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Tender Love

Tender Love



  Huo Su Bai was Fu Weisheng's professor, the founder of a mysterious multinational corporation with a deep background and wealth. But when she was betrayed and her family was in danger, he asked her to marry him because he needed a wife. The 21-year-old Fu Xiaoling had no choice but to marry the 31-year-old Huo Su Bai. The two agreed that they would not interfere with each other after their marriage, and would break up after each had achieved their respective goals. After marriage, Mr. Howe would get up early to make breakfast for her and sleep late to tell her bedtime stories. She had been bullied by the former mistress, and Mr. Huo would come up with some ideas to help her bully him back. Mr. Howe hugged her, kissed her.
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"Qiao Ming, you are my good friend, he is my husband!"

"Friend? If it wasn't for Xia Zhi Yu, do you think I would have become your friend? I am the granddaughter of the Nanyuan City, a true noble young lady, do I need a friend like you? The reason why I became friends with you from the first year of high school was for Xia Zhi Yu. Now that we are in the same bed, you no longer have any value to me … That night, in your bed, we were very crazy … "

Wei Liang stared at Qiao Ming and poured the coffee cup on her face.

Qiao Ming screamed: "Fu Wei Liang, how dare you splash my coffee!"

"I even dared to hit you." He grabbed Qiao Ming's hair and pressed her down on the table, "You said you're a real rich and famous young lady even after being a mistress, are you even worthy of her? You destroyed other people's homes, the people of Bo Family have lost all their face! "

"You are all dead people, pull her away, otherwise I will have my Little Uncle expel you!" Qiao Ming endured the pain and shouted towards the waiter beside him.

The two female waitresses could only pull Wei Liang away.

Qiao Ming used a towel to wipe off the coffee stains on her face and gasped for air: "Fu Wei Liang, how dirty are you? Do you know that after marrying for so long, has he ever touched you before? Seeing you like that four years ago, who do you think is more shameful and disgusting? "

Wei Liang rushed towards her as the waiter blocked her path in panic.

After being classmates with for so many years, Qiao Ming understood Fu Wei Liang's personality. She unconsciously took a step back and said to the waiter beside him: "Tell my Little Uncle that I have returned to the Nanyuan City on my own. Let him be at ease." Then he fled.

Qiao Ming had left and the farce had ended. Everyone in the restaurant looked at her with sympathy.

Her husband had cheated on her good friend, so they pitied her, pitied her?

She, Fu Wei Liang, did not need it!

"One serving of Black Pepper Shrimp, Lobster Soup, and an appetizer: French Chambertin with Duck Liver and Middle Eastern Jujube..."

… ….

The luxurious western restaurant was simply decorated. Huge glass walls separated the huge restaurant into two separate dining areas.

A tall and straight man was standing behind the partition. He wore a white shirt, and his black pants were straight. His leather shoes were shined bright. His deep black eyes quietly looked at the girl wearing a white dress at the dining table.

After the manager finished his work, he went around the corner and saw Yue Yang. He respectfully called out to him, "Mr. Howe."

Mr. Howe stood there without moving, and only looked at the girl with a complicated gaze.

The manager was sure that he was looking at the girl whose husband had been taken away by a good friend, so he took the initiative to report the quarrel between the two girls.

Mr. Howe suddenly lost interest and interrupted him. "Today's restaurant should not be open for business. Leave her alone."

The manager was filled with doubts, he still ordered the guests who were eating and watching the show to be "kicked out", and arranged for the staff to go to the meeting room, leaving Fu Wei Liang alone in the huge dining hall.

After Wei Liang finished eating everything, he realized that she was the only one left in the dining hall.

Where did everyone go during the peak hours of the meal?

She was very puzzled. She could faintly feel a burning gaze following her. She instinctively turned around, but there was no one …

Looking at the second floor, he accidentally came across the pair of deep black eyes behind the French windows.

There was no warmth in her deep eyes, but she was still looking at her with extreme focus.