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  The relationship between Tang Ruoxi and Lin Yu could be described as: she was his weakness, he was her strength. Lin was also the richest and most powerful diamond bachelor in S city. Tang Ruochu, the Great Gossip about the rich girls in the sky. The first time they met, she had slept with his person. Seeing her again, he touched her chest. After meeting him three times, she was pregnant with him. Four times, he became her husband. Tang Ruoxi asked, "Why do you have your eyes on me?" Lin also said, "Firstly, you slept with me. Secondly, I also want to sleep with you." A great battle between sleeping and being slept in the marriage thus began.
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"Tang Ruo Chu, what did you do last night that let me down!" Looking at the adult products on the bedside table, the always gentle and considerate Lin Xu bellowed. His handsome face was almost deformed by his anger.

"I, I don't know either..." Tang Ruo Chu hugged his arms, curled up on the bed and stared at the red spots on his arms in a daze.

Last night was the school's graduation ball, so he had to confess to her in front of everyone. She was doted upon by all kinds of people, and Lin Xu, the bright star, had finally landed in her palms. When he woke up in the morning, he was lying in the luxurious suite of a star hotel. He was naked and his clothes were scattered all over the place.

In such a strange environment, she was scared senseless. Although she had been brewing for him to have a romantic night, it still wasn't that fast! In her panic, she dialed his number, but who knew …

"Let's break up." After a long period of silence, Lin Xu walked out of the hotel room without looking back. He was obsessed with cleanliness, and his woman could only belong to him.

Bang... There was a loud sound. The door was trembling, and his heart was about to break. Tang Ruo Chu looked at the tightly closed door, and was stunned for a long time.

"This is so special, I lost love the moment I fell in love …" The sudden coldness was like a hopeless relationship.

The happiest thing in the world is the man you have a crush on, and he has a crush on you, and the most painful thing in the world is that you are somehow sentenced to death as soon as you are together.

Damn it, someone who could calm down and tell him not to cry at a time like this was definitely a special person …

Tang Ruo Chu endured her grief, carefully putting on her clothes and entering the washroom.

"Did I really lose my composure last night?" Her head was still in pain, she looked at her haggard face in the mirror, the scene was too beautiful to look back on, just thinking of Lin Xu's face, made her feel like she was electrocuted, and her head hurt! Thinking about the past is still useful!

What happened last night?

The items on the bedside table were not unsealed, and apart from the clothes scattered on the floor being a little suspicious, everything else in the room was normal. She must still be innocent!

He didn't believe her, so he just let it go …

No one would be able to do without someone else for the rest of their lives. Time would wipe everything out.

Ye Zichen picked up his phone. A dozen missed calls from her cousin and WeChat appeared on the screen.

"Tang Ruo Chu, you devilish brat, where did you die again? Why did you disappear so early in the morning?! Hurry up and come to work! "

"I'll give you half an hour to get there, or else I'll punish you!"

"Half an hour has passed, Tang Ruo Chu you are dead, I have already informed your mother."

Tang Ruo Chu: "..."

Why would a woman make things difficult for her?

"Last night at the school ball, I drank too much and my head still hurt. If there's anything, we can go over in the afternoon." Ah, a headache! His chest hurt even more! It doesn't feel like love anymore.

… ….

"Tang Ruo Chu, you actually knew how to come to work! "Let's see what time it is!" The moment Tang Ruo Chu entered the magazine, he was bombarded by Tang Ruo Lin.

"I'm here, aren't I?" Tang Ruo Chu poured himself a cup of water and slowly sat down to read the magazine. After drinking some water, she crossed her legs and asked solemnly, "Say it, what do you need me to do this time?"

Tang Ruo Lin sighed and walked away silently.

"Yo, this girl has quite the temper." Tang Ruo Chu leaned on the sofa as she flipped through the magazines in boredom.

Not long later, Tang Ruo Lin returned. A pile of documents smashed onto the table with a "pa" sound, she placed her hands on her waist and took a deep breath: "Look at this first."

"Damn, there are so many of them. Do you want to tire me to death?" Tang Ruo Chu took a deep breath and opened the folder.

What entered his vision were four large words: A Brief Introduction to Life.

"Just by looking at these four words, I can tell that it's someone with a story." Tang Ruo Chu ridiculed.

Name: Yee, Chinese name unknown. Gender: Male. Hobby: Female? This is yet to be tested. Age: 26. It was said that one could only look at one's appearance like the heavens and not one's true age... A thick stack of papers, all about this Yee.

It looked like a gay! What was the standard of a peerless beauty? In the past, when she had interviewed famous people, some of them had been flattered to this extent.

"Such a thick book and it's almost a research history book. It's even called an introduction!" Tang Ruo Chu's beautiful eyebrows knitted together, she looked at her cousin: "Where did you get all this information? "Also, with such a huge pile of waste paper and not a single photo, where can I find someone to take a look at this?"

"You don't need to worry about her. You just need to remember that the most graceful, most charismatic and most enchanting man of her age is the one you're looking for. "I will go back tonight and thoroughly study this information. I will naturally see him tomorrow." Tang Ruo Lin stood at the side and said coldly.

The most elegant and charming type, what kind of standard was that? Tang Ruo Chu was conflicted.

"I've never read so much information even when I was studying and preparing for exams. Your concubine can't finish reading it in one night." Tang Ruo Chu retreated into the sofa with her arms crossed. In the past, during the finals, Lin Xu had helped to organize all the studying materials … Sigh, she was always filled with endless sadness whenever she thought of him.

"Who told you to go missing so early in the morning?" Tang Ruo Lin also poured a cup of water for herself, with a face full of disdain: "It's fine if you can't finish, just understand the basic situation, I don't have high requirements for you."

"So?" "What will I do after I finish reading?"

If it was such a simple matter, there wouldn't be a need for her to step in.

"Good question." Tang Ruo Lin gave her a praising look, "Tomorrow, at 12 o'clock sharp, at the news conference in the Sky Region Media, I want you to sneak in and take a picture of this person."

"Are there any other options?" "I'm really not very good at secretly taking photos!" Tang Ruo Chu turned her head. Although she was a gossipy journalist, sheshead her principles. If she could avoid secretly taking photos, that was why she needed to do it. More importantly, she did not want to meet Lin Xu as he was an intern in the Heaven Realm.

"You have no choice. Do it well. I'll give you a vacation and the salary will be paid. I believe that this small matter is not a problem for you. " Tang Ruo Lin patiently and patiently.

"Why does that sound so much like a threat to me?" Tang Ruo Chu turned and looked at her. It wasn't that hard to explain. She knew a lot of people in the Heavenly Realm.

Only, Lin Xu...

"Come on, harlot. The camera is already prepared for you. It's still your favorite brand. As long as you take a photo, it'll be yours." The little girl's thoughts were all in the eyes of the strong lady, Tang Ruo Lin patted her shoulder.

"It sounds a little tempting ~" Tang Ruo Chu stroked her chin.

How could a mere camera move her heart? It was just that she had to slowly get used to it and let the past slide by.