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Spoil Wife To Extreme

Spoil Wife To Extreme



  "Marry me and I'll avenge you!" After being betrayed by her stepsister and boyfriend and being framed by her vicious stepmother, she lost her virginity to an unfamiliar man on the night of her wedding. He had initially thought that he had fallen to the bottom and did not want to be proposed to the president of the empire that night! Lu Bai was the CEO of Asia's number one multinational group, the most terrifying man in the business world. Rumor has it that he had the largest financial empire behind him, and there had never been a woman by his side before. An Xia'er thought, who cares about him? It was best to be her CEO's wife and torture trash. However, life after marriage gradually changed — "What do you mean? Didn't you say that we were secretly married? " "Wifey, I will definitely hide. I will also tell the whole world to come and hide for us." "The prenuptial agreement can't be announced, right?" "The prenuptial agreement also says that you have to give me a child …" The CEO doted on her to the heavens and pampered her. One child, three treasures had come! An Xia'er, who was supporting herself on the waist, was dumbfounded. This coquettish old man, Big Ash Wolf!
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Tonight was the engagement feast of Mu Group's Crown Prince and Second Miss's An Xia Er!

"Sicheng... In which room? " Before the wedding ceremony, An Xia Er left the banquet hall with a heavy head and a phone call.

"8607." Moose City's voice was cold and detached, as if he was suppressing the love he had for her in the past.

"Sister Qi Er said that you want to give me a surprise before our wedding ceremony?" An Xia Er's cute dimpled cheeks, and her small red face, "... Are you going to turn me into your man first? But let's keep our first one until we get married. We've been waiting for two years anyway. "

"I'm not joking with you, hurry up and come up."

Moose City hung up.

Was he already impatient to have her?

An Xia Er blinked his eyes. She's only nineteen, could it be...

It should be fine. Anyway, he would soon be her fiancé, right? She really loved Moose City.

An Xia Er walked along the hotel corridor with shaky steps. His delicate and pretty face was slightly smoky, and he was wearing a short—sleeved champagne canel dress with slanted shoulders.

"Strange, he obviously didn't drink much …" She patted her forehead as her vision gradually turned blurry.

In the banquet hall, she did not plan to drink, but Mrs. Ann had insisted that she drink a little with her guests and friends, as well as with some of the elites of her family.

Stepping into the elevator, An Xia Er blurrily pressed the number on the 66th floor, but he didn't think that he would need to press the 8th floor.

Hotel 8th floor, VIP level.

When An Xia Er got out of the elevator, he immediately ran towards the room that Moose City had told him about. The 8 and 6 people did not see her clearly again and when he arrived in front of room 8807, she raised his fist and knocked on the door.

"Come in." A sexy bass voice came from inside.

Just one word was enough to stir people's hearts.

An Xia Er pushed the door open and entered, smiling intoxicatedly. "Si Cheng, when did your voice become so low?

The room in front of him was dark, but he could just make out the outline of a rich and luxurious home, and the enormous bed — a presidential suite.

The air in the room was filled with the strong, clear scent of men's perfume.

"Sicheng..." She leaned against the wall and collapsed onto the big, comfortable bed. "Where are you?"

She could not help but feel hot, which made her feel uncomfortable.

An Xia Er tugged on his clothes …

The sound of water splashing could be heard from the bathroom. After a while, a tall and handsome figure walked out.

Under the dim light, the man wore a bathrobe. On his exposed chest, the lines of his chest muscles could be vaguely seen. Sparkling droplets of water dripped down from his chest.

— A man breathtakingly handsome.

In the dim light, the man's brown eyes looked at the woman, his voice magnetic and beautiful.

"Who are you?"

"Hot …" An Xia Er's tender lips slightly opened, "I want to take off my clothes …"

After her adoptive mother gave her that cup of wine, her entire body felt like it was warming up. Now, her consciousness was gradually fading away.

The man threw the towel that was used to wipe his hair aside and pulled her arm. "Get up, you're in the wrong room —"

"Sicheng..." An Xia Er took the chance and wrapped his arms around the man's neck, laughing, "I'm here … … "You have to take responsibility for me ~ ~"

The man was jerked back by her and immediately put a hand on the side of her head, almost covering her entirely.