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His Naughty Beauty

His Naughty Beauty



  After Jin Chu Yang was dug out of the wall by his sister, he used the wine to bolster his courage to "court" a man. When I woke up, I found that I was penniless, so I dropped an unsigned promissory note and ran away. But who could tell her what was going on? Why was there her signature on the promissory note, and even the signature – Money, debt, and flesh paid! Generation! Son! One day, Jin Jiuyang leaned on that old broken waist, pointed at that "proof of crime" on the bed sheet, gnashed his teeth and asked, "Bastard, didn't you say that you had already been taken advantage of by me? Then what is this? What is this? "What is this!?" This was clearly her first time! Bastard, he actually tricked her for so long! With a calm and composed demeanor, he leisurely jumped onto the bed. "Good girl, you've already gone to sleep. Stop messing around, it's more practical to make a son as soon as possible."
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When Jin Chu Yang woke up, what entered into her eyes was a beautiful and beautiful crystal lamp, and then, a pure white ceiling.

His head swelled up, his entire body seemed to be floating, and his mind was in a mess.

He raised his hand to pat his forehead, but realized that his hand was suppressed by something.

Turning his head …

"Boom!" With a sound, Jin Chu Yang's entire person seemed to have been struck by lightning.

Beside her lay a man, a man, a man! One! Mo! Life! Male! Human!

He was facing her right now, and his hand … It rested on top of her, pressing down on her hands. More accurately speaking, it should be his arm that was across her chest, pressing down on her.

Most importantly, why was he not wearing any clothes? And she wasn't wearing any clothes!

Jin Chu Yang's face was twitching violently, she was not sure if she was also not wearing any clothes underneath. However, she could feel that her waist was sore.

Also, there seemed to be something pressing against her … The butt!

Another "boom" rang out. She felt as if her mind had gone blank. She did not need to think to know what had happened.

Yesterday, she was dug out by her most intimate cousin. Then, she stepped on Yan Shuo, that bastard, and ran to a bar to borrow alcohol to get rid of her worries. In the end, she got drunk and fell into bed with an unfamiliar man.


Mommy, Mia!

Wine was really not a good thing. It was a mistake, but it was also a mistake!

She moved carefully and carefully, holding her breath as she raised the arm across her chest. Then she wiggled out of the arm like an earthworm.

The man suddenly flipped over, scaring Jin Chu Yang to the point that he almost fell to the ground. Thus, he did not wake up. He rolled over, let out a light snort, and went back to sleep.

However, when Jin Chu Yang saw the man's back, he was unable to remain calm.

Heavens, just how many bottles of wine had she drunk yesterday that made her look so crazy!

The man's back, which was the color of wheat, was covered in deep and shallow scratches. It was as if a wild cat had scratched it; it was simply unbearable to look at.


Jin Chu Yang patted her head with a face full of regret, and then, her palm became stained with sweat. Furthermore, his legs didn't seem to belong to him. They were trembling slightly, and between his legs was an aching pain.

Beneath the man's body, there seemed to be traces of red blood.

Jin Chu Yang facepalmed herself once again, hurriedly picked up the clothes that was thrown on the ground, and quietly and quickly dressed herself.

Forget it, he would just treat it as hooking a duck and sell his first time!

He comforted himself and started to look for his bag, but there wasn't even a shadow of him. Suddenly, he remembered that he had been too sad yesterday. He didn't know when he lost his bag.

It was like a drizzle in the rain.

Seeing the note and pen on the table, he picked up the pen and wrote down a promissory note: Today's arrears are one hundred yuan.

He didn't write down his family name, but left his pen and ran away in a panic.

Just as Jin Chu Yang was about to open the door, the man lying on the bed turned around and laid down again.

His unfathomable eyes contained a hint of playfulness as he stared straight at the door that was slowly closing. The corner of his mouth curled up into a thought—provoking smile.

"Jin Chu Yang, can you escape?" The man's narrow and profound voice echoed in the room for a long time.

When he saw the one hundred yuan promissory note on the table, the veins on his forehead bulged and his eyes filled with malice.

"Very good! A hundred dollars? Sing! At the beginning! "Yang!"

… ….

"Chu Yang!" Jin Chu Yang had just gotten off the car, and because she had no money on her, she told the driver that she should go upstairs to get the money.

Who knew that the moment she got off the car, she would hear a voice that she didn't want to hear for the rest of her life?

Tang Yi Ru looked at sher with an anxious and worried expression. Seeing that she was fine, he finally let out a long sigh of relief.

He walked towards her and asked worriedly, "Where did you go? Why didn't you come home all night? Uncle and Aunt are worried to death. "

Jin Chu Yang shot a cold glance at her, and said to the driver, "Master, wait a moment, I'll be right down." With that, she ignored Tang Yi Ru and headed towards the door.

"Master, how much does she owe?" Tang Yi Ru bent her body and asked the driver.

"One hundred and five." When the driver saw that someone was asking, he naturally replied quickly. If she got on the car and refused to get off, then wouldn't his fare be thrown into the river?

Tang Yi Ru took out one hundred and one and gave it to the driver, smiling as he said, "Thank you, there's no need to look for me."

"What are you doing?" Who asked you to pay! "

Jin Chu Yang rushed over, wanting to stop her, but the driver had already accepted it, "Master, please return the money to her, I will take it down immediately."

The driver obviously wasn't that stupid. He put the money in his bag and said with a smile.

"Girl, I won't wait for you, just return the money to this girl." After saying that, he stepped on the throttle and sped away.

Jin Chu Yang angrily stomped her foot. Following her stomp, another wave of pain came from between her legs. She was so angry that she cursed that strange man in her heart.

"Chu Yang, can you listen to what I have to say!?" When Jin Chu Yang turned around, she shouted loudly at her.

glared at her coldly with a trace of ridicule in his eyes.

"Alright, speak! What else do you want to say? Haven't I seen enough yesterday?

Tang Yi Ru, what else can you say? Is it because all the men in this world have died and you have to think about my man? "

"Your man? "Hahaha!" Tang Yi Ru let out a cold laugh, which similarly carried a hint of ridicule.

"Jin Chu Yang, you really know how to speak lies with your eyes open! Is Yan Shuo really your man? Who actually knew Yan Shuo first?

Who robbed whose man? Is it because I'm staying at your house that I have to give you the man I like?

Is this how I repay your family for adopting me? If that's the case, can I not stay in your house? "

"Tang Yi Ru, so this is what you think?" Jin Chu Yang looked at her expressionlessly.

"So it turns out that we've only raised an ingrate! The love that my parents have for you is actually like this in your eyes!

Alright, from now on, you don't have to appear in my house anymore. We just think of it as having a stray dog! Anyway, you're rich now!

I will transfer the money just now to your bank card. Also, thank you for allowing me to clearly see the true face of that scumbag Yan Shuo. "Take care, farewell!"

With that, he turned around and walked toward the door.

Tang Yi Ru stood in place as her face alternated between green and red, while her eyes shot out fiery light.

Her two hands that were at her sides were clenched into fists, her long nails digging deep into her palms, but she felt no pain at all.

Jin Chu Yang stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom, looked at her bruised body, and muttered a curse, "Bastard!"