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My Immortal Husband

My Immortal Husband



  "If you kill this cockroach, I'll be yours from now on …" she promised. Little brother Deity dropped from the sky, instantly killed the pervert, and saved her from death: "As you wish." How can a God not mess with me? What? No way, Great God, I'll obey you! "But you are still a child, is that really okay?" "There's a monster! God save us …" Every thousand years, the Divine King would descend to the mortal realms just to make her fall in love with him! The handsome and affectionate Monster King gathered close to each other, competing to express her love. She was merely a technical college graduate, the company's little security girl. What kind of joke was this?
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"Kacha …."

The thunders and thunders raged, and copper—sized drops of rain fell crazily, as a luxurious commercial vehicle pulled to the side of the road in the rain.

The car door was pushed open. "Putong …" A man fell out of the car, landed in the mud, rolled a few times, got up and dove into the bushes by the side of the road, and ran through the rain.

The man covered his face in anger and closed the door as he grumbled, "You really don't care about face. Do you think you're a pure and innocent girl? Let's see where you can run to!" The beautiful figure ran in the rain. The rain that covered the sky instantly soaked her wet body. Her wet curves attracted many thoughts in the rain.

Gong Ru Yue kept wiping the rain off her face. Looking at the torrential rain, she felt helpless, "Heavens, is that why you treat me like this because I'm too dry and can't grow properly due to lack of rain?"

The lights were bright behind her, the sound of the engine was faintly audible, and the car began to pull away from the road and press its way across the grass toward her.

The driver gave a wretched smile, "Do you think that your two short legs can outrun this car?"

Without a word, she ran deeper into the wilderness by the side of the road, the car chasing her at a steady pace. She kept changing directions, but there was no way she could get out of the wheel behind her.

"Gong Ru Yue, I'll give you a chance, get on the carriage and wait on brother. Don't wait for your legs to break under the pressure before being dragged up again. "Tsk tsk tsk, what beautiful long legs. It's a pity they were broken."

She tripped on something and fell into the grass, her lips pursed in pain.

The car stopped behind her, and the man smiled sinisterly through the window. "Be a good boy and get on the car. Look at your seductive appearance. Don't tell me you're still a virgin. If you are, then you've been dealt with."

"Bang …"

A rock with mud and grass smashed against the window, and she got up to continue running. Mud and water mixed with rain and blood.

The man swore and drove toward her.

As the wheels rolled, she felt the breath of death, and the headlights reflected her fleeing figure. At the bottom of the slope, she slipped and fell, rolling down the slope. The wheel followed her closely, but it refused to slam into her at once, keeping a dangerous distance between them.

She grabbed dirt and grass from the ground, threw everything she could grab at the window. Abominable man, this is a game of cat and mouse: "Oh my god, come a bolt of lightning, take this disgusting cockroach away!"

"Rumble …"

After the dazzling lightning passed, the deafening thunder resounded in the horizon. Bolts of lightning flashed in the dark night sky. In the torrential rain, the desolate night was so quiet that one could not see anyone. A clap of thunder, and an icy blue light appeared in the air.

She stared in astonishment at the strange ball of lightning. "The bad guys should have been struck by lightning, my dear Thunderbolt. They must have struck the bastards in the car."

The driver laughed sinisterly as he rammed into Gong Ru Yue, "This kind of weather, this kind of place, no one would know if we crashed to death. We'll break your legs first, then we'll play with you!"

She turned her head and rolled on the ground, screaming, "Lightning, hack this cockroach to death! From now on, I'm your man!"

The floating blue ball of light seemed to understand her words and instantly rushed towards her and the car that was charging towards her!

She recalled that this ball of light, which she had read about before, was the legendary ball of lightning, an extremely dangerous divine tool that possessed tremendous destructive power. She closed her eyes, "He's dead for sure. Luckily, he died very cleanly …"

Amidst the blinding light, countless electric arcs flashed as the driver stared wide—eyed. He wanted to retreat in panic, but the pain he felt instantly prevented him from opening his eyes. His entire body trembled in pain and bone—deep, he opened his mouth to scream for help but was unable to make a sound.

Zi zi zi …

She lay on her stomach in the wet grass and looked up at the van at the strange sound. Borrowing the lightning's light, the scenery in front of her eyes was empty. The wheel had already arrived in front of her eyes, and was about to crush her legs, where did the carriage and cockroach driver go?

In the darkness, the blue ball of light that was floating in the air disappeared without a trace. She blinked her eyes, "That blue ball of light just now, could it be the rare ball of lightning from the legends? What happened? Could Spherical Lightning have heard my request and taken the cockroach away? "

Thinking of the bastard who had flirted with her being taken away by a bolt of lightning, she excitedly fished out her cell phone, turned on the flashlight, and scanned her surroundings. In the windy and stormy countryside, she was the only one that could be seen by the light.

"There should be corpses and remains even if you hack it to death, right? "Such a big car and such a living person, don't tell me there's not even a speck of it left?"

She squatted down and looked. On the muddy grass, she could clearly see the marks of wheels. They were less than a meter away from her. He followed the track mark and walked more than ten meters but he still couldn't see the car or the driver. It seemed that the rain had seeped into the soil.

The surroundings were pitch black. Only her phone was emitting a faint light. She scratched her head and said, "It's so strange. Eh, there's a light."

A few dark green and yellow lights flickered in the rainy night.

She walked toward the source of the light, hoping it was a car that would take her back to the city. The light suddenly approached her at an extremely fast speed. With the aid of the light from the lightning, she saw that it was not a light, but the eyes of a beast!

"Oh my god, is it really good to play me like this?"

She turned around and ran. A few unknown creatures were charging towards her. Whether they were wild dogs or wolves, none of them were things she could deal with. First she was sent by the company to pick up her clients at the airport. After waiting at the airport for a long time, she was informed that the plane had temporarily landed at another airport due to the heavy rain. After following the company's car home, she was teased by a pervert driver. She desperately pushed open the car door to escape from the wolf's claws and faced a bunch of hungry wolves and vicious dogs!

Wuuuuu, does life have to be so sad?

A few animals that emitted dangerous auras from head to toe got closer and closer to Gong Ru Yue. In the pitch black rain night, they couldn't see whether the one chasing her was a wolf or a dog, they could only run for their lives. Lightning flashed. She turned around and saw that there were about five or six wild beasts. Their bloodthirsty, savage gazes said, "I'll eat you!"

"Could it be a wolf? Isn't this animal rare? "Why would it appear near the airport …"

The two beasts that ran the fastest, were only a few steps away from her. "Dearest Spherical Lightning, quickly come and save me. You can't let your woman be eaten by a hungry wolf!"

As soon as she said that, an icy—blue orb of lightning appeared beside her. It was hard to tell if it was the orb of lightning that had destroyed the car and the driver. She waved her hand. "Ball, I love you so much. Hurry up and kill those hungry wolves, I love you for the rest of my life …"

The two wild beasts jumped up and pounced on her!

She jumped up and threw herself at the ball of lightning. Even if the ball of lightning burned her down, she still had to pull a few wild beasts with her!