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Enjoy the Love

Enjoy the Love



  Six years ago she ran away with the ball and six years later he came to collect his debts; he was the boss in front of her and wanted her heart; the man behind her was the husband, a hungry wolf in human skin, who pulled her into his training every night; she stared at the man lying next to her with a sore back, "Didn't you say I'd sleep in my room after the marriage and you'd sleep in the study?" The hubby Ruffian hugged her, "Wife, the study room is so cold." The cute girl looked at her father with disdain, "Let go of Mommy, it's shameful to act cute!" "Why can you act cute?" I am your son! " The young boy's face was filled with pride. The man raised an eyebrow. "I'm still your grandpa's son!" Su Only held his forehead. "Can I return the goods?" The two of them turned their heads together and said, "No way!"
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Su Wei Yi suddenly stood up with her hands on the table, her eyes wide: "Marriage?"

The man sitting across from him was well—dressed and nodded with a smile. "Yes."

"We've only met a few times, it's too sudden …" Su Wei Yi's heart thumped twice, but before she could regain her senses, the man opposite him had already reached out to grab her hand, looking deep in her eyes.

"The only thing is, although we've only met a few times, I've already fallen for you. This time, I want to formally propose to you!" The man then took out a embroidered box and handed it over to Su Wei Yi. "The only thing you can do is marry me."

Su Wei Yi was stunned, at this time, a cold light swept over, her shocked expression was as though she had seen a ghost.

What the hell?

The man subconsciously turned his head and coincidentally met a pair of cold eyes. Immediately, a cold wind pressed down on his heart, causing his body to uncontrollably tremble.

Both of Lu Sheng Mo's hands were in his pockets as he walked in with big strides with a cold face. His tall and upright figure and his aura was cold and hard like a mountain.

With his incomparably handsome face, muscular body, and noble disposition, he had attracted the attention of almost everyone the moment he entered the door.

The coffee shop that was originally quiet instantly became eerily quiet, to the point that the sound of a needle hitting the floor could be heard.

Su Wei Yi went silent and slowly sat down.

Lu Sheng Mo walked to her side and pulled over a chair, casually sitting down.

"You are?" The man was puzzled.

Lu Sheng Mo looked at Su Wei Yi, and she sighed as she introduced him: "My boss, Lu Sheng Mo."

"Boss?" The man was astonished. He was still thinking about the other person's cold gaze sweeping over him when he smiled embarrassedly, "Hello, I'm your only boyfriend …"

Before he finished introducing himself, Lu Sheng Mo raised his eyebrow and glanced at Su Wei Yi: "Boyfriend? I didn't hear you mention it. "

"This Mr. Lu, you are the only boss, the only one who doesn't need to report his private matters to you." The man rebutted him when he saw that he was not going to give him face.

Lu Sheng Mo laughed faintly, with ridicule in his eyes, he supported his face with one hand and turned to Su Wei Yi: "The only thing is, you tell him what relationship I have with you."

Does it matter?

The man's ears moved, and he looked at Su Wei Yi.

scolded Lu Sheng Mo a few hundred times in his heart. The scene from six years ago flashed through his mind, as he panicked and panicked.


That night, he was obviously drunk …

"The only one!"

"Su Wei Yi..."

the two men asked at the same time.

Su Wei Yi was sweating profusely. In the end, she slammed on the table and stood up abruptly.

"I'm going to the bathroom!"

… ….

Su Wei Yi stood in front of the washstand, she continuously splashed water on her face in an attempt to calm herself down, but her heart was still thumping hard.

The door opened and closed.

Turning his head, Lu Sheng Mo crossed his arms across his chest and leaned against the door.

Her small heart trembled, and Su Wei Yi took a step back. "You, why did you come in, this is the female restroom!"

Lu Sheng Mo lowered both of his hands and forced her to stand in front of him. He opened his arms and trapped her in front of the washstand, then leaned forward.

"Hot?" Every time she felt guilty, her face would turn hot.

With his handsome face right in front of his eyes, Su Wei Yi felt his heart beating quickly, as if it was about to jump out of his throat.

However, Lu Sheng Mo didn't move at all, and just like that, her cheek brushed past his lips. In an instant, a warm feeling flowed through her heart, as though he was about to make his move.

Su Wei Yi was stunned.

Ambiguous, entangled breathing.