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The love story between Intern and CEO

The love story between Intern and CEO



Jude Miller, a female reporter, was drugged by her director. That greasy old man wanted to take advantage of her. Fortunately, she escaped to the elevator and was saved by a stranger. Under the influence of the medicine, she followed the stranger to his hotel room. It was full of passion that night. It turned out that the stranger was Lee Beck, the most valuable commercial genius in New York, who built an unbreakable business empire in just a few years. He left a check on the bed without saying anything. Two months later, Jude found herself pregnant two months later. She decided to give birth to this child without telling Lee. Three years later, just as Jude thought she would never see Lee again, her three-year-old son saw a man look exactly like him, so he asked, “Hello sir, do you think we look so alike?”
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When Jude Miller arrived at the private room of the hotel downstairs, everyone was already drunk. As soon as Director Shawn saw Jude Miller, he shouted, "Jude Miller, come here, sit here. I have reserved a seat for you."

Jude Miller scolded in her heart, but she goes with her smiling face.

"I'm sorry to bother you, Director Shawn." Jude Miller said good words, but in her heart, she just hoped that the boring dinner would be over soon, and Director Shawn could stop harassing her.

However, as soon as she passed by, Director Shawn's hand reached out, and then he pulled Jude Miller, which made Jude Miller fall down, and sat on his legs directly.

Jude Miller struggled to stand on her feet. After taking some advantage from her, Director Shawn doesn't have any more difficulties for her. He just poured a large glass of wine and handed it to Jude Miller. He said unkindly, "Jude Miller, you're late, so you're going to be fined."

Fuck, this is such a big cup. I have to faint after drinking it.

Jude Miller thought, but still had to catch the cup from Director Shawn. She wanted to take a mouthful and refuse, or she pretended not to hold it firmly and spilled it. But who knows, Director Shawn stood up, held her neck and poured it directly into her mouth.

This was liquor!

Her throat feels like a fire.

Jude Miller knew that Director Shawn was not interested in the liquor at this time, but in her. However, she was really dizzy at this time. Even so, Jude Miller pretended to vomit and ran out. Hide first!

Director Shawn didn't worry that Jude Miller, who just ran out like this, has run away, because he added ingredients to the big glass of wine just now. This kind of thing was not his first time to do it. Director Shawn, who is familiar with it, was waiting for a while to pick up Jude Miller's body and have fun.

Jude Miller ran out. She knew that the headache at this time must be from the big glass of liquor that Director Shawn had just poured in. She had been drunk before, but how strange the drunk she was today. There was an unspeakable feeling that filled her as if she had a lot of ants crawling around.

She thought, with Director Shawn's temperament, he will be found out later. With the last consciousness, Jude Miller pushed the elevator. After a while, the elevator stopped and she rushed in.

Jude Miller was dizzy. She didn't pay attention when she rushed in. She installed it on a man in a suit. The man was very strong, this was a real hit and it hurt her. She rubbed her forehead and looked up to see the culprit. At this time, the door was going to close, and she can hear Director Shawn's voice looking for her. Jude Miller has no time to care about other things. She buries her head in the man's arms and says, "help me!"

Lee Beck has saw lot of women throwing themselves into his arms. But this woman drunk herself like this. Does liquor encourage people? Or is she the gift Ryan Simpson arranged for him?

Director Shawn is looking over. When he saw Lee Beck, he was a little scared subconsciously. In New York, who didn't know Lee Beck? Today, he saw that he really had an extraordinary momentum. There was a woman in his arms. Director Shawn smiled knowingly. All the men in the world, no matter how good they were, were nothing more than that.

In this way, muddleheadedly, Jude Miller followed Lee Beck back to the suite.

The door of the suite is damped, so it close and lock itself directly.

Lee Beck drags the woman in his arms and directly throws her into the sofa. He impatiently loose his tie, Lee Beck poured himself a glass of wine.

He really lost out to Ryan Simpson whom even put a woman in his pocket.

Also, since Lydia left, he has lived like a monk. Now Lydia came back, but told himself that she was going to get married! It's really... Think of this, even himself all feel aggrieved for his abstinence these years. Now, when Ryan Simpson delivered a woman to him, he will enjoy her!

Lee Beck is a little impatient. Are all these girls who can buy with money so unprofessional? What’s going on with this woman?

The medicine effect came up, Jude Miller felt that she was not only itchy but also burning. What's the matter? She turned around and looked around. Apart from an unknown man standing in the distance with a glass of wine, she didn't know where it was. Forget about him.

Jude Miller's little head is still turning around, as if looking for something. Finally, she sees the tap on the edge of the bar, stumbles over, turns it on, pours cold water on her face, and tries to reduce some of the inexplicable heat.

When the water splashed on the clothes, Jude Miller was too dizzy and her hands were unsteady. She pulled it back and forth, but she removed the button at the neckline. When she was lying looking for it, the white on her chest fell into Lee Beck's eyes. Are women so flirtatious now?

Anyway, the woman did attract him.

What else to think about! Lee Beck's big long legs went out. He walked to Jude Miller's side in a few steps. He reached out and pulled up Jude Miller, who was looking for a button. Then he grabbed her by the neck and kissed her directly!

Blow it up, the air is totally sucked away! Lee Beck's kiss is too domineering, which makes Jude Miller feel that she can't even breathe. She wants to break away and breathe. Unfortunately, Lee Beck doesn't give her the chance at all.

Until... When she didn't know whether she was alive or suffocated, Lee Beck let go of her breath. However, before Jude Miller could understand the gasp, she was picked up by Lee Beck and threw directly on the bed

Then, Jude Miller suddenly feels cold and wakes up a lot. What's the situation? How can she be in bed? A man she doesn't know is pulling off her clothes

Too exaggerate! Jude Miller feels that if she is not strong in heart, she will faint on the spot!

After a while, Jude Miller suddenly said, "Wait, who are you? I don't know you!"

"Don't know?" Lee Beck stops and looks at Jude Miller suspiciously. This woman is really interesting. What is she playing?

"I'm Lee Beck." Lee Beck told his name.

"Lee Beck?" Jude Miller smiled and said, "Don't make up the story. Can you make it by some score? Can you rogue be Lee Beck? Can Lee Beck, a mythical figure in New York, sleep with me? That's funny!"

This time, Lee Beck's speechless. How can he be a rogue? How can he not be Lee Beck?

Jude Miller smiled and talked, but she was still itchy. She was shocked. Just now, she felt better when the man who looked extremely handsome kissed her.

It's just... Is this okay?