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Cunning Darling

Cunning Darling



  The man's black eyes were filled with scorn and ridicule as he said, "Listen, she's taller than you and her legs are longer than yours. How do you think I would fall for you?" Her smile was as bright as spring, and she quickly caught up, "But … "My chest is bigger than hers!" "What did you do?" "The third female lead of the year's most popular drama …" "Stop making it up, it's not you at all." I'm not finished yet. It's the third female. "A close friend whose face has been exposed once …" "An Xin, listen carefully. There will never be a second time that I have touched a woman." "Oh." She extended her finger innocently, "Then we'll skip it a second time, straight to third, fourth... "How about it?" When the cold, cleanly obsessed Virgo man met the dark, vicious little fox, she would be as shameless as she was merciless. Who submitted to who, and who schemed against who?
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It was a romantic night.

By the harbor, the six star Yuninsburg Hotel was shining like a mermaid.

Tonight, the big boss of the 'Yuninsburg', CEO Xu Yu Cheng, was going to hold the engagement ceremony with the popular female celebrity, Miss Yin Qi, who was doted upon by countless fans!

Xu Yu Cheng, twenty—nine years old. He had taken over as CEO of the Xu family three years ago. Height 185, jade—like short hair set off a cold, marble—like face, handsome and charming as a combination of angel and devil. Not to mention that he had two doctorates and three master's degrees with an IQ of over 150. The most important thing was that he had never had any kind of messy scandal, and he had never been photographed in Lianlian Night's Shop. He was clean, disciplined, and always the same, never opened more than two buttons, never being alone with a female secretary, and all his business was discussed in the meeting room. He was a typical virgin, meticulous, and he was a germaphobic.

After being photographed holding hands with Yin Qi six months ago during their overseas vacation, their relationship had only been announced!

How could such a man not be coveted by all the women in the city?

Countless of paparazzi squatted at the entrance of the banquet hall, wanting to film the scene of the divine couple embracing and kissing at the first moment!

Ten minutes to eleven.

Five minutes to eleven.

One minute before eleven.

Finally, the bell rang!

Countless fireworks exploded in the night sky, causing the already beautiful Moon's Night Harbor to become even more charming and enchanting.

Inside the hall, the rose ball had also burst open from the dome. Countless pink dreamy petals had fallen!

It fell onto the female lead who was standing in the banquet hall!

Everyone finally felt that something wasn't right. Strange, where did the groom go?

Could it be that he had changed his mind and wasn't engaged?

Or should he give everyone a surprise?

Or was it shock?

At this moment, room 7001, presidential suite.

The sound of running water could be heard in the bathroom.

Under the beige light, a man whose figure was enough to make one's heart race and make one's blood boil was taking a bath.

Droplets of water sprinkled on his broad shoulders, flowing greedily down along the muscles of his back that were perfectly filled with strength.

Wide—shouldered, hump—waisted, long—legged.

Ivory skin, noble and sexy.

Every inch of it was just the best carving of God.

Inside the room, it was dark.

An alluring fruit fragrance wafted beside the incomparably comfortable bed, carrying with it a trace of the sweet and innocent taste of a young girl. However, it combined with the warm and cozy atmosphere that had just occurred in the room, causing one's heart to tremble.

Anyone could feel what had just happened on this bed.

The girl lay quietly under the quilt, curled up into a ball.

Her petite body was barely visible under the sheet.

Her beautiful black eyes were covered by thick eyelashes, revealing a deep pain and sharpness.

Listening to the sound of water in the bathroom, her eyes became hazy as she hugged her body. She felt as if her entire body was being torn apart. The smell of a man was still imprinted on her collarbone, her earlobes, her chest, and … Elsewhere.

She was in pain. Not only physically, but also mentally!

Why did she give it to this man for the first time?!

She had clearly planned things well. When the man stooped down to kiss her and untied her clothes, there should have been several reporters with short spears who had already knocked on the door and rushed in. They had immediately caught the top news of how CEO Xu Yu Cheng of the Xu family had once had a romantic time with a minor star on the night of their engagement.

At that time, his reputation would be in ruins. It would only take a few minutes!

However, he took off her clothes. No one came in, he took off his clothes, and no one came in!

She had become his fish!

The young girl fiercely gritted her teeth. She did not want to recall what happened just now. What happened just now was like a nightmare to her! A hysterical torture!

The man's voice sounded from the bathroom door: "Small Qi, it's time to wake up."

The young girl covered her head and did not say a word.

Gradually, a trace of a cold smile appeared on her pained and elegant face.

Since he had seized her innocence, then let this act of his become even more realistic!

Xu Yu Cheng, Yin Qi, this is a huge gift that I, An Xin, have given you all!

"Small Qi?"

Xu Yu Cheng dried off the water droplets on his body, used a beige Angolan plush towel to cover his waist and slowly walked to the bedside barefooted.

Her steps were the reserved and graceful manner of a Virgo man.

The reflection in the mirror was even more alluring than the big man's underwear advertisement.

An Xin closed her eyes, she was still hiding behind the blanket, exposing only her long, soft, pitch—black hair.

Looking at his long hair, Xu Yu Cheng's heart softened and he extended his hand.

Was he being too impulsive?

In the half a year of being in love with Yin Qi, even though she had embraced and kissed him, she had always been respectful and never took a step over him.

But just now, she got her assistant to send a message to him, saying that they were waiting for her in the room above. With a mysterious present for him, the moment she opened the door, she smelled this sweet fruit fragrance.

Then, she threw herself into his embrace, saying that she had a fever and her tongue was wrapped around his, taking the initiative to kiss him!

What happened next was very natural. He was originally the most meticulous and meticulous Virgo man, but all the men, at some point, were all primordial wild beasts.

That kind of feeling was too strong. It knocked his mind, which was originally as calm as ice, unconscious. It was like a bomb had exploded …

However, he never expected that this would be the first time!

Forget it, the two of them were getting engaged tonight anyway. In the future, he would forget about the past and treat her well.

After putting on his clothes, he meticulously smoothed out the creases on his clothes until he was sure that nothing was amiss, then looked at Jiang Shi Danton on his wrist and softly said, "Get up and put on your clothes, there are still twenty minutes until eleven. When we've finished this engagement, I'll properly love you …"

When he said the word "love you", he felt slightly surprised.

He hadn't spoken such sweet words in three years.

An Xin laughed coldly with the man under the blanket. Her beautiful face carried a trace of ruthlessness.

She stretched out one of her round, fair arms, which was round and cute, like butter that could melt at any time in the darkness. She rubbed her fingers against his hand that was placed beside the bed, and said in a dazed voice, as if she was still intoxicated by the previous scene: "Wait …" Wait a minute. I... "So tired..."

The stupid man, the rutting stallion, had no idea that when he went to the bathroom, she had secretly set his Jiangshi Danton watch back twenty minutes.

It was now eleven o'clock.

In the banquet hall downstairs, it must have been filled. All the big families and media were waiting for the young president and the couple to make a marriage, and fireworks were blooming in the port, singing the praises of the beauty of love.

But the bridegroom was in her bed!

Furthermore, An Xin really wanted to laugh out loud. It was like she was filming an advertisement, pretending to be unconscious. Her voice was extremely hoarse and sexy, but Xu Yu Cheng could not make out that she was not Yin Qi!

Men are creatures of the lower body! Even the miraculous characters of the shopping mall who had been swift and decisive since they took office, who had cleared out all the opposition groups, and who had boosted the performance of the hotels under the Xu family by 30%, had the same thing!

Even if you slept with a woman, you still wouldn't know who she is!

With XX as his brain, his IQ was zero!