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A Huge Scam

A Huge Scam



  In one night, she was schemed against and was forced to give birth to a pair of heterozygous twins, but unexpectedly … Six years later, the most powerful and arrogant man in A city came to her door, forcing her to hand over her child from that year. Only then did she realize that she had been living in a huge scam. A fiance who suddenly disappeared, a twin sister who appeared out of thin air, a man who was locked in chains on a full moon night, a lost child … What was going on? Fujitsu: Dung, Mommy asked you to regret it? "" No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. HE: I regret that I did not pamper her! This was the story of the King of the Dark Night's beloved wife!
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Six years ago.

"Miss Ye, your mother already owes you half a month of medical fees. Our hospital is not a charity, if this goes on, you will stop using your medicine!"

"Sigh, we can only give you three more days!"

He staggered out of the hospital, his feet felt as if they were filled with lead, causing Ye Yi Ran's entire body to turn cold. The only thing that echoed in his mind was the nurse's cold words …

Three days … One million …

Where could she raise so much money? But if she didn't pay the medical fees …

After taking a deep breath, Ye Yi Ran lowered her head and thought about how to raise the money. Right at this moment, a pair of black, shiny, high—end leather shoes entered her sight, and a man's low and hoarse voice sounded out above her head.

"I can give you one million!"

Ye Yi Ran was stunned and immediately raised her head to look at him. The person who came was very handsome, wearing a high—end black suit, with a face that was unfamiliar.

"You … "You are..."

"You have no right to know who I am. You only need to understand that I'm the only one who can help you!" As the man spoke, the corners of his lips curled up into an evil smile. Under the rays of the sun, it was a bit dazzling.

Ye Yi Ran bit her lips and stared at him without blinking. After a while, she asked, "What do you want me to do?"

No one will help you unconditionally, not to mention that this strange man suddenly appeared and knew that she needed a million yuan. She must have a motive now. Ye Yulan understood this logic.

"Heh, he's not stupid after all!" The man laughed, and then gave Ye Yi Ran a picture, "There is an address behind his back, I need you to get close to him, and become his woman!"

Ye Yi Ran received the photo and looked at it carefully. The photo depicted a man as handsome as the person in front of him, but … She seemed to have seen it somewhere before...

"I …" After Ye Yi Ran finished reading, she raised her head and was about to ask about the situation, but she did not expect that the man in front of him had already walked far away, only leaving behind his last sentence, "I've already paid half of your mother's medical expenses, and the other half, after everything is done …"

Ye Yi Ran stared at his back blankly, then flipped to the photo in her hand to look at the address on the back of the photo … There's no choice for her, is there?

… ….

The Drunken Wine Bar, the famous entertainment city of the A City.

This was the first time Ye Yi Ran, who had always been an obedient girl, had come here. When she first stepped into the restaurant, she heard the deafening music, but she was still a little not used to it. Seeing the extravagant scene inside the bar, she did not hesitate and walked towards the elevator in the corner.

The place Ye Yi Ran wanted to go was the 9th level of the Gold Sale Lair, the presidential suite that belonged to the top floor of the Drunken Wine Bar.

Arriving at the ninth floor, Ye Yi Ran got off the elevator and before she could take a deep breath, she was greeted by an unfamiliar embrace. The person's body smelt strongly of alcohol, which was extremely pungent to the nose.

"No …" "I'm sorry..." Ye Yi Ran immediately apologized and wanted to jump away from him. However, when she raised her head, they looked at each other and she realized that the drunk man in front of her was the person she was looking for in the photo.

Ye Yi Ran was surprised, she did not have the time to react, but when the person saw her face, their expression immediately changed. A pair of drunk eyes suddenly became as sharp as an eagle, with a sinister look, the words that came out of his mouth was so cold that it made people shiver, "It's you?"

"Hmm?" Ye Yi Ran was astonished. What did he mean? Know her?

"Slut!" "Since you want to climb into my bed so much, I'll grant you that wish!" The man sneered. Without waiting for Ye Yi Ran's response, he carried her by the waist and walked into the presidential suite beside.

Once he entered the room, the man threw Ye Yi Ran onto the bed.

Ye Yi Ran was bounced off the bed, just as she was about to ask what was going on, the man had already ripped off her tie and pressed his entire body down on her.

"Slut!" The man cursed again in a low voice with a look of disdain on his face, as if he was looking down on her.

Ye Yi Ran stared at him with an embarrassed expression. His eyes were red, filled with an uncontrollable desire, as though he would burst at any moment. Even if he was not a human, she knew what that represented. Could he have known me before? You even know that she's here to sell?

Thinking about it, Ye Yi Ran's face turned even uglier.

As for the man on the other side, he had been suppressing his desire and couldn't hold it in any longer …

… ….

After a month, Ye Yi Ran in the corridor of the hospital suddenly vomited uncontrollably. A doctor who passed by said, "Congratulations, Miss Ye, you seem to be pregnant.


Ye Yi Ran was shocked, and suddenly remembered that her period of rest had never come. She … Pregnant?

Thinking about it, Ye Yi Ran immediately ran over to the Obstetrics and Gynecology department to check it out. She was really pregnant!

The child belonged to the man of that night. This …

In fact, a strange man from the hospital that day helped her pay for her mother's medical fees, gave her a photo and address, and told her to look for the man in the photo. But after that, when she woke up in the morning, the man in the photo was gone, and the man who had given her the photo was also gone … Other than the one million redeemed and his mother's medical fees paid, it was as if nothing had happened. The child that was in his stomach until now …

Ye Yi Ran was dazed, and subconsciously touched her stomach. She was only 18 years old, yet she was already pregnant...

With that in mind, Ye Yi Ran didn't even have time to decide whether she should kill or give birth to the child. Suddenly, a group of bodyguards dressed in black barged in.

"Miss Ye, please come with us!"

"You … "Who are you?" Ye Yi Ran was shocked, but before she could finish, the leader waved her hand, and two people immediately walked up, one on top of her, and the group of people left.

Ye Yi Ran was shocked in her heart, and immediately shouted, "Who exactly are you? Where are you taking me? "I'm not going, my mother is still in the hospital, I can't leave!"

"We'll know when we get there. Your mother, our young master, has already arranged for someone to take care of her!" With that, he immediately stuffed Ye Yi Ran into the car.

After driving for over an hour, they finally stopped in front of a villa in the suburbs.

Ye Yi Ran resisted and was brought to the villa. At this time, a middle—aged woman who looked like a butler came forward and respectfully said, "Hello, Miss Ye, I am the villa's butler, mother Yang. From today onwards, you will have to stay here until the child is born!"

"What?" Ye Yi Ran was shocked, "You want to imprison me? Why? Whether or not you give birth to a child is my own business, you guys … "

"You are the woman that Young Master has chosen, this is Young Master's decision, you have no choice!" Without waiting for Ye Yi Ran to finish speaking, Mother Yang interrupted her words.

"Young Master?" Ye Yi Ran was surprised, at the same time, she recalled the two strange men that she had never seen before, and immediately asked: "Who is your young master? I want to see him! "

"The Young Master is the Young Master. If the Young Master wants to see you, he will naturally appear. You do not have the right to request to see her!" Yang Ma said.

"This is crazy!" Ye Yi Ran collapsed, but there was no choice, and just like that, she stayed in the villa.

Until nine months later.

"Young Master, it's born, Miss Ye is born! It's still the fraternal twins, the two boys! " Mother Yang excitedly rushed out to report to the person who was addressed as "Young Master".

"Two? "Great!" When the man heard this, he felt relieved. At the same time, a strange smile appeared on his face. It was good that he was born. Everything was going in the direction he wanted …

"Take the child away, I'll leave the woman in your care!" After which, he lifted his foot and left.

"No …" "Don't take my child away …" When Ye Yi Ran heard the sound, she immediately opened her eyes and shouted out. She had just finished production and was extremely tired.

However, that person still took her child and left without looking back …

"My child, I beg of you, please return the child to me, I beg of you, return the child to me …" Ye Yi Ran sobbed until her tears blurred her vision.

Mother Yang sighed and walked up. After getting along with Ye Yi Ran recently, she had also fallen in love with this pure and kind girl, but …

"Miss Ye, no one will be able to resist Young Master's decision. Please don't think about the matters of your child anymore!" She paused, "I can't bear to kill you, so I'll send someone to send you away. If you want to live a good life in the future, then forget about the child, forget about what happened this year …"

After saying that, Mother Yang secretly arranged for a carriage to be arranged for Ye Yi Ran to leave, but she did not expect that …