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Marry a upstart‘s Daughter

Marry a upstart‘s Daughter



  This female hoodlum was actually tricked by someone. If she slept, then so be it. She even threw two hundred yuan at him. Even if he didn't take revenge, he would still let her down. What? The other party's background was not small, and she was also the opposite of Gu Yanxi, so what kind of enmity did he have? No one had told him, so who would provoke a young tyrant like her? Then let her, this beautiful young girl, punish him. However, why is it a pit? We've already dug a huge hole that we'll never be able to jump into. Gu Yan Xi, do your parents know how despicable you are? Do you regret marrying the daughter of a nouveau riche?
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Gu Yan Xi rarely made a trip home, but this time she didn't bring anyone home with her. The old gramps said that there was a serious matter and that they had to return.

Outside the door was a large field of jasmine flowers. The leaves were deep, but not a single flower bud could be seen. It was strange.

He walked in and smelled the burning smell. Aunt Zhou said anxiously, "My little ancestor, can I make it for you?"

"Not good." The tender voice said, "This is what I'm going to make for the pond."

The old man was lying weakly on the reclining chair, grinding his teeth as he listened. The walnuts in his hand wanted nothing more than to shatter into pieces.

When she saw him enter, she immediately said angrily, "Listen, listen. Your sister is very sick, she pinched all the flowers in my yard, she's going to make some jasmine fried eggs for that little bastard who's a nouveau riche of the Wang family." The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. The little princess that he had nurtured with all his heart, how could she be so concerned about the little bastard who had just turned into a rich person?

The most irritating thing was that the little bastard was a girl, two years younger than her family's Little Princess Yan Feng. Yan Feng, on the other hand, acted as if she had been possessed and ran over to him every day, wishing that he could give her the best things she had.

Gu Yan Xi didn't even bat an eyelid as she calmly sat down, then coldly shouted, "Gu Yan Feng, come out right now."

His sister's brain was filled with water, but it wasn't just a day or two now. She was always angry at the old man for breaking the record with his blood pressure.

A delicate woman came out pitifully. She was wearing an apron, and there was some dirt on her delicate and pretty face. She looked at him with her watery eyes and asked softly, "Brother, why are you here?"

"I can't come back?"

"No, brother, I'm busy. I'll be fine soon."

"Halt." He raised an eyebrow. "Gu Yanfeng, what good deed have you done now?"

She bit her lips and said in a low voice, "I just picked a flower to make a Jasmine fried egg. Grandfather is narrow—minded." Towards this big brother of hers, she was still afraid and respectful. Ever since she was young, she knew that this big brother was a god—like figure and was also her grandfather's pride.

Since she said this, the old man was done with it. He widened his eyes and said huffily, "Those are my beloved flowers, you can do it too."

"Grandfather, flowers will bloom again when they're gone."

"Then why didn't you go outside to gather them?"

"I don't know if there were any pesticides outside, but I know you water them every day, catch insects, and never use them, so I was relieved and picked some fried eggs for Chi Chi Chi to eat. Chi Chi Chi's feet were injured."

The old man's veins were all popping. "Gu Yanfeng, is that little bastard more important than all of us?"

Yan Fengge's eyes were filled with fear, but she still retorted in a small voice, "Grandfather, I have a name, she's called Wang Xiaochi, Chi Chi."

Gu Yan Xi discovered that something was wrong. When her little sister mentioned Wang Xiaochi, the light that flowed through her eyes was very familiar, like a woman who was moved by love. It was the same as the eyes his girlfriends looked at him with.

"Chi Chi, Chi Chi, are you disgusted by evil? Gu Yanfeng, if she were a man, why must you marry her?" The old tutor was so angry that he acted like a child and wanted to quarrel with Gu Yanfeng.

Tears welled up in Gu Yanfeng's eyes. "Grandfather, how can you say that? She's the god in my heart."