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That Girl

That Girl



  Five years ago, she treated him like a god, once pregnant and kidnapped, he only rejected saving her. That night, he was attending birthday party of his first love, while she was beat to abort. Five years later, she came back as the fiancée of the business tycoon. He invaded her marriage:” I want her!” “Not gonna happen, she is now…”
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"I fuck! How dare you do!"

Looking at the man who was swollen in the face, he looked at the strange woman on the sofa and the skirt was smashed down. Sabina’s scalp was numb.

She was wrong!

Just half an hour ago, she received a message from her friend Andy, who drove to the senior entertainment club with a hundred thousand rushes. She opened the box door with one foot and covered her face with a man who was swearing. Arrogant.

I was about to pull up the woman on the sofa, only to know that she had gone wrong and missed the wrong person.

The man's face was already hanging, but he did not lose his full body of suffocation and evil spirits. He was interrupted by good things. He looked like a haze, raised his hand and wiped the blood of his mouth. A dangerous storm was stunned in his eyes.

"Oh, the little girl is very powerful, have learned judo?"

It was a sound like a spring breeze, but there was a haze that was engraved into the bones.

Sabina swallowed and swallowed, and he laughed a few times, and he apologized: "Oh... this, this... sorry! I am looking for the wrong person!"

The inside of the box was dead, and the air seemed to freeze.

The man was slow and geography, and the messy clothes were on the face, and the hazy blade at the end of the eye was blowing on her face, approaching her step by step, and Sabina was shocked to step back.

"If you have something to say, let me say if you want to... or do you want me to slap me?"

"beat you?"

The man smiled slyly, suddenly grabbed her wrist, pulled her in, one arm lazily on the wall, trapped her, bowed her head, and gave a soft breath on her face.

Sabina was so scared that he was so stiff that he slightly turned his face and stuttered: "You...you won't be...I want to strengthen?"

"What do you say? Destroy the good things of this young master, I want to forget this? Ah?"

A "hmm" word, the tail was provoked, with a few unscrupulous embarrassments, the man's burning breath made her frown.

Sabina really wanted to fan him a slap!

While thinking about it, I smiled and said: "This is not good, I am not over 18! Look at the young master, you should be a big man with a head and face, and be charged with the rape of a teenage girl. Didn't it affect the reputation of your young master? Otherwise, the young master will leave a call to me. In two months, I will be full of eighteen. When will I be able to pay for the sin?

The man sneered and stared at her in cool eyes.

"But, this young master wants it now."

Dead metamorphosis! Animals!

Enduring anger, Sabina continued to smile: "Don't... I will be blushing."

"You are bold."


Staring at her for a few seconds, the man suddenly leaned down and bullied. "You are not afraid that I am a triad. Believe it or not, this young master has set you up on the spot, and then gave it to the people around?"

"Who are you scaring, I want to see what you can do for me!"

As soon as the voice fell, Sabina suddenly bowed his knees and hit the man's legs accurately. The man smothered the lower body with pain. She took the opportunity to drop the man over his shoulder, lifted his foot and stepped on his chest, and picked up the man's tie with one hand and face to face.

"People are dog—like, don't bully my grandmother, I don't know what to do! Who knows who doesn't know it! Slag man!"

After that, add another foot, Sabina took the door and fled.

"I fuck! Come here!"

The man's cold scorpion locked the door and shouted loudly.

"Bob! Ah? Bob!" The man who looked at the man on the ground and looked at his lifeline changed his face. He only came up to help him.

The man's face was gloomy to the extreme, and the cold light in the shackles can't smash the corpse.

"Stupid! Don't chase the girl yet! Block the door! A fly is not allowed to fly out!"