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A Revenge Game

A Revenge Game



  Her encounter with him had been a long plot, destined to hurt. Five years later, he forced her to the corner of the wall. His tall body pressed down, and Qiao Xinlian's face paled, "Yan Yilang, what exactly do you want?" How about a revenge game?! " His words caused her heart to skip a beat. Then, a domineering voice sounded out, "Qiao Xinlian, from the moment you provoke me, you must be prepared to bear the consequences!" As his mind reeled, he recalled the little by little events that had occurred together. He should have hated them, but why did his heart ache so much that he was unable to breathe? She thought that the nightmare was about to begin, but she didn't realize that this man who repeatedly threatened to abuse her had given her a supreme doting. She swallowed hard and asked him, "Yan Yilang, why?" His thin lips moved and his hoarse voice came out, "I can't bear to hurt you!"
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The chilly wind of the night was like a ferocious ghost, rapidly attacking the ruins of the house that was not far away from the city. The gloomy ruins were completely silent, as if they were announcing the calm before the storm.

The sound of water dripping brought endless terror to these ruins.

curled into a corner of the basement of the house. His entire body was covered with scars and his clothes were tattered beyond recognition.

"Xin Xin, is that you? "Conspiracy?" A gentle male voice came from the entrance of the basement and tried to ask. Seeing that there was no response, he waved his flashlight in the direction of the basement and cautiously took a step towards the entrance.

"Xin Xin, if you are here, just answer me."

The light from the flashlight flickered, stinging Qiao Xin You's eyes. Like an eagle's eyes, it waited coldly for the dark figure at the entrance of the cave.

The boy walked into the basement step by step, his heavy footsteps accompanied by the sound of dripping water.

The flashlight stabbed her like a thorn.

"Xin Xin, so you are here? I told you not to. " When Yan Yi Lang saw that Qiao Xin You was still safe and sound, he heaved a sigh of relief and quickly walked to the corner of her curled up body.

The light from the flashlight grew brighter and brighter, illuminating the entire basement, covering every corner, every inch of her skin, the red and swollen scars on her skin.

When Yan Yi Lang's gaze met with the scar, he was so scared that his hands trembled violently. The flashlight was like possessed by a devil as it fell down thudding to the ground, and a loud "Pah" sound made Qiao Xin You's tears burst out.

Yan Yi Lang ran over and squatted down worriedly, he held her shoulders tightly, "Xin Xin, what's wrong? "Why are you injured?"

Qiao Xin You lowered his head and sobbed softly. His tears fell onto the ground like the eerie sound of dripping water.

Seeing that Qiao Xin You did not answer, Yan Yi Lang became even more anxious, and grabbed her shoulders as if he was crazy, and asked: "Tell me, what happened? Who dares to bully you, I must kill him! "

She retracted her cold eyes and raised them to look at him with pitiful eyes. "Yi Lang, I'm so scared!"

Seeing Qiao Xin You's body that was riddled with scars, no matter how strong Yan Yi Lang's heart was, it was smashed and pierced by her pitiful voice.

"Don't worry, I'm here. I'll protect you." Yan Yi Lang embraced her.

At the same time, the harsh sound of police cars could be heard from outside. The bright light illuminated the entire ruins, burning the entire dark sky like fire.

Countless policemen surrounded the ruins and rushed into the small basement.

"Let go of the hostages! You still have a way to go if you let go of the hostage, or you'll be punished by the law. " The leader of the police gave a shout and swung the torchlight around, finally casting all the light on the two men in the corner.

Yan Yi Lang turned his head back abruptly, the light piercing into his eyes like a knife.

The policeman shouted again, harshly and harshly: "Kidnapper, if you ever do anything to harm a hostage, you'll never get out of this basement."

Yan Yi Lang's mind was a mess, he opened his eyes wide, intending to search for his current situation through the glaring light.

He frowned and was about to ask Qiao Xin You when he saw a petite body struggle out of his embrace, mercilessly push him away, and then quickly run towards where the police was.

His disheveled appearance and the scars on his body were proof of this.

Yan Yi Lang was pushed so hard that he could not defend, he fell down hard onto the ground, his blurry eyes watched as she rushed out of his embrace, slowly becoming more and more clear, as though it was his heart.