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Marry a Ghost

Marry a Ghost



  He was born short and his life was no more than 18. However, due to the sad fate of "wife" in his dreams, he now had an unfathomably handsome husband. It was just that his husband was a little restless. Hey, hey, hey, big brother, you can't mess around with people and ghosts. How can you just do whatever you say? Alright, seeing that you're so pretty, I'll … [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter]
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"The bride is here!" A low and calm voice sounded out from the outside. I felt goosebumps appearing one by one all over my body. There was a slight stabbing pain in my temple.

It was as if a headscarf was covering his head, and he wanted to lift it to remove the cover that blocked his vision. However, my hands were not under my command at all. They were simply clasped in front of me and placed obediently on my knees. Through the gap in the hood, I could see that I was wearing a bright red wedding dress.

With a bang, the top of my head was blown up by a gust of wind that came from outside, allowing me to see more things.

A pair of slender, sparkling hands stretched out from the curtain, and the joints on those hands were not very obvious. The curtain was lifted with one hand.

My eyes just stopped like that, what a beautiful pair of hands, with such a pair of hands, how magnificent is the man? I couldn't help but feel some anticipation in my heart. Right now, I should be dreaming. It's the dream I've had every night for more than ten years.

However, every time he dreamt, he would never see the appearance of the owner of these hands. He didn't know if he would be able to get what he wanted today.

"My wife." With a light call and a deep and rich magnetic power, I involuntarily stretched out my hand and placed it on that hand. As soon as he put it on, he took my hand in his. It was a very soft feeling, but his palm was very cold, without a trace of warmth.

It was quiet, and my eyes were focused on the road beneath me, following his footsteps.

It was no different from his previous dreams. He would wake up after he finished paying his respects.

"Ceremony, send to the bridal room." With this end, I naturally waited to wake up from the dream, only this time seemed different than before.

I was brought into a room and then sat quietly on the bed. My hands were still unable to move and my feet unconsciously moved as well. The room was quiet, and I could hear my own breathing.

"Creak." The door opened. I thought that the bridegroom had returned. At this moment, I couldn't help but look forward to it. Today, I had been dreaming for a long time. Perhaps, I could see the bridegroom's appearance.

The moment the hood was lifted, I saw him clearly. I couldn't help but be taken aback. That person's long hair flowed down his shoulders, his red lips were not touched, and his eyes were alluring and enchanting. The wedding dress on his body was dyed with a hazy glow from the candle flame, making his skin appear much fairer and warmer. All of a sudden, I was bewitched, as if my soul and spirit had left my body, and I dazedly waited for that person to come over. A pair of deep eyes stare at me with interest as though I was looking at a prey. Her thin lips curled up into a beautiful curve, showing his good mood and satisfaction, adding a bit of a flirtatious charm to it.

"My wife, your husband has been waiting for you for so many years. He has finally let me wait." As he said this, he walked towards me. I was so surprised that I couldn't make a sound, so I was pushed onto the bed by him.

This dream was so real, shouldn't he wake up now? I was alarmed. If I were to continue doing this, I would really lose my consciousness.

"My wife, don't cry. I will be light."

Beneath him, my mind was unable to think of anything. My nose was sore, and a stream of tears flowed from his eyes to the pillow under his head.

Red waves billowed, and I felt a tremendous pain in my chest. My entire body was ice—cold, as if all of the temperature in my body had been released from the place where we were connected.