explosion of the alchemy furnace!

Alchemy furnace was extremely expensive. Even if a common alchemy furnace was worth hundreds of silver coins!

This alchemy furnace in front of them was the human rank low—grade alchemy furnace. The Anderson family paid a lot of money for it. It was said that it took them thousands of silver coins to buy it.

The high—quality alchemy furnace brought about the improvement of quality. If the same herb was put in a low—quality ordinary alchemy stove, it could be refined to level one or level two at most. But if it was placed in the human rank alchemy furnace, the lowest quality of the liquid medicine would be level two, and could even reach level three.

The price would vary with the different quality of the liquids.

When it came to level three, the price was not comparable to the level second.

It could be said that Anderson's biggest source of income was this alchemy furnace. If the Alchemy furnace was broken, it would bring a devastating disaster to the Anderson Family.

"Miss Marian, rest assured. I met a master yesterday. He taught me that the effect of miracle liquid will be improved after joining these herbs," Eden said.

He added charcoal, ignited the furnace, and started refining.

Now the level of alchemy and medicine in the world was quite different from that in 13000 years.

After more than 10,000 years of development, the configuration of the elixir has become more diversified. The efficacy, quality, and various aspects have been greatly improved.

For example, the miracle liquid on the market now took five minutes to take effect before it could exert its efficacy and slowly restore the strength of the warrior. However, if you added these herbs, it would reconcile the whole drug. Only in a minute or even less than a minute, you could exert the medicinal properties of the miracle liquid, and it would greatly improve the speed of recovery.

Just think about it, this would bring a big turn for those warriors who were fighting outside!

Then, Eden's palm was intentionally or unintentionally placed on the side of the alchemy furnace. He silently ran the spirits, and suddenly the mental strength of the mind spread out, infiltrated into the alchemy furnace. The next moment, the water in the alchemy furnace directly boiled up.

After about a minute of touch, Eden slammed the alchemy furnace and picked up the small bottles that had been prepared for a while. He filled the bottles with almost transparent liquid. He got 15 bottles of miracle liquid. And then he neatly placed the bottles in front of Marian.


Looking at the almost transparent liquid in the bottles, Marian was shocked and could not speak.

The level of the liquid medicine depended on if the impurities in the liquid were excluded. The clearer the liquid was, the fewer impurities it contained.

From the dozen or so bottles of liquid medicine in front of her, she could hardly see the presence of impurities with the naked eye.

In other words, the liquid placed in front of her was at least level five!

Even in the largest medicine shop in Augusta, she has never seen liquid of this quality.