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Boss's Little Wife

Boss's Little Wife



  One was a ruthless and emotionless CEO; the other was a dazed and silly girl who was a glutton. He was not a woman, and was almost suspected, except for her. One day, at an important meeting, he was dressed and about to speak. She pushed open the door and entered, saying in front of everyone, "Hubby, your braised pork is here!" Uncle Hei and the silly loli compared their daily activities.
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This summer was very hot, Feng Nuan Nuan had toiled hard for an entire semester, and finally welcomed her beautiful free time.

That's right, the college entrance exam was over! Feng Nuan Nuan's mood finally relaxed. She wanted to work at the company, so she could see Jun Ao at any time. This man that she had liked since she was young, was also her big brother.

Jun Ao was ten years older than her, so she had been abandoned by his father mama since he was young and went abroad.

Feng Nuan Nuan started to fight with her father, Jun Hai Cheng, who was the chairman of the board of directors.

"How can that be? He's only a few years old, isn't this nonsense?" Jun Hai Cheng changed his shoes and entered the house.

"Daddy, didn't you always say that a tiger father doesn't have a dog son? I am your daughter. Even though I am only a few years old, I am also very powerful. " Feng Nuan Nuan immediately ran in front of Jun Hai Cheng like a dog and folded his arms.

Jun Hai Cheng was grinning from ear to ear. Every time he saw Nuan Nuan, he would be inexplicably happy. She was really a happy little fellow, but what kind of position would he give her?

He had a dilemma in his heart, "Nuan Nuan, you can go to the company, but, for now, there isn't a position suitable for you."

"Let her go." Jun Ao, who had just returned from work, coincidentally overheard the conversation between the two of them.

Because on the day before, he had already "helped" Feng Nuan Nuan to receive an invitation from her to travel abroad.

Feng Nuan Nuan almost jumped in joy when she heard Jun Ao's words.

was in trouble, "What can Nuan Nuan do?"

Jun Ao sat on the sofa opposite him, and said slowly: "You can be my nominal CEO Room Assistant, and will mainly be responsible for helping me run errands, cleaning and cleaning … …"

Jun Hai Cheng frowned deeply as he looked at the little fellow who looked to be in high spirits beside him. "Isn't this a little too difficult?"

"It's not hard at all, Dad. I can do it if I have the strength." Feng Nuan Nuan patted her chest.

"When you arrive at the company, you can't call her my sister, she's just an ordinary employee." Jun Ao added.

"No problem!" Feng Nuan Nuan patted her chest. Isn't it only to keep a low profile that she could do this, she had always kept a low profile. As long as I can see you every day, I'll do anything, my dear! "

Jun Ao frowned, "There is one more point, you are not allowed to call me that in the company!"

Feng Nuan Nuan was startled for a moment, then quickly nodded and agreed.

The corner of Jun Ao's mouth rose slightly, "Then, come to work tomorrow morning."

Feng Nuan Nuan jumped in joy. Jun Hai Cheng, who was at the side, looked at the two of them and was a little confused. The transaction between them was so simple, but he still could not understand.

The next day, Feng Nuan Nuan woke up very early. According to Jun Ao's request, she had to go to work first, which was one hour earlier than CEO.

When she got up, it was still dark. She yawned and almost used the toothpaste as facial lotion.

Because of Jun Ao's rule, he could not ride on his family's car, so Feng Nuan Nuan stood at the bus stop early in the morning and waited for the bus to arrive. Since he had to wait, the bus did not come.

In the end, they were told that it had been a year since they drove this bus here, because this area was filled with rich people. The bus would no longer come here, and what was even more miserable was that there were no taxis here!

But what if she had to go to work at the company?

He waited for a long time, yet he didn't know where the nearest bus stop was …

After eagerly waiting for a long time, he finally saw Jun Ao's car slowly drive over.

Feng Nuan Nuan summoned her and the car stopped.

She went over and opened the car door. When she saw Jun Ao, she could not suppress her excitement.

"My dear …"

Jun Ao glanced to the side, somewhat unhappy, as he seemed to have thought of his reasons.

Lowering his head, he hurriedly changed his words, "CEO … I can't wait for the car. "

The good performance on the first day could be considered as completely ruined. Feng Nuan Nuan said pitifully, "I'll wake up early tomorrow and go to a faraway place to wait for the bus, today … Can you give me a lift first? "

Jun Ao slightly nodded his head, which could be considered as admitting it.

"What, you want me to go to Bali with you?" Feng Nuan Nuan, who was resting in the teahouse, was completely stunned when he received the call from Jun Ao.

"Office matters, don't overthink it!"

When she got home, she had to be really cocky.

Lin Ning Mo's face was also filled with astonishment, until Jun Hai Cheng who had picked up the phone at the back came over and shook his head while smiling.

"What the hell is going on?" Lin Ning Mo asked.

"The reason I sent my son here this time, is mainly to discuss this business. The other party mentioned that they wanted Ai Mi Er to represent them on this project. But for Ai Mi Er, it was not as simple as the endorsement fee. The other party had purposely said that without Ai Mi Er's endorsement, they would not sign the contract. Now that he doesn't know what's going on, and even said that he didn't need Ai Mi Er to endorse him, he told us to sign the contract tomorrow. "

After Jun Hai Cheng finished speaking, even he felt that he had gone a bit wrong …

Lin Ning Mo was a little dizzy when she heard it, but she knew just by listening to the result, this business deal till now, was considered a success.

"Such a big matter, how come I've never heard you mention it before?"

"Before I get no results, I won't announce them to the public. This is the basic principle of my business." Jun Hai Cheng continued: "In order to prepare for this matter, Ao'er and I had been preparing for this for two months. I am ashamed to say that I did not manage to fulfill my responsibilities as a father for Nuan Nuan's college entrance exam."

In front of him, Feng Nuan Nuan used all his strength to jog and even when his legs were in pain, he was still unable to catch up to Jun Ao.

"My dear! "Wait for me!"

"Jun Ao!"

"Xiao Shuan Zi!"

No matter what she called, she would not slow down Jun Ao's speed. Feng Nuan Nuan was a little dissatisfied, but looking at her, what was the difference between her and Wu Kong, who was chasing after the bus!

You can't call him Master, wait for me!

Finally, when he arrived at the foot of the inn, Jun Ao suddenly stopped. Feng Nuan Nuan also didn't have time to stop his footsteps, as he smacked his head on Jun Ao's back.

"Aiyo …" Feng Nuan Nuan painfully covered her head, "Mom, it's so painful that it's killing me …"

"Feng Nuan Nuan, other than complaining to your mother, do you have any other methods?" Jun Ao raised his eyebrows, looking at the little fellow who was in pain behind him, "Also, the college entrance examination results seem to be coming out soon, don't you want to know your results?"

Feng Nuan Nuan was suddenly shocked. How could she have forgotten the most important thing …

Why did Jun Ao, who was usually very cold and taciturn, suddenly have so much to say today?

Feng Nuan Nuan smiled slightly, "Are the college entrance examination results as important as tomorrow's two hundred million?"

Jun Ao frowned and fell silent.

Feng Nuan Nuan laughed wickedly, "Aiyo, my head is hurting. I can't sign the contract with you tomorrow …."