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Hey, My Sir

Hey, My Sir



  Was it wrong to fight against injustice? Is it wrong to help a good friend redeem their love? However, she had accidentally ruined his black guy blind date, and her suit had been smeared with coffee stains. Are you that petty to ask for an astronomical figure of five million? But Nani, she went back as a female companion to give her grandpa her birthday greetings. In the end, she met her real boyfriend and Xiao San, who even bragged that she was an old maid. What happened to the old maid? Some people liked being an old spinster. She had just been saved by the black guy and was still calculating whether her appearance fee would be cheaper when she was dragged into the Civil Affairs Bureau. She couldn't believe that she had just married like this, holding her marriage certificate. However, he doted on her and it made her feel as if she had entered heaven. However, who knew when she would fall from heaven …
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Meeting the Abyssal Black Man


"Yao Yao, I think we should go back! "I don't want to go in …" At the entrance of a high—end coffee shop, two beautiful figures were pestering them.

Liu Yan Fei grabbed Song Yao Yao's hand, stood at the door, and said with a bit of injustice.

Whenever she thought of that hateful man that Liu Yan Fei met, her stomach would fill with fury. Damn it, who was she! She could actually get away scot—free after harming Liu Yan Fei! Damn it, damn it!

Of course, as a virtuous woman, she would not say such crude words in front of Liu Yan Fei.

"No, Fei Fei, even if you don't want to think for yourself, you have to think for the child in your womb!" Song Yao Yao said earnestly, she insisted on pulling Liu Yan Fei's hand and walked into the high class coffee shop.

"But... "But …" Liu Yan Fei stammered, with an extremely timid look, she looked inside the coffee shop worriedly, and then hesitated to look at Song Yao Yao.

The expression on his face was clearly one of fear, so much so that even his cheeks were slightly pale.

"Never mind, give me your number, I'll go look for it." The more Song Yao Yao looked at her, the more she felt that she wouldn't be in trouble. How could she have such a good friend who wouldn't be in trouble! And... And... Damn, she, Song Yao Yao, hated irresponsible men the most.

If Nan Gong Xu dared to be irresponsible with him, she would definitely kick him back to the Pacific Ocean, Song Yao Yao thought fiercely in her heart.

"Then... Then I'll go to the bathroom, you. You have to be careful... Please don't cause any trouble! " Liu Yan Fei was extremely worried that this good friend of her would cause some trouble. If he really did cause trouble, they would probably not be able to handle it.

"Alright, I understand!" Liu Yan Fei was a little nervous, but she still handed over the number plate to Song Yao Yao hesitantly. This was the number she had gotten from a little detective! He had always been afraid that Song Yao Yao would be too excited and did not give it to her!

Song Yao Yao took his number plate and looked at it. After memorizing the number, she waved to Liu Yan Fei and walked into the coffee shop.

A strong smell of coffee permeated the entire coffee shop. The light music was so pleasing to the heart. The moment they walked in, they were filled with a comfortable and pleasant feeling.

Wow, this really is a good place to date! He had to pull Nan Gong Xu over next time and enjoy it a lot, but he had to do something important first!

After Song Yao Yao took a deep breath, her petite figure directly walked towards room sixteen.

Song Yao Yao sighed as she walked. This coffee shop's luxury, was it really worthy of being a good place for blind dates?

This isn't every room where you sit. There are men and women, dinosaurs, handsome men and beautiful women, and tyrannosaurs. Sigh, basically you can't see them from the outside, you can see them all from here.

If these people were to go outside, they would probably be intentionally left in a corner!

Lifting his eyes, he actually had already unknowingly arrived in front of a private room long ago. On top of the private room, there were several golden words, which dazzled Song Yao Yao's eyes.

Song Yao Yao slightly swallowed her saliva. She finally moved her beautiful eyes away with much difficulty, but her gaze landed on the pair of man and woman currently sitting in the private room.

Inside the room, there was a woman wearing a short skirt that revealed her fair thighs, and a pink tank top. Her face was covered with makeup and she was drinking coffee. Her thin white fingers gripped the edge of the coffee cup, revealing a faint lipstick mark on the edge of the white coffee cup.

This kind of dressing immediately made Song Yao Yao lose her appetite, no! This kind of woman whose face was thicker than the white powder on the walls, that man actually gave up on the pure beauty Liu Yan Fei. She was speechless with this woman, she was really afraid that her appearance after taking off her makeup tonight would scare people to death.

The woman drank her coffee and raised her eyebrows at the man from time to time. She looked at him with her thick makeup.

As for the man in front of her, it was as if he was just doing his job! He sat on the opposite side, as if the blind date this time was not his original intention. A tall and handsome figure with folded legs sat there like a gentleman, listening to what the woman said.

However, before Song Yao Yao even entered, she already felt a wave of oppressive aura.

No wonder Liu Yan Fei was infatuated with him, but now that this man came to date, there was indeed nothing good about men. Of course, other than Nan Gong Xu, there was another thing, and that was that handsome men could not be trusted. Some of them were especially handsome men, looking like rich and handsome men, and even more so, could not be trusted.

"Wakaka, what a handsome man said! Even sows can climb trees if they believe in him!"

Song Yao Yao had originally wanted to beat a hasty retreat. Maybe that man was just here to make a blind date, or maybe it was just like what she saw before her eyes, just that she was doing official business.