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My Naughty Professor

My Naughty Professor



  He was the third son of the Mu Family and the most terrifying gunpowder expert. He was a decisive killer and a wise man. She had a matchmaker, the third son of the Mu family. It was said that he was short, ugly, fat, and old, and also had a beer belly! After an accident and a night of insanity, her waist and legs were sore as she crawled up from his embrace and fled in a sorry state. When they met again, he told her, "I'm your matchmaker." "That's impossible, my matchmaking partner is ugly!" "Look at my face and speak." "He even grew pimples all over his face!" Is that so? I feel like I've got hormones all over my face. " "He has a beer belly!" "I only have abdominal muscles, eight." Hey, what are you doing! "I have no intention of touching it!"
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A man.

Two men.

Three men.

… ….

A hundred men!

This was already the 100th man to pass by the window, his matchmaking partner still hadn't arrived yet.

Lin Su finished her third glass of orange juice and looked at the time. Very good, her date was a full three hours late.

What a big card.

Did he get into a car accident on the way? Or was she blackmailed while helping Grandma across the street? Or... He had no intention of coming over.

Hmph, Lin Su touched her nose, she was played around by a stranger, it was so awkward, she never came back to this coffee shop again.

As she was about to leave, she remembered that she had the guy's phone number.

After thinking for a moment, he dialed.

Being so extravagantly set up, if he couldn't explain the whole story, he had to scold them to vent his anger!

The phone beeped twice, and Lin Su had already thought of the words that she wanted to curse at, "Isn't it just the Mu Family's Third Young Master? I don't care about it! " Or, "You're three hours late for a blind date, I wish you a lifetime alone!" "What's there to be proud of, one day …"

"Who is it?" A cold, impatient voice came through the receiver.

Lin Su was startled, her mouth wide open, what was this strange Qi field? She had forgotten all that she had been thinking.

"Oh... Excuse me, are you Mr. Mou Mu Ting Han? " Lin Su had finally found his voice, but only now did he realize why he was being so courteous to him!

The other party went silent for a moment, and then Lin Su heard him say a single word.

The word "hmm" sounded even more distant, as if it was going to hang up at any moment.

Lin Su hurriedly said. Today, you and I had an appointment at the Sunshine Coffee Shop. Why didn't you come? "

"I don't want to go." It was just two simple words.

Lin Su: "..."

When he wanted to say something, Mu Ting Han had already hung up. He was so angry that he stood at the entrance gasping for breath.

How could there be such an outrageous man who had waited for her for three hours only to say, "I don't want to go"?

Lin Su clenched her teeth and gave Mu Ting Han a second call. She thought that she would not be scared by his aura this time, she had to think things through clearly!

Within the shooting—range.

Mu Ting Han was holding onto a handgun, and there was a target 50 metres away. He, who had always been easy to hit, now that Lin Su had made his second call, the bullet directly flew out of the target.

0 rings? It was the first time in more than twenty years.

His phone was still ringing, Lin Su obviously had no intention to stop.

Mu Ting Han looked at his phone, his eyes filled with light.

Then, he suddenly raised the pistol and fired at the center of the target. When all the bullets were gone, he took a look at the white smoke on the muzzle of the gun and casually threw it away.

It was true that he was in a bad mood after making 0 rings for the first time in the world.

Very bad.

Mu Ting Han sat on the rattan chair, his golden legs casually crossed. With a snort, he picked up the phone and pressed answer.

"How did I offend you? I've been waiting for you for three hours, so at least give me a reason why you aren't coming. " The woman's questioning voice immediately came over the phone. Apparently, she was in a bad mood too, "If you don't have a reason …"

"Ugly." Mu Ting Han pursed his lips.

Lin Su, "... "Huh?"

Just as he was at a loss, Mu Ting Han's deep voice sounded out.

"Miss Lin, in fact, I have a mirror in front of me. On my irregular face, there are eighteen pimples on the left side and twenty—one pimples on the right side, each of them is very full and full of oil, and in addition, if you are going to be pregnant in the next eight months, you can come and compare their size with me. I think that I won't lose in terms of size, but if you want to compare their height, you can get a sense of superiority from me."

Lin Su: "..."

Without waiting for Lin Su's response, Mu Ting Han hung up the phone a second time.

"Hahahaha!" A burst of laughter came from not too far away, "Why aren't you continuing? I haven't heard enough. So the dignified Professor Mu Da is actually a short, fat and ugly oily pimpled man?" "Hahaha, I'll die laughing."

"Song Yi Bai." Mu Ting Han pointed the gun at the man who was laughing so hard that he looked nothing like a human. His dagger—like eyes gave off a cold light as he slowly said, "Based on the gun's primordial flame principle and the golden warhead's external force, I can cut off more than 100 strands of your hair from this angle without harming your scalp. What do you think?"

"How about what?!" Song Yi Bai immediately grabbed onto his own head, Mu Ting Han said that it was possible to have his hair cut, he did not want to change into a Mediterranean hairstyle, and immediately said: I'm wrong, Professor Mu, I should not have eavesdropped on your phone, I was really wrong!

Only then did Mu Ting Han retract the gun, with a snort, he used his fingers to rub the muzzle of the gun.

"I heard that the young lady of Lin Family is beautiful and cute, and she studies music, so her temperament is not bad." Song Yi Bai saw that he had saved his hair, and heaved a sigh of relief, "If you don't go and take a look, aren't you afraid of regretting it?"

Mu Ting Han was noncommittal. He shook his red wine cup and took a sip gracefully. He didn't care about what Song Yi Bai said at all.

For a self—disciplined, to the point where he was abnormal, the 'O' Ring was clearly outside of Mu Ting Han's acceptable range.

"Sigh, forget it. For a person like you, even if you went on a blind date, it would still be a disaster for that lady." Song Yi Bai was speechless towards this young gunpowder expert, this was not the first time he saw Mu Ting Han being so rude to a woman.

"Why don't I bring you to a good place tonight?" Song Yi Bai patted his chest.

Mu Ting Han looked up and glanced at him, "Good place?"

That's right, that place is called Immortal Workshop, once you enter, you will be an immortal. No matter what you want to do, I'll bring you to experience a woman's charm …

"Not going." Song Yi Bai had not finished speaking when he interrupted him, his face turning even darker.

To a self—disciplined, to the point of being abnormal, the Immortal Workshop had obviously exceeded Mu Ting Han's acceptable range. He stood up, flicked the dust off his sleeves, and left indifferently.

"Third Young Master Mu, you're 28 this year, not 78. Can you not pretend to be tall and proper all day?" Men all have needs. Fuck, don't tell me you like men … "

Mu Ting Han picked up the gun that he casually threw away and aimed it at Song Yi Bai's hair, "Song Yi Bai, I think it's time for you to change your hairstyle."

"AHHHHHHHHH, I DON'T SAY!" Song Yi Bai screamed, and anxiously held onto her fine hair once again, letting out a long sigh, "You can just be Mr. Abstinence, since I'm going to find my little sister Litchi tonight, you won't be able to understand the feeling of gentleness."

"Little Sister Litchi?" Mu Ting Han raised his eyebrows.

"Why?" Song Yi Bai saw a flash of interest on his face.

"Alright, I'll go."