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Find Him, Mommy

Find Him, Mommy



  Her son asked her who her father was, gritted his teeth and said three words to kill a thousand times over. Who knew that this person would exist in the entire Eastern Xuan Continent? The original owner had even married a foolish prince. Yue Xi was watching over you as if you were a weak person obstructing me from making a fortune. However, the foolish and adorable person was actually very strong and black-hearted on the outside. Indeed, one should not judge a book by its cover!
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The dangerous aura that was being emitted from the tomb in the western suburbs of Yuelin was like a ferocious beast leaving its nest as it rolled over uncontrollably.

"Quickly, the Emperor Fire is about to appear. We cannot let the other families obtain it!"

"Quick, don't let them find the Emperor Fire first!"

The sound of the horses galloping was loud enough to be heard.

At the side of the ancient tomb, on a large tree that reached the sky, no one was able to detect the frightening aura of emerald green in the midst of a dark and strange atmosphere.

Yue Xi lay on the branch on her side, her entire body suspended in the air like a little dragon girl.

"Little ball, which one of these people are the My father's?"

The leaves parted, making it impossible to see the young boy's facial features. Only a pair of bright, innocent eyes were looking around with a peculiar twinkle in them.

The ball he was talking about was something round and dark, called a ball, held in his arms.

Little Ball was unable to make a sound while it was shaking. Yue Bao said in an experienced manner: "You also agree that I should follow them!"

A sly glint flashed across Yue Bao's eyes, and just as he jumped down, his body landed in the embrace of the emerald green clothed lady. Yue Bao cracked his neat teeth and laughed: "Mother, a villain has entered our home!"

He went to chase them away. Yue Xi did not open his eyes, and spoke with a displeased tone: "Killing without mercy, didn't I already tell you that? All the cats and dogs that didn't come to this tomb are your dad's! "

"But mother, Uncle Mute also said that the last time father came, it was when fire was born!"

The corner of Yue Xi's mouth twitched, and her eyes opened, revealing a powerful stance as she picked up his son's ear, "Mute Uncle, you will believe anything that my mother says, but you won't believe anything my mother says. Even though you have your own judgement when you grow up, don't be so blind, mother told you not to meddle in other people's business, and not to make a move in the end unless you see it!"

Yue Bao's mouth could have hung an oil pot, but suddenly, a glint flashed past his eyes: "Mother, of course baby knows, if daddy can't even get out of our house, it won't be My father's, I'm even raising him, it's extremely shameful and shameful."

If someone were to hear the conversation between mother and son, they would definitely think it was weird!

Yue Xi did not have the feeling that she was a child to be taught. Just as she was about to sternly educate her son about finding her father, a ball of purple flames suddenly shot out from the ancient tomb.

"Look, it's the fifth Emperor Fire, Ziyou Inferno. I never expected it to be here after waiting for so long!"

Everyone who was preparing to break into the ancient tomb was excited when they saw this scene. This Emperor Fire could only encounter one, while the Emperor Fire only had five, they did not expect to get the last one. However, this was rare, as all the forces were gathered in the ancient tomb.

Although it was the fifth type, as long as one acquired it, their status and power would be vastly different.

Yue Xi let go of his son and caressed her chin as she asked in disbelief, "He's really born?"

No one noticed Yue Xi's existence and no one knew why she said that.

Yue Bao, who was at the side, was very excited. "Mother, fire has really appeared!"

"No, that's his family's thing. Mother said that the ancient tomb is his home, everything is his. We can't let anyone else steal it!"

"Quick, when the Emperor Fire is weak, quickly seize the ownership!"

Without even needing Yue Xi to do anything, the few of them were already fighting below with their lives on the line. This was the world where martial arts was revered, you are strong enough, you are the king!

"Excuse me, are you My father's?"

No one noticed a small figure shuttling between them when they were fighting to the death. When they saw the man who looked pretty good lying on the ground, they immediately asked, "Are you My father's?"

Yue Xi who was on the branch immediately facepalmed, I really want to ask, my son, how much do you miss me?

In such a chaotic situation, Yue Bao did not feel any sense of danger at all. He squatted on the ground while holding his little face that was looking for his father excitedly.

So all eyes were on the Emperor Fire and no one noticed the figure that suddenly barged in. Yue Bao was a little unhappy: "Don't look at me like that, just tell me, who is the My father's, and I'll let Fire recognize you as master, okay?"

Yue Bao thought, seeing his father was the most important matter, he had to prepare a present!

That person was dumbstruck. Who was this brat, speaking so arrogantly, do you think that the Emperor Fire is controlled by you? You can give it to whoever you want, but …

"Who are you?"

Yue Bao replied seriously: "Me, kill without mercy!"

When the man heard the name, he did not react for a moment. Yue Bao then continued: "My mother said that the My father's is called Sha Qian Dao, and after sowing the seed, you can scram.

That person was stunned again. Kill … Sha Qian Dao!

"Are you sure your mother isn't scolding people?"

If this child was that person's child, then that would be …

"My mother would never scold people. My father's is called Sha Qian Dao!"

When Yue Xi heard her son talking to someone with relish, the black lines on her forehead started to drop one by one!

That Sha Qian Dao was obviously scolding people, but the child had to say that he was going to kill his own father if he heard of it, saying that he would be stronger than his father and kill him without mercy.

Isn't this a mess?

But Yue Xi did not care about this point, what shshecared about was that the moment she heard the name Sha Qian Dao, he would be extremely shocked, Yue Xi thought, there couldn't possibly be a person called Sha Qian Dao in Dongxuan Continent, right?

If there really was one, then Yue Xi's son who recognized her as her father would automatically think of the scene in her mind!

No, never let a son recognize a father.

And it was just as Yue Xi had guessed, the person who saw Yue Bao's words immediately had a look of hatred in her eyes, "You are Sha Qian Dao's son, alright, I will kill you today. Your Dove Slaughtering Palace's people are from the Devil Sect, you're the number one villain of the Dongxuan Continent!"

Yue Xi heard it very clearly. She went over there and spouted nonsense about her son, telling her that Sha Qian Dao existed, and that his origins were not small!

The man hated Sha Qian Dao for wanting to grab onto Yue Bao. Before his hand even touched Yue Bao, a strong gust of wind blew him far away, but he was not on guard at all. He felt like it was the profound strength, but it did not have any color to it, so he was unable to see what stage of the Profound Rank it was.

Peng! The man was thrown into the middle of the fighting scene. All fighting stopped in an instant.

Amongst these people, there were two who were Yuelin representatives, called Second Master Lin, Fifth Master of the Mu Clan, and ten families respectively. This was also the reason why both families were competing everywhere, obtaining the Emperor Fire s, bringing about the attention of everyone in the clan.