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The Romance Out of Love

The Romance Out of Love



  The imperfection of life made her a single mother; the imperfection of love made her a single mother; the imperfection of marriage made her a single mother. One was a sad mother who could not extricate herself from her memories; the other was a fierce, venomous woman who could not control herself; and the other was an enchanting mother who could only repel her ex-husband's constant advances. Three unhappy single mothers, who had come together because of their work, immediately had an intense chemical reaction. Under the training of life, marriage and the battlefield of work, the crisis of friendship, the disillusion of love, the ups and downs of work, how Tan Jiajia, Ye Su and Zhen Cheng would reverse their lives and become the living story of a single spicy mother.
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Flowers with no fruit, unfulfilled concerns, we learned many things to cover up the untouched scars.

Because you will always remind, the past will not pass, there is a true love is not mine.

If I had not loved you, I would not have lost myself, the thorn of longing, nailed to my place,

Because you always remind me that some of my happiness isn't mine, even though I've got the world.

The morning of March 3, 2014 arrived as scheduled, but before the alarm clock could ring, Tan Jia Jia was woken up by her daughter's laughter. The moment she opened her eyes, she saw her mother, Xie Ling Li, carrying a two year old Jing Jing into her bedroom.

Looking at the emaciated and pale Tan Jia Jia, Xie Ling Li forced out a smile: "It's time to work today, don't lie down anymore. Your daughter already knows how to wake you up."

Work? The word was ironic. Not only did she want to return to work, she also wanted to go to the battlefield and take back everything she had lost. However, Tan Jia Jia didn't want her mother to worry about him, so she forced a smile and said: "Alright, I will try my best. Don't worry."

With a smile on her face, she sighed inwardly. She, who was still in university at the age of twenty, had already registered and married Li Jia Ming, and at the age of twenty—two, she became pregnant less than half a year after she graduated from a law firm.

But she had never regretted her initial choice. It had been four years of happiness that she could not forget. And now, at the age of 25, everything came to an end on that rainy night. A car accident had swept away all her happiness.

First, it was the death of Jia Ming Shang, and the funeral had just finished. Due to excessive grief, he had lost his second child, who was six weeks pregnant, and then immediately after, his father—in—law had a brain hemorrhage. Luckily, he was rescued in time, but the side effects of the paralysis in his right leg were still there. His father—in—law was discouraged and committed suicide by swallowing a large amount of sleeping pills. On the morning he was rescued, the website "Mother and Child" created by Jiaming was acquired at a low price and maliciously.

Bang … Bang … Bang … Bang … Bang … Bang … Tan Jia Jia couldn't avoid the attacks, like a rose in a greenhouse, suddenly exposed to the strong winds and torrential rain, although it was still standing in the soil, it was defeated like a dried up bone.

Xie Ling Li's smile had already stiffened. Whether or not Jia Jia, this princess who had grown up in the palm of her hand, would be able to experience new blessings after such a tragedy had occurred would depend on her choice. As a mother, all she could do was push her forward, because even if she retreated, she wouldn't be able to return to the side of those who had already passed away.

"Alright, my Jia Jia is the best." After Xie Ling Li finished, he carried Jing Jing and walked out.

Run for their lives! This phrase flashed past Tan Jia Jia's mind, it was such a fitting and cruel word, she should be like this, and there was no way out, regardless of whether or not she had thought of how to run, or how to run while bearing these huge burdens of grief, she must charge forward bravely, without hesitation, because she was Ma Ma's only reliance, because she was her daughter, the mental support of her parents.

Cheer up! She, who had not known responsibility for 24 years, had to bear it. As he watched Xie Ling Li walk out of the bedroom, Tan Jia Jia thought back to how his mother had said those words several times to him every single day for the past six months. Pushing open the window, a cold wind blew against their faces, bringing with it snow. It was so cold that it seeped into their bones. It was snowing …

The first month was almost over. It was already March, and there was still so much snow.

On the way to the subway, Tan Jia Jia tightened her down jacket. She was even skinnier than before she gave birth, and previously, trying her best to lose weight wasn't very effective. In just half a year, she had reverted back to her original form.

The goose feather snow had dyed the heaven and earth pure white, but it could not decorate the little red spot in the broken world inside her heart. Tan Jia Jia clenched her teeth and walked into the subway.

The subway at the peak of the morning was packed with people. Compared to three years ago, who knew how many more people there were? There were also many people carrying luggage who came to the unfamiliar capital, making it difficult to find a place to stand in the subway.

Struggling to come out of the tenth line, he could see the center of the wealth in the distance. Tan Jia Jia lowered her head and walked towards the wind and snow. The cold sweat that she had covered in the carriage earlier had seeped into her heart as the wind blew past.

Suddenly someone slapped her on the left shoulder, but she turned her head to the right blankly, and then saw a surprised man's face: "I'm sorry, I got the wrong person. But how do you know I'm not on your left? "

This face, was not unfamiliar to Tan Jia Jia. She had seen this face at least once, and this face caused Tan Jia Jia to not even have time to panic as she turned to flee.

Yes, at the signing dinner of the "Superior Grade Mother and Child" website, Tan Jia Jia had seen this face before, but she would never forget this face — — Hao Shuai was standing next to the woman who had maliciously sold out the website, smiling happily, his face filled with peach blossoms.

The woman who sold out the website — Ai Mi, was Tan Jia Jia's senior sister and also the attorney for "Superior Grade Mother and Child". At that moment, Tan Jia Jia regretted that she did not obtain the Lawyer's qualifications and gave up. She regretted that she did not care about Jia Ming's company and fell into her own little life. From that moment onwards, she decided to regain her Lawyer's qualifications s, snatch back the "best quality baby and baby", and defeat Ai Mi.

Meeting Hao Shuai on the first day of work was truly an extremely great motivation.

Hao Shuai, who did not receive an answer, awkwardly retracted his hand and scratched his head. However, he put all the snow on his head into his collar.

Arriving at the 26th floor, the entire floor belonged to one of the three great law firms in the capital — the law firm. Also, the law firm on the 27th floor was much larger than the one three years ago. Tan Jia Jia took out her access card and the glass door opened. The rule of choice was chilling, but the principle of natural selection was also terrifying.

He went straight to the Human Resources Department. When Director Liu Li Yang saw him, he only had one feeling, and that was depression. He felt like a different person compared to that heartless, sunny girl from three years ago who possessed the blessings of the entire world. He could not help but mutter in his heart, but smiled: "Welcome back, Jia Jia. The workload is too much, he has recommended you to go to the Foreign Investment Cooperation Group. It just so happens that Mr. Zhen Zhen Cheng of the Jia Yi Lu Institution has been working here since today, so you should be her assistant. Although there is news in the industry that Zhen Cheng has a bad temper, he is an outstanding talent. I hope that you can quickly grow and do things happily, so that your Senior brother Zino won't lose face. Also, your foreign language has been useless for a few years.

Hearing Liu Li Yang's words, Tan Jia Jia could not help but frown. The reason she was able to come back was all because of Peng Zi Nuo's help, he had to work hard, get his Lawyer's qualifications certificate after his one year internship, and go back home. He had to avoid causing trouble for the people who helped her.

It had been three years, but Liu Li Yang's spicy power had not decreased, nor had it decreased.

Zhen Cheng's name was unknown in the lawyers circle. As her assistant, he died quickly and in an ugly way, but this was what Tan Jia Jia needed. She had to grow quickly.

She remembered that when Jia Ming passed away, Yang Su said, "Tan Jia Jia, you have to pull yourself together. You are not the heroine of a romance. "Right now, you have lost your husband, lost your job, lost your excellent spare tire, and are unable to help you."

Yeah, I didn't cheer up at the time, but the company that Jianming spent so much effort on was gone.

Tan Jia Jia raised her head and said to Liu Li Yang solemnly: "Alright, I will work hard."

"Alright, in a while, let me bring you to see your direct leader Ye Su. Remember, she came here at the same time as you, and over these few years, she has managed to pick a few influential joint ventures, and this year she is going to become a partner for the evaluation." Liu Li Yang spoke casually.

Three years ago, Ye Su, a juridical doctor at Yale University who entered the law firm at the same time as Yue Yang, was still deeply impressed. Ye Su, who was thirty—one years old at the time, was truly leaving her, a twenty—two year old rookie, behind by several hundred streets. However, Ye Su was very friendly towards her, and had even repeatedly said that he was very envious of her.

What was he envious of?

Tan Jia Jia pursed her lips and under the guidance of the Personnel Assistant, she arrived at the work area on the 27th floor. The assistant indicated for her to wait at her seat as she went to greet Ye Su.

Tan Jia Jia nodded and placed the bag down on the empty seat. The assistant walked towards the office at the back. Before he could knock, the door opened and a voluptuous and enchanting, yet cold and strict woman walked out with an unhappy expression. She slammed the door with all her might and asked, "Is Liu Li Yang there? I strongly request a useful assistant. "

The door to the office opened once again, and a tall and pretty girl calmly said: "Zhen Cheng, the reason I invited you here, is to help you achieve your wish, not to create trouble for me."

The personnel assistant gave an embarrassed smile and looked at him, "Lawyer Ye, Tan Jia Jia has arrived."

Ye Su looked at Tan Jia Jia and smiled: "Jia Jia, welcome back. You should do some training first, my plane is to go to Philadelphia, I'll see you on Friday."

Zhen Cheng paused for a moment, passing by Tan Jia Jia like a tornado, his voice cold and persistent.

Tan Jia Jia stood in her original position and felt as if a cold wind had blown in from the outside, but what about it? Even if the wind was blowing against them, they had to spread their wings because there was no retreat.