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Uniq Doctor Consort

Uniq Doctor Consort



  She was a senior medical expert in the twenty-first century, yet she had transmigrated to a destitute companion princess. The young mistress was hypocritical and wished that she could take her life. Her cheap fiancé was gentle, humble and hid her ambitions. There were also a bunch of jackals, tigers, and leopards. All of them wished that they could skin her and extract her bones. Surviving in the midst of the cracks, she started her life as a dregs of men fighting in the imperial court. She finally managed to get rid of her so-called marriage with great difficulty, but she was then targeted by that frail and dark genius, the crown prince. From then on, it was a long journey of fighting and wrangling. This was a game of love and mountains written by a group of extremely talented men and women in a chaotic world.
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Northern Week was born in the autumn of the 22nd year, and they made an alliance through marriage.

In the middle of November of the same year, the wedding procession successfully made it to the Liushui Pass, and was personally welcomed by the Ning Wang who had formed a marriage alliance with the Seventh Princess.

December 5th, his wedding procession was assassinated on the outskirts of Shengdu.

Chu Huang was furious.

"How dare you cause trouble in the outskirts of Shengdu." Chu Huang found it hard to suppress the anger in his heart, he slapped on the armrest of the Dragon Throne, his fierce eyes shone as he looked at the kneeling ministers with a gaze as sharp as knives.

"Where are the Beijing guards? Where are they? " His eyes suddenly flashed like lightning, shooting straight to a certain place, he shouted, "Third brother, you have power over the garrison troops of the capital. Fourth Bro, the Riding Camp is under your control. Old Eighth, Jing Zhao Prefecture Overseer will listen to your orders. "So many elite soldiers and their guards, and now they're going to be assassinated even before they reach the capital?"

He suddenly stood up and said with a voice as loud as a bell, "Explain to me, what exactly is going on?"

The princes who were called out stepped forward and knelt on the ground.

"Please calm your anger royal father." The Third Prince replied, "The authority over the security forces is indeed in your son's hands, but the Seventh Princess's troops were ambushed outside the capital. This is not under your son's jurisdiction, your son does not dare to go overboard and disrupt the discipline."

The eighth prince also said: "In the capital, other than the army and the army, only Fourth Brother has the authority to command the Riding Camp. Even Jing Zhao Yin does not dare to go against the law, please enlighten me, Father."

"You, you two …"

The Fourth Prince, who was kneeling on the side, glared at the two of them.

He turned around, faced the gloomy Chu Huang, and kowtowed deeply, saying, "royal father, please listen to this son's words. Although the Riding Camp was in this son's hands, it was still outside the city. If there is not peace outside the capital, this son shall take responsibility. However, the Riding Camp was originally one of the three great military forces that protected the capital. Furthermore, it required royal father to write an order for the army to be dispatched. Otherwise, it would be tantamount to conspiring against the enemy. Thus, even though this son knows that there are assassins outside the capital, he did not dare to recklessly send troops to behead them.

The Third Prince snorted and said coldly, "Why do you have to make all these pretentious excuses, Fourth Brother? Although the Riding Camp was not allowed to make decisions without authorization, it was still a matter of priority. This time, the marriage between the Tian Feng Country and my Northern Week is a diplomatic affair, and because of your disregard and indulgence, the Seventh Princess was assassinated, and if there is anything good, in the future, when Tian Feng asks, how are we going to explain it? "

The eighth prince also added: "As long as Fourth Brother is magnanimous, why would he be afraid of criticism? Unless … Fourth Brother really did have the heart to disobey him, so … A guilty conscience? "


The fourth prince was infuriated. "You are spouting blood from nothing."

"Do you want to create something out of nothing, or do you have something on your mind …" The Third Prince said carelessly, "Fourth Brother's heart should be the clearest."

The Fourth Prince was so angry that his face turned ashen, but Chu Huang waved his sleeves and cut off their argument, "All of you, shut up."

They immediately went silent.

Chu Huang's face was ashen and gloomy, both his eyes were bloodshot with anger and he flung the memorabilia from his sleeves onto the Fourth Prince's face, "Take a good look yourself, even when Tian Feng and his wedding team were still in Yun City, they were still a little restless outside the capital. As the official of the Riding Camp, you have to keep the news to yourself, hide the truth, hide the evil intentions, and be the accomplice of the tiger! "You …"

He was so angry that his chest and abdomen were heaving up and down, and his eyes seemed as if they were going to split apart at any moment. He wished that he could tear the fourth prince into ten thousand pieces.

The fourth prince turned pale with fright as he cried out in injustice, "This son has not! Father, this son has not received any news! There must be someone framing this son …"

The Chu Huang did not wait for them to argue and looked at the Third and Eighth Princes who were kneeling on the ground, and said in a deep voice: "As for you, we have already clearly ordered you to mobilize the garrison troops of the capital to arrest the assassin, but you have calmly allowed them to develop and develop."

His face became increasingly dark, "Even if you haven't received the imperial edict in the time of emergency, it's already been half a day since the assassin started his riot. It's only been two hours since you entered the palace. Even if the eunuch that I sent to deliver the decree was crawling, the imperial edict should be in your hands now, right? And here you are trying to shirk the right and wrong of others, without a single shred of remorse. You … "You truly are a good son of mine."

The Third Prince's face turned pale as panic gushed out of his eyes. He said with a shaky voice, "Imperial Father, your son …"

"Old Eight."

The Chu Huang was already angered towards the sweating Eighth Prince, and shouted: "Jing Zhao Yin is an important person in the capital, after the assassins assassinated Tian Feng and their families, they hid in the city, and you did not notice them, you are dereliction of duty. Secondly, assassins run amok. My Northern Week's wedding procession has suffered heavy casualties, as the governor of the capital, you don't need me to teach you how to send people to patrol the streets to protect the safety of the people of the capital? But what did you do? An Ran watched coldly from the sidelines, hoping that the world would not fall into chaos! "

He almost shouted the last sentence out loud.

The eighth prince was trembling with fear and was unable to utter a single word.

Chu Huang clenched his teeth as he stared at the pale—faced and frightened face of the eighth prince. He said in disappointment: "As princes, the pillars of my Northern Week, it's fine if it's just a small fight normally. But what kind of big matter is Northern Week Tian Feng's marriage ceremony this time, for you all to be able to deduce it based on private interests?"

"Father …"

The eighth prince was about to say something when Ning Wang suddenly stood out.

"Calm your anger royal father, what has happened has already happened. Right now, the most important thing is to find an assassin to pacify Seventh Princess." He calmly said in a clear voice, "Even if Third and Fourth Brother are wrong, Royal Father should still teach them a lesson. However, the assassination incident was far too bizarre, and after exchanging blows with those assassins, I discovered that there were at least two groups of people, each with their own origins. This time, the reason for the assassination of Seventh Princess is probably to destroy the marriage alliance between the two nations.

Chu Huang trembled slightly, and was successfully guided away by him. As for the three princes who were kneeling on the ground, their faces were filled with anger. Although Ning Wang's words seemed to be to change the topic to avoid them from being angered by the Son of Heaven, but it was still a clear statement of their guilt. He didn't wait for them to argue and immediately changed the topic. He lightly and coincidentally gave them the name of someone who had offended him and even made themselves known as a benevolent person.

Damn it!

Ning Wang lowered his eyebrows and looked away, continuing, "But royal father, please be at ease. This son will definitely investigate the mastermind behind this in the shortest amount of time, give the nation of Tian Feng an explanation, and also feel at ease."

Chu Huang's expression softened, and asked: "Right, has Seventh Princess been injured?"

"Don't worry, Imperial Father." Ning Wang smiled warmly, "Seventh Princess was just frightened, and is fine. But …"

He wanted to say something but hesitated.

Chu Huang raised his eyes and looked at him, then said indifferently: "Feel free to speak."

The Ning Wang lowered his head and said: "It's just that Seventh Princess's married Ninth Princess lost her footing and fell off the cliff. Everything else is still okay, it's just that my head was severely injured and I haven't woken up yet."

Chu Huang frowned and pondered for a while before saying: "Even though it is only a concubine who is accompanying the bride, as a Princess of a country, you should not be negligent. He has ordered for the Supreme Hospital to do their utmost to cure the Ninth Princess. "

Ning Wang replied respectfully: "Yes."

He glanced at the three people kneeling on the ground and said, "Royal father, third brother, fourth brother and eighth brother have indeed failed to sense this. But, Royal father, please forgive them for their first offense …"

At this time, someone shouted from outside the hall, "Crown Prince has a report —"