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The Wife in Contract

The Wife in Contract



  A wedding of two brides, she was abandoned on the spot by her fiancé, when she was ridiculed by the crowd, he appeared like Satan, and took away her first kiss. For his sister, he forced her to sign a marriage contract with him. After marrying him, she found out that it was true that he had a five-year-old child, and now, he was ordering people to thoroughly investigate the surrogate pregnancy five years ago … She was suddenly thrown into a panic …
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"Stop, let go of that groom!"

Saint Pia's Cathedral. The wedding of the Wealthy Class Mu Family's daughter, Mu Ya Xin, to the Jane family's Jian Sheng Xi. However, just as the priest was about to witness the marriage, the Cathedral door was suddenly pushed open.

"Is there something wrong with your eyes?" A wedding and another bride? "

"Did you go to the wrong place? "No, you're looking at her as if you're here to snatch the groom?"

Everyone's gaze immediately concentrated on Xia Mu Wan. Xia Mu Wan lifted the wedding dress that didn't really fit him, and couldn't believe her eyes!

Jian Sheng Xi said that they could only rent a place to stay and attend the wedding, so she did not mind. Jian Sheng Xi did not mind Jian Sheng Xi saying that those who could come here were either rich or noble, so she had to run around randomly. Jian Sheng Xi kept on looking at her watch. When Xia Mu Wan made up, there was no one there, or if there was no makeup, there was also no one. Xia Mu Wan still did not mind.

The priest wiped his sweat and said, Bride, you said you would. But I just turned around and got a ring, and the bridegroom was gone again. Go and look for him, he hasn't said I'd like to.

But when Xia Mu Wan held onto the bridal veil and looked around, he discovered that Jian Sheng Xi was holding onto another woman's hand on another divine altar, and Xia Mu Wan said: No! Constant! Medium! Will!

Little bitch, you stole my man!

Xia Mu Wan dug behind the wedding dress that didn't fit him, and took out a scalpel!

"AH!" Why could someone take a scalpel out of a wedding dress?

The atmosphere of the fight for the bride changed from serious to frightening.

That was because Xia Mu Wan was a bitter intern in the medical field. Even at the wedding, he had to wait for the summon and be prepared for an emergency duty.

"Big sister wants to play bandit with me?" However, he did not expect the reaction of the young miss of Mu Family, Mu Ya Xin, to be not fear but excitement. He turned around and took out the knife beside his that was used to cut the wedding cake: "I'm the best at this!"

At the Mu wedding, the wedding cake was custom—made by the royal family with seven layers. In order to match the noble atmosphere, the cake knife was as long as a watermelon knife!

The atmosphere in the room turned from horror to horror.

The scalpel in Xia Mu Wan's hand was not enough, Xia Mu Wan who was rushing forward could not stop her steps, all of her hair was standing on end!

"AHH!" The two women collided.

His blood dripped onto the pure white wedding dress, causing him to wake up with a start.

"Ya Xin!" At this time, Jian Sheng Xi pushed Xia Mu Wan away, "Xia Mu Wan, this is too much, Ya Xin's brain is injured, she is like a child, how can you really stab her?"

"What, is there something wrong with Mu Ya Xin's brain?" All these years, Mu Family had always said that Miss Mu was abroad, but this time, her wedding was very low—key. The entire wedding didn't allow Mu Ya Xin to say a single word, so it was all because of this matter. " One wedding has two brides, Mu Ya Xin is a fool, oh my god! "

The sound of the discussion was enough to overturn the church.

Xia Mu Wan was pushed back two steps before she stopped, the long dress she borrowed almost tripped her over.

A man who had been together for seven years, a man who said that he was his light, and who told him that the couples who were going to be married in Portia would receive the blessings of God, was actually being pushed away by a lover who wanted to marry him here?

"Big brother Sheng Xi, I'm fine, I've won." A cheerful voice rang out. As expected, Mu Ya Xin acted like she did not know anything, proudly showing it to Jian Sheng Xi.

At this time, the pale—faced Xia Mu Wan slowly spread open his palm. On her pure white palm was a wound that ran across her palm, and dark red blood still continuously dripped down.

"Mu Wan..." Mu Yaxin was just like a child, the main reason for the marriage was because the Mu Clan had invested some money into the Jane Group, and the Mu Clan could not injure Mu Yaxin, hence they had to push Xia Mu Wan away anxiously.

He never thought that the one who would be injured, would actually be Mu Wan!

When the groom showed this expression, it was as if a drop of water had been dropped into a pan of oil. "The groom does know this woman!" "He still looks to be distressed, but who would have thought that such a small business like Jane's could climb up to the Mu Family and still dare to steal food!" Mu Family must have lost all her face, for sure she would let the Jian Group see it for herself. "

"This woman really has nothing to do with Jian Sheng Xi!" Suddenly, a voice sounded in a flurry. A middle—aged woman wearing a bright red Chanel suit and heavy makeup stood up.

She was Jian Sheng Xi's mother, Du Yue'er. If the large amount of gambling debts she owed turned into a large deficit for the Jian family, then she could only save the Jian family by forming an alliance between the Mu Family and the Jian family. Once she heard that it would make the people of the Mu Family unhappy, Du Yue'er jumped up as if she was scalded, and pointed at Xia Mu Wan with one hand:

"She was the daughter of a poor family. Her father ran off with someone a long time ago, and her mother died trying to trick insurance into pretending to have a car accident. Leave this uneducated daughter of mine to pester my Sheng Xi, my Sheng Xi is the victim! "

"You, how can you say my mother!" Xia Mu Wan held onto his hand that was oozing blood, the blood had already dyed the pure white wedding dress red by more than half.

"Why can't I say that my own daughter, Ke Er, who she gave birth to, died, and she still hasn't let go of my son!" It's you! If you know what's good for you, hurry up and get out of here! "Get out of here, is St. Peter's a place you can come to?" Du Yuehai was about to jump up.

Du Yueru knew that at this time, she would definitely use the most vicious words to attack Xia Mu Wan in order to make the people of Mu Family believe that her son had nothing to do with this woman.

"Is this woman really that kind of person?"

"So disgusting!"

"Sure enough, they are acting in an unorthodox manner."

"I didn't die …" Du Yue'e's curses made Xia Mu Wan's head buzz. Xia Mu Wan covered his hands, but the pain in his eyes was extremely intense.

Three minutes ago, she had thought that today would be the day she would achieve her full happiness, but this moment was even worse than being stripped naked.

"Enough!" But before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted by someone. Jian Sheng Xi looked deeply at the nearly pale Xia Mu Wan.

Then, he pulled out his hand that was tightly encircled by Mu Ya Xin. All of this was a mistake in the first place, the disaster of a simple family should not be incurred by Xia Mu Wan. He was still a man, so she should not let this mistake continue.

"What?" Jian Sheng Xi walked towards that woman? "

"Could it be that the young miss of Mu Family is the one that has to be abandoned?"

"Unbelievable!" The sound of the waves of discussion could almost tear off the roof of the church!

"Big Brother Sheng Xi, do you not want me anymore, Big Brother Sheng Xi? No, I want big brother Sheng Xi! Big Brother Sheng Xi! " Behind him, Mu Ya Xin was originally quite happy, but when she saw that Jian Sheng Xi had left her side, her delicate face immediately revealed an incomparably sorrowful expression.

Mu Ya Xin pulled Jian Sheng Xi back, her beautiful eyes were filled with tears, and even her throat had straightened. "Big Brother Sheng Xi, don't leave me!"

"Ya Xin, I'm sorry, but the person I love is …" Jian Sheng Xi said seriously to Mu Ya Xin while looking at him.

Her wedding had gone through unimaginable twists and turns. Fortunately, she hadn't been abandoned.

Xia Mu Wan stretched out her hand, like a child saved by the god …

But in the next moment, a huge force grabbed hold of Xia Mu Wan. Before Xia Mu Wan could react to what happened, she crashed into a piece of pure black.

Hm, what's going on? Xia Mu Wan struggled to lift her head, just in time. Her bones were distinct, and her hands, which were better than Jian Sheng Xi's, lifted up her chin.

Then, she suddenly raised Xia Mu Wan's lower jaw and ruthlessly kissed him in the next second.